Girls’ summer short skirts and shorts are very beautiful, as an indispensable item in summer, it gives girls enough coolness, so that we can be comfortable and comfortable in summer, fashionable and neat.

Wearing shorts and skirts is also very casual

The hot summer requires us to constantly find ways to dispel the heat, and dressing is one of the methods. Cool dressing will make girls feel cooler and fresher, loose short skirt wearing is a vertical stripe design, simple and casual, but at the same time can wear the beauty of girls’ body well.

The vertical stripe itself can visually lengthen the girl’s line of sight, making the girl’s body line look smoother. It is also more beautiful, and the simple skirt is also super feminine.

Dressing is not only an aesthetic or taste, dressing more often reflects a person’s style and personality, casual and comfortable summer wear will make the whole girl look more simple and pure.

The short black skirt is slimmer and more casual, and the skirt is slightly loose. It is not very good to be able to make the girl’s figure show just right, so simple and comfortable to wear~

Shorts can also wear the casual and simple that girls want, lifting shorts, more common is comfortable and common denim shorts. Denim shorts are a classic item that can be worn with fashion or vintage.

This one is casual and simple yet very ladylike, and the top is paired with a vertical striped shirt. The shirt tucked into the shorts will look more capable for girls, suitable for more casual occasions, but also suitable for the workplace!

Shorts and skirts are worn with an intellectual style

Good looking outfits can always make people happy, many short skirts and shorts in summer are more intellectual, can make girls more atmospheric, but also in line with the overall temperament and image of girls.

The dark gray suit and skirt highlight the girl’s intellectual and elegant nature. A simple white T-shirt underneath the top. The outer wear is a blazer, wearing a girl’s capable demeanor, but also wearing its own professionalism, summer girls’ workplace matching suits are very fashionable.

In the workplace or in some other formal occasions, short skirts also play a very important role. As a cool and somewhat sexy item, short skirts have a strong position in the minds of girls.

The orange suit skirt is actually very temperamental, and it can also highlight the skin color of girls and make girls more age-reducing. The top is paired with a vertical striped shirt, which is thin and simple, hearty and atmospheric, such an intellectual outfit is very eye-catching in all summer outfits.

The black shorts are slightly loose, casual but intellectual, and are very practical to wear. Black gives people a formal feeling, but the shorts have a silky design on the hem, which makes the girl’s sense of dress a little more wanton and casual.

The top is paired with a blue vertical striped shirt, which is very cool and intellectual. The outfit is very simple, and the outfit is very personal, with a pair of simple shorts, you can also wear the most intellectual and attractive style of summer.

The beige denim skirt wears the gentleness and intellectuality of girls, and the simple and soft and comfortable skirt is a very good matching item for girls in summer. If you want to wear an intellectual woman image through it, it is not impossible, in fact, we still have to try more for summer wear.

The top is paired with a dark green V-neck T-shirt, simple and beautiful, and the girl’s neckline is a beautiful lace flower design, sweet and gentle. It not only expresses the intellectuality that girls want, but also can wear a kind of tenderness.

Short skirts and shorts are worn around two style themes, one is a more casual style, the other is a more intellectual one, both are very practical outfits, whether it is gentle girls or capable girls in the workplace.