Open WeChat moments, there are always a few ads to attract you. Juanjuan, a 26-year-old girl in Lin’an, Hangzhou, actually started the idea of micro-business.

The experience of buying flowers in the circle of friends for the first time made Juanjuan simply ecstatic. It’s not that the 700 yuan flowers are amazing. Instead, she discovered loopholes in transaction payments.

She paid to the flower shop through the bank APP, and a transfer interface first popped up on the APP, showing the information and amount of both sides of the transfer, and then a second interface popped up, showing that the balance in the card was insufficient and the interface of the transfer was not successful, but Juanjuan only sent a screenshot of the interface of the first transfer to the other party. The florist was completely confused and shipped the flowers.

Juanjuan couldn’t stop at all. In the same way, she cheated 2580 yuan of cakes and 1900 yuan of bags. After that, he also used false names, concealed bank accounts and other means to avoid risks, and defrauded a clothing store of high-end furs, coats, and trench coats for many times, worth tens of thousands of yuan. It was eventually discovered by the seller who checked the account.

In May, the Shangcheng procuratorate requested approval to arrest Juanjuan on suspicion of fraud. Considering that she was a first-time offender, she had fully reimbursed her compensation after the crime, obtained the victim’s understanding, and made a decision not to approve her arrest.

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