Today Xiaobian brings you a knitted dress, which is very suitable for autumn and winter. The simple design can be matched with a variety of coats, and if you start with two or three colors, it is no exaggeration to say that you can wear it until the beginning of spring.

This knitted dress is woven vertically and shaped in one piece, with a slim silhouette and trousers that fall above the knee. It has a good cover for the shape of the legs, suitable for “brainless” wearing. Warmly covers the dense of the neck. The neck collar is a double-stretched high neck design, which is a good way to improve heat preservation, and it is definitely a clothing item that is warm and easy to wear in autumn and winter.

In previous issues, Xiaobian has many coat recommendations, and this dress and the jacket recommended by Xiaobian before can be well recommended. Coats, jackets, down jackets and other coats can be combined with this dress, suitable for layering, recommended. The most important thing is that this knitted dress looks very good on its own, showing both body and temperament.

The matching of shoes Xiaobian suggests that this year you can recommend high-top imitation leather shoes or medium-length leather boots, which are very ladylike. The matching of handbags is mainly to look at the jacket, if worn alone, Xiaobian recommends a handbag, a medium-sized shoulder bag.

This issue is here, see you in the comment area of your thoughts, your ideas are the theme of my next issue. If the “Jimei” have any collocation questions, you can leave a message in the comment area, and the editor will answer them one by one. Pay attention to Xiwen not to get lost.