Recently, CCTV Literary and Art Program Center Literary and Art Program Center TV, radio three channels, five frequencies a total of 18 host representatives participated in the “Poverty Alleviation Declaration” MV shooting and song recording work, many CCTV familiar faces such as Zhang Lei, Zhu Xun, Ren Luyu, Li Sisi, Nigmat, Dong Yi, Mei Qingyuan, Xu Man, Sun Qian, etc. gathered to record the program, everyone appeared in white shirts and black bottoms, and the whole team looked particularly harmonious.

18 hosts stood in the same row, male and female hosts were separated on both sides, and C Zhu Xun’s qualifications and strength were quite outstanding. In the unified black and white shirt shape, Zhu Xun also successfully used an umbrella skirt to create an elegant retro temperament, and the round-neck trimmed shirt highlights the gentle feeling, highlighting the mature elegance of the big sister in the C position. It’s just that the hairstyle is too much to increase the sense of age, there is a sense of motherhood, and everyone in the same frame is completely betrayed by height, as the only female host in the audience who stepped on the platform heels, under the blow of Li Sisi and Nigmat, the height problem was amplified, half a head shorter than Li Sisi, it can be said that the height momentum was completely crushed.

Li Sisi is a rare melon-faced female host of CCTV, she has hosted the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for many times, but her strength is the youngest female host this time, but with Dong Qing, Zhu Xun, Zhou Tao and other atmospheric hosts, her appearance is more in line with the current aesthetics, temperament is younger and cute, a long black straight shawl hair is also particularly added to the temperament, the retro shirt streamer design is quite chic, pearl embellishments highlight the swan neck, and white high heels play a good echo effect, making the simple shape more harmonious as the whole.

Li Sisi, who is tall, deliberately took care of everyone’s height problem in high heels, but this time he was robbed of the limelight by Zhang Lei, and the 12 cm high heel fully set off Zhang Lei’s momentum, and the proportion of the body suddenly exceeded Li Sisi, using the most workplace-style style to fully highlight the advantages of height and body curves, and the shape was not distinctive but fully highlighted the figure. The only drawback is probably the hairstyle and hair color, which is particularly dull and has a large face.

In fact, on the whole, the hostes’ styling is also very in line with the “dignified and decent” temperament of CCTV’s aesthetic needs, and there is not much freshness in style. However, as a basic item, the sense of fashion has long transcended the limitations of workplace style, and the style has become particularly diversified. Like the red carpet of beautiful women a few days ago, the combination of black and white suits and shirts has brought a lot of different fashion beauty, different collar designs and other beauty and modification effects to the shirt, giving people a completely different feeling.

Using her boyfriend-style shirt to create a neutral temperament, Li Bingbing successfully used micro-flared back pants to create a total attack domineering for women pretending to be men, especially in the infield blockbuster of the actresses hugging left and right, Li Bingbing’s neutral style shirt style also quickly stood out in the crowd because of his aura.

The sheer shirt perfectly interprets the sexy effect, and the newcomer actor Qiu Tian’s smoking costume style easily interprets the beauty of women, this underwear is one of the styling highlights, if you choose a white shirt to match it will inevitably fall into the cliché, and only perspective can support the summer temperament and beauty.

Silk shirt to create style, the shirt is very malleable, like Shu Qi, it is easy to interpret this Fendi 2021 spring/summer series white plus-size shirt full of style emotion, in order to create a sense of fashion and lazy atmosphere of weightlifting, specially matched with the same style of mopping trousers, the overall shape is a little dragging, but it is completely supported by Shu Qi This feminine effect.

The white shirt is a versatile basic model, in contrast, the highly saturated colored shirt is particularly difficult to control, it is easy to wear the temperament of the aunt, but like Liu Wen, the use of contrast color matching creates a full retro style, fully demonstrating the matching skills and personal temperament of the outstanding effect.

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