Behind the increasingly expanded tutorial market, more and more consumers have awakened, currently the mainstream electric car, smart car (balancing car, scooter, etc.), the driving force used by the bicycle relative to the tradition The fuel-driven vehicle is more clean and green, more beneficial to environmental protection.

Road, electric car is waiting for red light


Compared with the brutal growth of the tire market, the corresponding tire tire market is a bit rush. Many tire manufacturers in the market are only chased, but there is no more suitable for the environmental output of the shooting car. Tire products. So the incidence of early tire trap accidents has maintained a higher level.


Internet search can find a large number of tire puncture cases

However, with the stability of the market, not only the tutaneous car products have begun from the beginning of the blind follow-up to more formal brand, the Tires industry is the same. The exhaust tires have been developing production experience in the top of the tire tires for many years. At present, the preceding tire brands of the tire tire market, recently launched new exhaustive light-bombs tires are more free of breathe tires. The predominary position.

Why do you say that the comfort of the honeycomb tire is better? Before talking about this problem, SIR first wants to talk about the mainstream free gas tire materials and types in other markets. It is not harmful to the comparison.


Rubber solid / hollow tire: Rubber is one of the most traditional tire materials, the solid structure of rubber tires are widely used in transportation areas such as port loading and unloading cargo vehicles, but due to their weight, the heavyweight is strong, and Inspected portable body, it is too bumpy and heavy, and the life of the light-moving receiving vehicle is obvious, and the overall comfort is poor.


Solid rubber tire

The hollow structure rubber tire degrades a certain tire weight due to its structural design factors. However, the disadvantage is that during the fast driving, the heat will be accumulated in the tire hollow structure, resulting in continuous increase in temperature, which may cause the tire soothing to abundance. Considering the harmfulness of a deeneous accident occurs at high speed, it is generally only recommended at a lower speed.

TPE solid / honeycomb tire: More environmentally friendly tire material and traditional solid structure and honeycomb structure combination, the prominent advantages relative to rubber materials are environmentally-friendly low pollution, more in line with green travel concepts, and weight is also lighter. The car tire market has a certain share, and the disadvantage is whether it is a honeycomb or a solid structure, it is not good to wear.

TPE tire

PU foam tires: PU foaming tires relative to the current other-free tires, the biggest advantage is light, so it is more light, the influence on the end of the car is smaller, and the PU tire elasticity is also good. However, PU tires have serious shortcomings on weather resistance, and PU is easy to hydrolyze, which is more likely to occur after tire immersion, resulting in acceleration of tires.


Bubble tire

Compared with these tires, the exhaustive light-emitting honeycomb tires are present from the material or structurally to avoid the short situation of hundreds of treasures.

The honeycomb structure used by the exhaustive light bomb tire is a powerful invention patent. In recent years, it has been used by many-free tire manufacturers at home and abroad. Some of them have been exhausted. Why do many vendors know that they will take the risk of being claimed to choose the imitation, mainly because this structural design is too good, not only more appearance, but also directly hits the shock absorbing, weight loss free tire pain points.

This exhaustive light-emitting honeycomb tire is upgraded again based on the structure of the honeycomb tire, and the two honeycombs and line honeycombs are used, and the weight of the tire is further reduced, and more space is provided for the shrinkage of the tire, and the bump vibration is mitigated. Colorful line honeycombs, double honeycomb appearances make the power-resistant light bullet tires in the eye-catching ability, and make the most exciting in the crowd!

In terms of material, the engine-resistant research and development team has been tested for a long period of test, and a new type of light elastic polymer material (hereinafter referred to as LCRB) is manufactured by exclusive formula. The density of LCRB is lower than rubber, and the same tire structure has increased by more than 30% by the same tire structure, and the same styles weight is lower than the TPE tire in the case of bonding with the honeycomb structure.

In addition, LCRB has better elasticity and compression ratio. Relative to ordinary rubber is about 25%, which can not only effectively protect the hub, but also high efficiency, so that travel is more comfortable and low. It is more suitable to match the daily travel comfort needs of the host owner.

The LCRB material also shows high quality durable properties, in addition to wear resistance, weather resistance is equally excellent. There will be no deformation in a harsh environment of -40 ° to 60 °, and can effectively confirm the corrosion and aging effects of ultraviolet, ozone and acid rain. It is not easy to happen, new non-slip tires make travel without fear of wind and rain. All-weather guarantees your travel security.


In combination with the LCRB material and the new flexural structure, this exhaustive light-emitted honeycomb tire is difficult to have an enemy in the current hottest tire market. Duty to “let the green” as the vision, have been developing green products, and after the “honeycomb structure” applying for a patent has become the mainstream tire structure of the market, more confident let this launched the exhaustive light-bouncing honeycomb tire lead high quality. Free gas-free tire product standards into a new era!


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