In the past, whether we were at our own home or to a friend’s house, the most common was the kind of open flame gas stove, which will block holes for a long time, the pot will also be blackened, and the gas cannot be fully burned, and a lot of gas is wasted every time the switch is on.

Until some time ago, I went to visit my uncle’s house and saw that his home was an infrared gas stove. Afterwards, I went home non-stop to check the relevant information of infrared gas stoves, only to know that more and more families have begun to use this kind of gas stoves, which is convenient and practical, and saves gas costs.

Infrared gas stove

The biggest difference between infrared gas stoves and ordinary gas stoves

In fact, it is the difference in the stove.

The infrared gas stove uses an infrared radiant burner, which is a low-pressure shadow complete premixed burner.

Its infrared wavelength is longer than visible light, has a thermal effect, has strong penetration, and is not easily absorbed by the atmosphere.

It is precisely because of this that it carries its own thermal energy, just as the temperature of the sun on the body comes from the infrared.

Moreover, when this gas stove is working, the gas enters the stove from the intake pipe, and enters the stove through the gas valve adjustment, while mixing air ignites infrared radiation to produce infrared rays, so that the gas burns in the infrared radiation plate hole to heat the bottom of the pot. This is how infrared gas stoves work.

Advantages of infrared gas stoves

Save gas

It is difficult for the general open flame gas stove to burn the gas out, and a lot of gas is wasted at the moment of switching. And the infrared gas stove is different, he just needs to

A replenishment of air can achieve a complete combustion, which can save gas and fully combustion.

Moreover, there is no open flame combustion, and there is no free carbon material, which will not make the bottom of your pot black for a long time, which is very practical.

Not afraid of feng shui and not afraid of blockage

Infrared gas stoves will not be like open flame gas stoves, will be affected by air convection, and will not be afraid of the wind power of the cool bomb in the kitchen and the steam dripping into the lid of the pot.

Because there are more than 8,000 dense burning holes in its radiant plate, even if some of them are extinguished, other holes are also burning.

Moreover, because the temperature provided by infrared rays can reach 150 degrees, even if the general food residue falls on the radiation plate, it will continue to burn up at high temperatures and will not block the hole.

The fire is concentrated and even

The infrared gas stove heats up quickly, because its fire power is very concentrated, all concentrated in one point.

There have been tests that have proved that

The same brand of infrared gas stove is about 30% faster than ordinary gas stove to boil a pot of boiling water, saving about 15% of gas.

Moreover, its heating is uniform, and it evenly dissipates heat from one point to the surroundings at the same time, making cooking easier, and there will be no paste in some places and uncooked in some places.


Because the stove head of the infrared gas stove is made of ceramic chips, it can be replaced at will even if the life has been exhausted, and the replacement price is relatively low, which is no different from the appearance of the new factory.

Unlike ordinary gas stoves, once the stove head is broken, there is no maintenance value, and it can only be replaced completely, and the price is more expensive.

In general, infrared gas stove because its practicality is much higher than open flame gas stove, so the price will be more expensive than it, but you get what you pay for, infrared gas stove is still very cost-effective, it is recommended that you choose.

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