By New York hip-hop group A dislocation between inherent cognition and the present attracts us to trace and solve the thinking of a new way of life, and the whole process interprets a total of 5 series of works, covering five social realities such as environmental protection, racing, e-sports, art, and co-branding.

“Drifting Heaven”

Racing culture became all the rage in Tokyo in the ’70s, and INXXSTREETLab drew inspiration from the story of Midnight Club, a midnight club story about a group of racers who appear on the “track” at midnight and are known to follow strict rules, give in to social vehicles, but at the same time seek extreme speed. INXXSTREETLab presents a flowing racing picture and detailed aesthetic through smooth silhouette cuts, long trench coats embroidered with marks for violation tickets, and attachment of modified car parts and painted graffiti lines to single-breasted, T-shirts, deconstructed and destructive jeans, plus various fuel tanks held by the model.

The colorful colors and pixel fonts have been redesigned, decorating the classic workwear format, instantly embodying the formal happiness of those scattered seconds, which is the spiritual epitome of many people’s lives, and also reflects the current era of competitive video games. It is worth mentioning that INXXSTREETLab and Douyin’s “real youth” themed clothing also appeared in this series.

This season’s INXX brings the earth’s ecological issues to the runway, and elements such as vivid color contrasts, brilliant tie-dye, and animal patterns that are swallowed and polluted by marine plastic waste are integrated into the work with visual tension, through the expression of natural environmental protection through men’s and women’s clothing, trying to use design to stir the public’s awareness of environmentally friendly life, but also highlight that INXX began to speak out in the field of sustainable fashion, alerting people to solve the environmental problems caused by plastic abandonment is imminent.


A series of experimental series of works “Eagle” that highlights the sense of art, which not only contains the artist’s self-mocking “bird head” image works, but also contains the exquisite nostalgia of traditional Chinese intellectuals for time, space and personnel. These constitute the visual symbols in the “Eagle” series, combined with irregular reorganization of full-page printing, heavy industry washing, embroidery, spray painting and other processes to implant the expression of the artist’s profound ideas into the trend works, making people feel that it is a series of experimental works based on the diversified concept of trends.

This season INXX also brings a series of collaborations with illustrator “Jeremy Ville”, “INXX x Jeremy Ville”. The trench coat wrapped in silver yarn-dyed fabric, the interior printed with Jeremy Ville’s ideal kingdom scene, the design with deconstruction, INXX extracts Jeremy Ville’s signature colors in the collection, stitches the colors displaced, deconstructed trench coats, etc., these are like a simple poem, leaving the imagination to the reader, everyone can fill the story in, and the psychedelic gradient denim washer, rough stitching frayed pattern patch sweatshirt, and the misplaced lattice panels all interpret Jeremy Ville’s positive and optimistic artistic image to varying degrees.

Key details – reflective strip labeling

At the press conference, whether men’s or women’s clothing styles appeared in a large area of reflective strip detail design, through the design of monochrome or two-color reflective strip logo, the two brands of street cool handsome and high street trend style, especially in the environmental protection series can play a warning role, remind people to pay attention to environmental protection issues.

Key fabrics – gorgeous tie-dye fabrics

When it comes to tie-dye fabrics, this is also a key fabric trend direction worth paying attention to, and the trend has been mentioned in previous reports related to men and women. The collection also keeps pace with fashion trends, with a large number of brilliant, eco-friendly tie-dye fabrics. The use of tie-dye pieces with contrasting colors throughout the spring and summer event highlighted this season’s INXX’s perfect presentation of color vision.

Focus on matching – layering

To highlight this layered sense of space, the tie-dye shorts worn by the model will be followed by a pair of trousers, which will also be a new matching mode and worth paying attention to.