The weather is getting cooler, and many little fairies’ wardrobes have also begun to change blood.

Summer shorts and short sleeves can no longer meet the needs of wearing, so a lot of autumn and winter clothes need to be arranged immediately! If you ask what kind of clothes are the most stylish in autumn and winter, the coat must be at the top of the list.

No matter how long or short the coat, if it is paired with a pair of pants, it will look mediocre and boring, especially for some little fairies with long legs, their body advantages can not be played.

Therefore, this autumn and winter, we must arrange the most fashionable “coat + tweed skirt”, which can not only improve the temperament well, but also appear very advanced, and easily help you create high-end beauty.

First, several minefields of coat wearing

The coat is really a very fashionable autumn and winter concave shape artifact. But no matter how good the coat is, it is not something that can be made at will! Some people wear overcoats, showing their stature and high spirits. But some people put on coats and instantly become ten years older. The reason is because when you are dressing, you stepped on the minefield below~

Minefield 1: High heels with an overcoat

High heels have always been items with a strong sense of aura in everyone’s impression. Think of the female bosses you have met in the workplace, they all have at least one pair of high heels, and the coat is also a very aura, more mature autumn and winter items.

As the saying goes, one mountain does not allow two tigers, and one outfit can not accommodate two items with super aura, it is easy to look very old-fashioned and overmature. In addition, the plaid skirt is also the kind that reduces age, and the high heels are even more out of place.

How to improve: You can replace the pointed and high heels with more approachable flats.

Mary Jane shoes, which are very popular this year, are a very good choice. The cute Mary Jane shoes can neutralize the aura of the coat and make the whole person look more accessible. Choose a pair of small leather shoes with good leather but luster, and the whole person’s sense of delicacy will be improved at once.

Minefield 2: Choose an overcoat that does not suit you

The elegance and beauty of coats are obvious to all, and naturally this also gives rise to a problem, that is, many people have deviations in the choice of coats.

For example, some little fairies’ bodies are not so skinny and tall, but they choose an O-shaped coat specially prepared for thin people, and bad posture problems such as slipping shoulders and hunchback are all displayed.

For example, some girls are obviously not the cold white skin that everyone envies, but they have to challenge the color matching of difficult coats, such as

High saturation

of pink.

Promise me, this color will look vulgar and tasteless

, the rest is to tell people: Let’s see, how dark and colorless my skin is~ So smart girls, when wearing coats, the first step to choose is to avoid styles that are not suitable for themselves.

Improvement method: In dressing, it is very important to know your body condition.

Common coat versions are Y-shaped, O-shaped, and A-shaped. If you are an apple-shaped body with a fat upper body, then in the choice of coat, you should try to choose a Y-shape with a wide upper and lower width. And if you have a pear-shaped body with less fat on the upper body, but the fleshy feeling of the lower body is more obvious, then the A-type coat will be very suitable for you.

In the choice of color, if you don’t know what color is suitable for your own style. Then the basic black, white and gray three colors are a good choice, not picky but very advanced. If you like a slightly brighter color, then remember to choose a low-saturation style based on the original color.

Second, some matching of coat + tweed skirt

Coat + tweed skirt, the name is very heartwarming just thinking about it. So in the specific actual battle, how should we wear these two items. The following collocation may be referred to below.

look1, thin coat + full body tweed skirt

The matching of this body takes the most concise black + white route. The white mid-length coat of the jacket looks gentle and temperamental, and the fabric is high-grade and glossy. What’s more, its fit is also hard and stylish.

Match it with a black tweed dress inside, a three-dimensional cut, and just the right little lapels. Daily commuting on the road, is simply walking white rich beauty benmei, very retro fashion, showing the whole person’s body proportions, is also excellent!

look2, gray coffee coat + black long tweed skirt

Gray coffee coats are relatively rare, so they will look particularly personal, easily creating a yuppie British fan. The upper body underneath, a cream knit, some formal workplace style.

To cope with office outfits, it can be said that it comes and goes freely, and colleagues say that they are beautiful when they see it. whereas

The long tweed skirt on the lower body deliberately adopts such an umbrella-like design. Under the original serious coat, add some more playful cuteness!


Coat + tweed skirt is a very suitable way to wear in autumn and winter. You can arrange the style that suits you according to your own body characteristics. If you want to stand out in terms of clothing in seasons like autumn and winter, you still need to spend a little more care.