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People can’t resist the irresistible love for beautiful colors

Red, yellow, green, pink, purple…

Every color makes a different experience

And even more so for children

This is one of the few things I have figured out

Don’t dare to call it original

Because it’s simple, because there’s a picture

Because I like it, because it’s just wired

Full flat needles, no need to dig sleeves, but it takes months

Weave from the beginning of spring to the end of spring

Perfect to put on hold in the summer

I think I’ve taken beautiful pictures

Post commemoratively

Braiding density: 10cm*10cm=31 needles*43 rows

Needle and thread: Sanyan 13, 12 gauge needle; Nine-colored deer equinox baby wool line

Ready-to-wear size: 48CM (armpit 5cm * 5 color block + 6cm thread) Bust 74-76cm (I don’t know why the bust is woven and my density is different, and the upper body effect is not so loose and good-looking)

Weaving Notes:

1. The front and back pieces start with 122 needles, knit a back and forth flat needle and then knit double thread 6cm, change the color (the color is your own, what you like to match, look at it with a good eye), each color of mine knits 22 rows, about 5cm, 5 colors after weaving big red;

2. Dig the front collar when the front piece is big red woven in 38 rows: leave 20 stitches in the middle, subtract 16 stitches on each side, 2-3-1, 2-2-3, 2-1-4, 4-1-3, 10 rows of flat weaving; 35 stitches per shoulder;

3. Dig the back collar when the back piece is woven in big red for 60 rows: leave 36 stitches in the middle, minus 8 stitches on each side, 2-2-2, 2-1-4, 4 rows of flat weaving, 35 stitches on one shoulder;

4. The neckline and cuffs I pick and knit according to 4 needles and 3 needles, and the neckline is woven with double threads to a satisfactory length after 2 rows are flat, flat folding; After the sleeve is picked out, the color of the front and rear pieces (except yellow), 10-2-7 minus needle, double thread, flat weaving, flat folding;

• end •

Author | Kezi Fenzi

Source: Weaving Life Forum

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