High heels can give you a tall figure and sculpt your beautiful curves, but wearing them for a long time is also tired, how about it! Get a pair of flats today! Comfortable out on the street, flat shoes can also add points to your fashion outfit!

绒面单鞋,也是通勤款的鞋子,找一天上班不穿高跟鞋,穿上她,依旧是成熟稳重的OL风格, 但是让你更加舒适!

British retro style small leather shoes, the color is the color of early autumn, very good matching, skirt pants as you like! The Baroque design makes her not just an ordinary pair of shoes, full of literary and artistic style, and European heritage!

Classic loafers that will captivate you at first sight! The upper of the shoe is shiny, and the layered sense is clear like a silver that has been left for a long time, wipe off the floating dust to reveal the pearl, and later learned that this kind of leather is called open side beads, which is very uncommon, and the shoes are made so stylishly

Bunny edamame shoes! Super cute! Pure rabbit hair production, two cute rabbit ear design, just poked all my cute points, shoes warm and cute!

Square button flat shoes, unchanged classic, this flat shoe will want to enter a pair every time, easy to wear and match, the main thing is that it is not ugly to match!

This year’s hot ankle boots, flat you must have a pair, unchanged classic true autumn versatile shoes! The design of the pull buckle makes the black boots less monotonous!

Suede single shoes, also commuting shoes, find a day to work without high heels, wear her, is still a mature and stable OL style, but make you more comfortable!

Want to have height and comfort, that muffin shoes should be your best choice, many celebrity street photos will choose a shoe, so that your body proportion is better, but not too tired!

Horsehair plus rivets, are fashion elements, in fact, rivets do not make people look fierce, full of everyone can already accept him, in fact, Xiaobian thinks he is embellishment, make your pieces more fashionable!

Loafers are also called lazy shoes, that is, easy to wear and look good, the added metal sheet makes your shoes look not monotonous, increase metal elements, the color of this shoe is very colored, giving you a good-looking instep!

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