Russia is the largest country in the world by area, and because of its geographical location to the north, many places are very cold.

In Russia, from the first snow in November until the complete melting of snow in April, there are six months covered under snow and ice, and winter temperatures can reach minus 40 degrees. But for the Russians, who are called “fighting peoples”, this is not a problem, they still play like summer in the cold winter!

In winter, Russians do not wear anything particularly warm, only a pair of thin jeans, young ladies also wear short skirts and boots in winter, and stockings on their legs are exposed, but their coats and hats are not vague at all, most Russians will spare no expense to buy a mink coat and a good fox skin or mink hat, because not wearing a hat will cause a headache of freezing.

Chinese don’t like to wear hats no matter what the weather, and when it snows, it’s nice to pull up the hat on your down jacket.

Russians are surprised by this and often ask thoughtfully: “Is something wrong?” Why don’t you wear a hat? The deep sympathy in his eyes was clear.

I believe that many friends living in Russia have had such an experience, and the grandmother passing by saw the Chinese without a hat, grabbed it, and reminded you with concern that you should wear a hat, otherwise you will have a headache.

One of the most disgusting words that many friends dislike when they were children was a sentence that their mother told them every time they went out: wear a hat.

You know, no matter how you dress up in winter, you may be fat and big, so you can’t see where to go. However, with age, this phrase no longer has a negative impact and has a new definition. First, maintaining the temperature of the head on cold days is good for health; Second, hat accessories can make autumn clothing more diverse and add points to the image, just as shoes and bags.


A fashionable hat can establish a unique personal image, can attract a lot of attention and attention, can wear fashionistas must be masters of hats, it is a weapon to enhance the sense of fashion. Whether it is on the show or on the street, brands and hipsters are playing hat-tricks and easily walking at the forefront of fashion.

In Europe, women wore hats in the Middle Ages, and hats were a necessity and a symbol of etiquette, as well as a symbol of status.

In modern society, wearing a trendy hat is the embodiment of fashionable women’s pursuit of beauty, and hats have become ornaments.

As a fashion item, hats are essential, and hats are the fastest way to change a person’s silhouette.

AO11-TASLON artificial pilot hat to wear easily, good looking and warm! Comfortable and soft, the warmth is also very reliable!

Waterproof, anti-fouling and dust-proof – waterproof fabric can effectively prevent rain and snow weather, water-repellent, oil-proof, dust-proof;

TASLON artificial fur / rabbit fur – fluff is soft, soft and delicate, comfortable inside, warm and breathable;

Adjustable head and tail – metal rear gear adjustment to adapt to different head shapes, Velcro metal ring design to adapt to different face shapes!

AO11-TASLON artificial pilot hat is warm, soft and light, N times warmer than wool material, and thinner than down jacket, taking into account temperature and demeanor, it is difficult to be unpopular!

Stylish and trendy, there are 13 faux fur colors to choose from:

Black/black hair

Black/grass frost hair

Black/imitation blue hair

Earth brown/tricolor hair

Carbon ash/imitation green wool

Khaki/imitation green hair

Military sea blue/imitation blue hair

Flame red/imitation blue hair

Avocado green/imitation green hair

Fluorescent orange/black hair

Pink/leopard print hair

Robin blue/rice mink feathers

White/rice mink makes hair

6 real rabbit fur styles:

White/real rabbit hair white

Black/real rabbit fur orange

White/real rabbit hair powder

Qingzilan / real rabbit hair black

Blue orchid/real rabbit hair carbon ash

Grass yellow/true rabbit hair brown

Beauty and men, let the hat help you concave this winter and wear the fashion sense of the big brand~