Of course, winter wear still depends on down jackets and cotton clothing, especially down jackets, which are definitely a good hand for heat preservation. Don’t underestimate down jackets, let alone feel that the style of down jackets is single. In fact, in recent years, down jackets and cotton clothes have been gradually improved, and the styles are really becoming more and more abundant, so that the sense of fashion has always been up, which has surprised many fashionistas. Let’s share a few good-looking and easy-to-wear down jackets and cotton coats, let’s take a look together, and collect them if you like it!

White duck down mid-length down cotton coat

Solid color down cotton jacket, fashion design, elegant atmosphere. Frayed neckline for warmth and comfort, double design with zipper and buttons, lapels and stand-up collar. The fur on the cuffs is warm and comfortable, and the threads are carefully routed. Symmetrical pockets on both sides for convenience and practicality. The fabric is thick and structured, delicate and soft to the touch, and has good warmth.

Cotton jacket, short down cotton coat, neck

Stand collar short down cotton jacket, slim and thin, all kinds of body shapes can be handled. The collar can be turned over and fitted with a textured zipper for warmth and comfort. The cuffs of the whole fabric are used and the meticulous threading process avoids the phenomenon of running cotton on clothes. Large symmetrical pockets on both sides make it convenient and practical and good-looking.

Cotton clothes and cotton clothing medium length large pockets

Stand collar mid-length thick large pocket down cotton jacket for warmth and comfort. Stand collar with zipper, with trendy and shiny fabric, stylish and atmospheric. Stretch-shrink cuffs with thick thermal sleeves and double-threaded to avoid running cotton. Single zipper, double pocket design, convenient and practical. The design of the grid routing makes the overall clothes more stylish.

Mid-length zippered cotton jacket lamb wool collar slip pocket solid color cotton garment

Solid color zipper slip pocket cotton clothing, fashionable and simple, versatile and thin. Unique fit, delicate cut, better slimming, elongated leg shape, more tall and attractive. Lamb fur collar, warm and comfortable. Symmetrical pockets on both sides and lamb wool trimmed at cuffs. The back highlights the three-dimensional sense and makes your body look thinner. Hem design, beautiful and stylish.

Mesh cotton jacket cropped slim fit plaid patch pocket for warmth

Stand collar cropped double-pocket down cotton jacket, slim and thin, light and warm. Stand collar with zipper, with trendy mesh fabric, stylish atmosphere. The elastic shrinkage cuffs define the arm line and are beautiful and stylish. Waist pocket design, convenient and practical.

Cotton clothing, bread clothes, cotton clothing

The mid-length large pocket waist drawstring and thick down cotton jacket can be used for all body types. The color is good, warm and comfortable. Dual design with zipper and button fastening, lapels and stand collar, warm and comfortable. The cuffs have been tightened with stretch, taking into account warmth and slimming. Double pockets, double-breasted, convenient and practical, with drawstring at the waist to control the elasticity.

Hooded cotton jacket, thick thermal beanie cotton jacket, slim fit slip pocket elastic

Solid color short lace-up cotton clothing, fashionable casual, minimalist trend. Slim S-shape, waist design, elongated leg shape, create charming curves, the overall straight line, more tall and charming. The combination of a beanie and a down cotton jacket keeps you warm and comfortable. The hat is meticulously knitted with insulating fabric. The cuffs highlight the three-dimensional sense and show the temperament. Symmetrical deep pocket for convenience and practicality.

Cotton coat, solid color slip pocket, hooded down jacket

Stylish versatile jacket, zipper hood, cute temperament. Hooded neckline to define the neck and accentuate the face. Zipper, pocket design, beautiful and stylish, convenient and practical.

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