Winter is the world of boots, whether it’s ankle boots, over-the-knee boots or snow boots, almost every girl will have a few pairs of warm winter boots. However, because of the change of people’s dressing concepts and the birth of new styles, those once popular boots are no longer attractive, and the boots are still the same boots, but they have not been fashionable for a long time.

Snow boots

About 9 years ago, when you wore a pair of brown ankle-length snow boots, black or flesh-colored leggings, and a rainbow striped sweater, you were the girl who walked the forefront of fashion all winter. And the fashion circle has turned so far, we have to say that snow boots are simply the first “disaster” in the fashion industry. Admittedly, they have been out of fashion for a long time.

Going out in winter, down jackets + snow boots are the choice of many people, but it can only be said that they are very warm.

But when you want to be photographed on the street in winter, their combination is not so pleasant:

Once you put on snow boots, it is easy to have this style of painting, which is simply to let go of yourself, but no matter what fashion.

Even if it is paired with the most profound fashionable elves, it will not be saved.

This kind of fluffy boots comes with a fattening effect. For example, the small Vanessa Hudgens replaced her furry boots with sock boots, feeling that the whole person was a slender size.

We know you want to be beautiful and warm at the same time, so you can try the Knight Boots (also called tall equestrian boots), which can replace snow boots:

Many boots nowadays not only have slender lines, but also have a fluff inside, which is as warm as snow boots, and it is better matched.

Another way to make your boots warmer is to wear a pair of knee-length stockings under them, as Julianna Margulies did.

Snow boots and the like are generally not very tall, so it is easy to show that the legs are not straight or thick, and the rider boots also have the advantage of showing the legs straight in minutes, and the modification effect is better than elastic over-the-knee boots.

Many brands have produced such boots this year, such as Tory Burch’s boots, which are very worthy of Amway, cost-effective and fashionable:

The autumn and winter series catwalk is also discounted on the official European website, and it can be won for less than 3,000.

Shopbop also has a boots on sale that is also magical. It is dual-use, buy one and get two, about 2700 yuan.

Inner booster boots

If snow boots come first, then the inner booster must come second. Inner height is a big trick in the fashion industry, although we usually teach everyone how to wear tall and thin is also to use vision to deceive people, but the inner height is too straightforward, although it is more comfortable to wear than high heels, but fashion industry people still feel that it should not be popular.

Once upon a time, girls under 160cm had a pair of inner height travel shoes in the shoe cabinet.

Later, even tall supermodels used inner heightened shoes to “modify the leg shape”.

What impressed me at the time was that Rose McGowan injured her leg and didn’t forget to go out and put on boots with an inner height…

Although the front looks like the proportions of the body have improved, when viewed from the side, the whole foot becomes a large lump, and the effect is very fascinating.

From the above examples, we can see how strong women’s desire for long legs is, and this love is so vague. But isn’t it the heel, what has to be hidden? This is not what everyone wants to open in the past two years:

Alessandra Ambrosio took off the inner height and replaced it with elegant square boots.

Small people also have small dwarf boots that suit their height, which can still lengthen the leg line and take into account comfort.

If you want wild long legs, you can also wear knee-stretch boots.

There are them that can be fashionable without hiding:

One is Sam Edelman, who can run past dinosaurs, and his knee-length boots Shopbop are only 800 pieces, which is really comfortable.

The other is Nine West, which has around 1,000 discounts on parental boots, and has physical stores in major cities.

Chelsea boots

Many boots often become classics because of their versatility, such as socks and stretch boots, and Chelsea boots are no exception. But there will always be a day when the classics will not satisfy people’s needs. In the past, everyone thought that Chelsea boots were easy to wear with jeans or skirts, but as clothing styles have evolved, versatility has also been limited.

Looking at these combinations, there is a “medieval period” feel, Chelsea boots have a long history, but it doesn’t mean that your outfit should become like this.

Chelsea boots are also not very friendly to calves, just stuck at the ankle to make them thicker calves.

Even this year’s most popular combination, colored socks, is not so easy to fashion.

With the change in fashion trends, Chelsea boots have not been the same as they used to be in the past two years. However, it may be that designers have discovered some of the drawbacks of Chelsea boots, and more and more Chelsea boots are now incorporating more popular elements:

For example, Karlie Kloss and Holli Rogers wear both kitten heels.

And you can wear it with pedal pants.

Saint laurent combines the brand logo with the heel. The shoe was revered as soon as it was launched, and the three letters are crazy.

If you’re looking for a preppy alternative to Chelsea boots, the only ones are Oxfords:

Many people love to wear wide-leg pants in winter, because you can put autumn pants under wide-leg pants without being noticed. But it seems that it is a little difficult to find a pair of shoes that fit wide-leg pants, so try Oxfords.

Leandra Medine also wears this, with a long coat that is particularly fashionable.

In addition to the difficult items such as wide-leg pants, striped pants, suit pants, long skirts, short skirts, you can think of bottoms, it can match.

These items can be bought:

Everyone may know Church’s, but Carmina and Leonardo Principi’s are also good-looking and the price is also pleasant, both brands of men’s and women’s shoes.

The aforementioned Saint Laurent booties are called Opyum, and Net-a-porter sells for 12,770 yuan.

Western boots

Western boots are less common, but they are also traditional shoes with a long history, but Western boots are really not popular anymore. Although the Western style of the 80s is still a hot element in the fashion industry, the rugged and wild style has a special temperament, and the warmth and practical function are also good, but the ability to control it needs to be deep.

The western boots commonly worn nowadays can be divided into several types, a desert boot like Timberland and Clarks, and then there are boots worn by western cowboys in western movies that everyone watches.

The upturned toe is a feature of this type of boot, and is even used by some designers as a design element.

Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez are the actresses’ favorite boots.

Such boots were a bit popular back then, but now they either look a little earthy or are particularly difficult to match.

The skirt is beautiful, but with pants, it’s a little weird.

And it’s not easy for these boots to be fashionable. Chelsea boots can look good by adding heels, but western boots with high heels are even weirder.

Now, we have lace-up boots to replace Western boots, but the style is just as cool. The appearance of lace-up boots in the past two years is very online, and any girl who wants to be cool and handsome on the street is sure to choose it.

Vintage, hip, urban, desired style, it can all be shaped.

Unexpectedly, this kind of boots can also be very elegant.

And when the boot shape becomes more showy, it is more friendly to the body. Everyone knows that Daisy Lowe’s figure belongs to the more sensual type, and wearing such slightly higher boots will not look fat and short.

Two kinds of lace-up shoes are recommended for you:

The first pair came from Azzedine Alaïa. Supermodel Naomi Campbell praised Azzedine Alaïa as one of the world’s greatest designers. Don’t look so high on the heel, the buckle ankle strap and lace-up upper design ensure a secure fit, 8600 yuan.

See by Chloé’s lace-up boots are flat-soled and exude a strong military temperament, and more than 3,000 can be obtained.