Whether the shoes fit or not is also known only to the person wearing them. When choosing the right shoes, don’t just focus on the style, and ignore whether the shoes themselves are suitable for you. If the size is not suitable, it will be very tiring and uncomfortable to wear.

When choosing shoes, we most often talk about size. So if the women’s shoe size is marked with a size of 225, is it 35 or 36? In fact, the shoes of 225 are 35 according to the Chinese size, and 36 according to the European size. The difference occurs because 225 in the Chinese size corresponds to the length of the shoe, while the 225 in the European size corresponds to the length of the foot. So shoe length 225 is naturally size 35, and foot length 225 corresponds to size 36. There is a formula for the calculation of size, that is, shoe length ✖2-10 = size. If it is a foot length, the corresponding yardage can be added by one.

So in daily life, how should we choose the shoes that suit us? Today, Xiaomad will share three small details with you to make you more handy when choosing shoes.

01. Be sure to clarify your foot length

Compared with the settlement of shoe length, there will be a certain error. And if we remember the length of our feet, we know the corresponding size. When it comes to choosing shoes, it’s a lot easier. You can choose according to the standard size first, and if you feel that it is a little unsuitable, choose the adjacent size. This will help you choose the right shoes more quickly, and of course this method is only suitable for in-store.

02. Try to try shoes in the afternoon

There will be a certain difference in the size of our feet throughout the day. Relatively speaking, in the morning, the feet are relatively small. In the afternoon, a swelling may occur. If you choose very suitable shoes in the morning, you are likely to feel squeezed in the afternoon. So the best time to try shoes should be at four or five o’clock in the afternoon.

03. There may be differences in the size of different shoes

If we choose shoes in the store, we only need to try a few pairs to find the size that suits us best. If you choose to buy online, you need to be more patient in choosing a standard size. Be sure to correspond to the length of your feet, and then see clearly whether the shoes are marked according to the Chinese or European size.

Secondly, there will be certain differences in size between sports shoes and leather shoes. Relatively speaking, the shape of the leather shoes will be more delicate and will not have a loose feeling. The shape of sneakers will be looser, and if the feet are fatter, choosing sneakers will be more comfortable to wear.

Well, the above is the fashion information that Xiaomad shared for you today. Now do you know how to choose the right shoe size for you? Share fashion trend tips for everyone every day, hurry up and pay attention! (Text original, image source network.) If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. )

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