Compared with the “lively” at the beginning of the first season, “Sister Lang 2” is visibly pasted with the naked eye, and there is basically no discussion.

The program team was very powerful, not only updating the first feature film, but also broadcasting the footage of the sisters in the dormitory.

In fact, this year’s sisters still have a lot of “sand sculpture” moves.

For example, when Lu Yi got up in the morning to replenish water, he slapped his cheek hard, as if this face was his enemy, and Jin Qiaoqiao next to him was stunned: Doesn’t your face hurt?

Lu Yi said that this is her unique way of reducing swelling.

Sister Alan wants to drink water before she gets up to brush her teeth, but she can’t unscrew the bottle cap? Bite directly with your mouth.

No wonder I’ve been single so far…

Other sisters are very diligent, and before anyone else gets up, they are almost finished practicing yoga.

Sure enough, to stay in good shape is to exercise more.

Other young ladies are sitting in front of themselves for breakfast, for fear that they will have a bad image and be complained about by netizens.

As a result, as soon as Na Ying sat down, he lifted Erlang’s legs without any scruples, that sister, it is worthy of you…

Cecilia Cheung slept in a room with Zhang Xinyu, and she came together and sighed with Zhang Xinyu that she could finally wake up naturally one day, and no longer had to get up to make milk and change diapers.

Unexpectedly, Cecilia Cheung, who is so rich to hire a nanny, also has to get up early to make milk and change diapers for her children, not to mention anything else, she is indeed a good mother, and basically does everything herself.

The most important thing is that Cecilia Cheung, who is 40 years old and has 3 sons, is still so good-looking without makeup, although there are obvious freckles on her face, but it looks good on her face.

Girls can still have Cecilia Cheung at the age of 40, and they can really wake up laughing in their dreams!

Although the sisters are already “hard” contributing materials to the show, it is a pity that these are the remaining ones from “Sister Lang 1”, and some sisters are too mushy, and they are too “harmonious” to basically attract the attention of netizens.

However, the pajamas worn by Li Feier in “Sister Lang 2” will definitely arouse the gossip of netizens.

At first glance, Li Feier’s yellow Pikachu pajamas are quite cute, and she is also beautiful in dress, which can completely poke the girl’s heart of netizens.

But if you think about it, something seems wrong?

Isn’t Goodfella, Pikachu, Angelababy’s favorite?

When Angelababy hinted that she was pregnant with her son Little Sponge, she was holding a Pikachu doll in her arms, and when posing at the airport, she was also holding a Pikachu doll.

At that time, she also shared Pikachu as an avatar with Huang Xiaoming, and when Huang Xiaoming was on the show, she also announced that “my wife loves Pikachu the most.” ”

The image of Pikachu is basically the love witness of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy!

Only a few years have passed, and the marriage status of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy is a mystery, but Li Feier, as an ex-girlfriend, openly wears Pikachu-patterned clothes in the show, and sings Zhao Wei’s song on the first stage, is this a coincidence or a deliberate provocation?

After getting up the next morning, Li Feier changed Pikachu pajamas and threw them on the bed at will, and her other luggage did not have items about Pikachu, it seems that Li Feier just wore Pikachu-patterned pajamas very “fate”.

And in this episode of the program, Li Feier and Huang Xiaoming finally had a substantial interaction, his sentence “Sister Fei”, her sentence “Brother Xiaoming”, enough to make netizens think about it.

Do you think Li Feier’s Pikachu-patterned pajamas in “Sister Lang 2” are coincidental or intentional?