What is Happy Planet? What is Happy Planet?

Jewelry is a happy planet for girls forever, yes, and it is a planet that can never be filled.

If you want to know what the popular happiness is this spring/summer, I’ll take you through the research right now!

Justin Bieber’s new single “Peaches” was listened to, literally fainted in place, and listened to it 10,000 times a day. This necklace in Bieber’s suit in the MV suddenly focused my confused eyes. What kind of item is this, how can it be swag and cute!

The necklace, which bears the classic logo of Justin Bieber’s own brand, Drew House, is a diamond necklace customized by New York’s star jewelry designer Greg Yüna for the Biebers. This color, this diamond, how hip-hop has a childlike innocence that is difficult to hide.

A necklace full of children’s fun like this has been so popular lately that it has become a must-have item on the homepage of most fashion bloggers. Contrast, pearls, acrylic, glittering rhinestones… Aren’t these my favorites when I was three years old!


Plastic jelly yyds!

Plastic textured jewelry, flowers and greens like candy, and even the more contrasting the color, the more cute. It is completely different from the traditional jewelry that shows wealth, and wearing it is a childlike fun. These little gummy bears, who frequently appear on the homepage of fashion blogger Sofiam Coelho, like to change and match different outfits. So cute and realistic that you want to squeeze it twice, it’s hard to take your eyes off. You can also increase or decrease the number and color of bear pendants according to the color of the costume, and the flexibility is very high.

And this delicious (not) little gummy bear necklace from Norwegian brand Crystal Haze is inspired by natural materials, which the designer believes are unique and irreproducible, as a continuation of the brand’s DNA. The price range is ¥780+.

In addition to gummy bears, there are also Coke bottle caps.

Bella Hadid also can’t stop the charm of this wave of plastic candy necklaces, with checked skirts and contrast tops, have you been infected by the childlike fun of this whole set of girls!

Not only necklaces, but also a bunch of colorful acrylic candy rings for recent selfies. At most, the third grade of primary school, can not be older.

These are all from Spanish brand La Manso, which promotes the concept of “plastic is fantastic”, each ring has its own name, and the color is very similar to the periodic table in chemistry. RMB 3400 per coin.

The hottest in La Manson is a ring with a clear square band with gold accents, the name I’m Invisible Ring.


The beaded girl who won the first prize in the kindergarten beading competition

In the popularity of necklaces this year, the element of “beading” that has to be mentioned is really familiar, wearing it immediately childlike value max, the first place in the kindergarten beading competition. But if you don’t pick it well, it will reveal a hint of earthiness… The sparkling Dua lipa, a dress blogger who was delayed by singing, has a fashion sense that everyone can see, and recently she has a preference for beaded necklaces.

Balenciaga’s designs in jewelry are always unexpected. This Balenciaga Toy beaded necklace, saturated with color, so childlike that even the children next door want to grab it, the price is about ¥4k+.

Such childlike fun seems to be quite suitable as studs and hair ropes, and I am afraid that I will not be able to walk immediately when I see it at the age of three.

Inspired by the plant world, Helena Thulin is a little childlike and a little fairy.

The price is about ¥1300-¥4000, will everyone think of “just this” when you see this? Helena Thulin, the brand’s eponymous founder and designer, said, “I wanted to turn what is usually considered a simple practice into something with greater value and aristocracy.” ”

The brand’s sophisticated, feminine designs stem from the exploration of nature, flowers and plants. Glass beads and glass crystals are strung together to form elegant pieces. As a senior designer who has worked for big names such as CHLOE SONIA RYKIEL and SIMONE ROCHA, Helena is very ingenious in the color scheme of beads and the design of flower forms.

Spring/Summer 2021 collection

Helena’s work continues to output surprises, and L’Etéa Giverny’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is inspired by French painter Monet’s famous garden carols, where light flowers and romantic colors are in the same frame as household waste, serving as a warning and undeniably still beautiful.

In addition to the necklace, Helena Thulin’s earrings and rings are impeccablely beautiful, reflecting the fragility of the flowers so vividly.

The Swedish jewelry brand et_toi_paris, full of the dreaminess of spring and summer colors. The name in French means “What about you?” ”。 The designer combines typical French charm with a love of natural materials, elegance combined with pleasant details. Compared with Helena Thulin, the et_toi_paris style will be much smaller, and those who don’t like exaggerated floral patterns can choose this one, which can especially decorate this beautiful spring and summer.

Korean jewelry brand Fruta, ghost horse cute fruit series, retro flamboyant, bold and childlike, all accessories are pink macaron color, girly heart will definitely get super satisfied.

Spring is here, the flowers are blooming, be a fairy pearl girl.


Grab a gemstone necklace and head into the Dream Barbie Castle right away

The exaggerated large-grained gemstones also blew a gust of wind, brighter and brighter, like those gems in Barbie’s trinket box when he was a child. It is most commonly used by girl groups in the styling of stage performances, and recently such accessories are also fashionable in daily wear.

The gemstone necklace that appeared in the MV of Korean girl group ITZY’s “Not Shy” is simply the finishing touch in Yuna and Yeji’s looks, with exaggerated gemstones and shaped pearls, which are absolutely beautiful.

The three gemstone necklaces, along with all of Yuna’s jewelry, are from Korean independent designer Hurjaboy, a cute ghostly elf with shaped pearls and gemstone necklaces being the most recognizable elements.

At that time, with the singer Zhang Shaohan’s wearing of the domestic niche designer brand YVMIN Youmu, its gemstone series accessories are exquisite. By blending unconventional materials with new technologies such as 3D printing, it is futuristic and mysterious. The sweet food series for Valentine’s Day 2021, love, folds, and halos are the keywords of the series. The pleated heart contrasts sharply with the colorful opal, as if a gemstone is set on sugar paper with some orange aftertaste.

The bear puppet gemstone necklace in the capsule collection has the concept of “clothing set in jewelry”, plush pink bear with pink gemstones, and I can’t wait to sleep at the age of three.

In the promotional photo of Aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba”, the necklace of Korean member Karina is YVMIN’s 2020AW ripple series, purple gemstone pendant necklace. The appearance looks like a silver ornament has been melted, and then set with amethyst and rhinestones. As soon as the sun is shining, the texture will go up, and it is difficult to think about not being noticed on the street.

If your jewelry box lacks a niche accessory, it’s YVMIN. The pearlescent Mayol Jewelry is a real delight, a new Greek brand with a retro 80s style. The real thing is a bit rough and casual, not like the exquisite and perfect style that most jewelry pursues, but adds a texture.

It’s too much like when I was a child rushing to buy Barbie magazines every month to give Barbie the same gemstone necklace, I liked it when I was three years old, went around in circles, and now I like it more, and the girl’s taste is really single-minded – shiny enough, bright enough. Put on and check into the dream Barbie castle immediately. What’s more interesting is that if you don’t want to buy this year’s popular necklace, you can make it yourself! Don’t believe it? Xinya is here to teach you! Xinya seems to have fallen in love with DIY children’s necklaces recently, sharing a few new works every three to five, and also tagging out her boyfriend, and even the big-name jewelry is a little inferior in front of the necklace made by her boyfriend.

Not only can you mix it completely according to your own preferences, but it is also a good project to promote the heating up between couples, all hint here, don’t learn yet!

It’s summer, it’s just going to be bells and whistles, isn’t it?

The necklace you bought this spring and summer must be hidden so that it is not snatched away by the neighbor’s children!