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There is a friend Xiaomeng next to him, who has been married for four years and has no baby. Because her menstruation is not very regular, she is always confused. She always has one these days

Feeling of nausea, sometimes retching

Because it was just in time for the New Year, her lover concluded that she ate too much, and she didn’t exercise, lying in bed every day to watch TV, especially lazy, so it would cause stomach upset. The two danced at home that night, but the situation did not improve.

The next morning, the couple went to the hospital to hang up the gastroenterology department, ready to do a gastroscopy to understand. The doctor listened to her recent performance and asked if she was pregnant? The two people waved their hands one after another and said that it was impossible!

The doctor was relieved and instructed Xiaomeng to go for a pregnancy test first. Xiaomeng went to the obstetrics and gynecology department with half a doubt, and told the doctor that it was a little lately

Snooze, love to eat, nausea,

But it’s all New Year syndrome. The doctor casually asked her, is there a change in her underwear?

Xiao Meng thought about it,

The discharge is indeed increased

, and it seems that I haven’t had a period for two or three months, because I wasn’t allowed before, so I didn’t care too much.

After listening to her, the doctor said that you are eight percent pregnant, which is really careless. The results of the examination showed that Xiao Meng had

It’s almost 3 months pregnant

。 This news is really surprising and gratifying.

The doctor instructed her some precautions and advised her to study the knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth, “Fortunately, I felt that the stomach acid was just a jump that day, and it was dangerous to lift a barbell.” ”

Hearing the doctor’s joke, Xiaomeng scratched his head embarrassedly.

This mark on the underwear marks marks the zygo’s home

Many newlyweds, or families who want to go with the flow, do not know much about the signs of pregnancy due to lack of experience.

Sometimes women themselves are pregnant and do not know it, if the behavior goes wrong again, it is easy to endanger the fetus in the abdomen, and you must not be careless in this regard.

If there is an increase in underwear discharge, some with a small amount of bleeding, cheer up, recall whether it is 7 to 10 days after ovulation, if you have had sex before, this mark appears on the underwear, nine times out of ten it is a symbol of pregnancy.

Before pregnancy, women’s vaginal discharge is transparent or milky white, and the amount is relatively fixed, and it will increase when menstrual holidays are approaching.

And after the sperm and egg are combined, implant and settle down, and the female body will

Produces large amounts of estrogen

, under the action of these hormones, certain changes will occur in the female reproductive system,

Increased discharge on the underwear is a clear sign.

There is a special pregnancy test technique to determine pregnancy, but as a woman who loves cleanliness, she usually changes her underwear every day, and careful women can perceive the arrival of the baby in advance through the change of this trace on the underwear.

Don’t wait until you are nauseated and vomiting to think of a pregnancy test, after all, everyone’s performance is different, and some expectant mothers will not feel nausea throughout pregnancy.

What other reactions do women have when they become pregnant?

1) Increased basal body temperature

Around 10 days after ovulation, some women will feel a slight fever, while those who are prepared will keep a temperature record if they find that the body temperature is higher than usual in recent days

0.5°C higher

, Hurry up to test the pregnancy to see, it is very likely that the baby is coming.

2) Drowsiness and easy tiredness

After the fertilized egg is successfully implanted in the uterus, the woman’s body secretes a large amount of progesterone, that is


, causing the pregnant mother to be very tired. Especially in the first trimester, it seems that I can’t wake up all the time, and I can’t wait to sleep 24 hours a day.

3) Swelling of the chest

This varies from person to person, with some women feeling swelling in the chest early in pregnancy and gradually enlarging it, while others do not feel it significantly, especially in the early stages.

If you feel a feeling of swelling and pain in your chest, combined with ovulation, it is likely that you are pregnant.

What did you do when you first became pregnant? I wish everyone who is preparing for pregnancy a smooth and prosperous pregnancy!

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