Cherries, bright color, sweet and sour taste, and can also replenish iron and blood, I have always liked it.

Since last winter, the family has not stopped cherries.

Finally to say goodbye, so I made this mille-feuille pastry and said goodbye to this “cherry season”~

Mille-feuille pastry is one of the representatives of French dim sum.

A small piece of pie crust, after the baptism of high temperature, will expand into a large piece, which is really a magical change!

This small snack consists of layers of pastry, loosened crust, smooth and delicate whipped cream, and sweet and sour cherries.

This time, I used ready-made puff pastry that was frozen since the last time, so it is very easy to make.

But the appearance is delicate and cute, and the taste is needless to say.

This snack is really addictive as soon as you eat it, and you can’t put it down!

Ingredients: (The dosage is for reference only, please see Tips before making)

Frozen puff pastry —- piece

Light cream —- 100g

Caster sugar —- 10g

A pinch of rum —- (omit if you don’t have one, or substitute lemon juice)

Cherries —- to taste


1. After thawing the mille-feuille, cut into evenly sized pieces. The thickness of my puff pastry is about 3mm, and the size of each piece is about 11*5cm;

2. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Place the puff pastry on a baking sheet lined with baking paper in advance, and make small holes with a fork on the surface;

3. After preheating, send the puff pastry to the oven, 190 degrees ~ 200 degrees, bake for 15~20 minutes, until the puff pastry swells and is golden brown;

4. Remove the baked puff pastry and let cool;

5. Prepare other materials;

6. Light cream with sugar and rum, sent to 7~8 distribution, that is, large clear lines appear, basically not flowing;

7. Put the whipped cream into a piping bag;

8. Wash the cherries and dry the surface moisture. Take a portion of the cherries, pit and set aside;

9. Dip some light cream on the bottom of the plate and put a piece of puff pastry;

10. Squeeze in light cream, top with cherries and squeeze some light cream;

11. Top with a piece of puff pastry, then repeat the action of squeezing the cream and putting the cherries;

12. Garnish with powdered sugar at the end.


1. Holes are pierced in the puff pastry to prevent it from swelling too high during the baking process. If you like that flat shape, you can also press a baking sheet on top of the puff pastry to bake;

2. The specific baking temperature and time are adjusted according to the actual situation of each oven;

3. The degree of whipping cream should not be too much, otherwise it will affect the taste;

4. If there are no cherries, then you can replace them with strawberries, mangoes, etc. It is best to use the kind that can hold up the puff pastry, so that the overall shape will be more upright and good-looking. In addition, do not choose fruits with too much moisture content;

5. It is best to eat the good snack on the same day so as not to affect the taste.