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Xiao Ming and Xiao Li, these two people in China believe that there is no one who does not know them. Since elementary school, he has left Xiaoming to help his grandmother cross the street and call himself “red scarf”; Xiaoming forgot to bring the math book, and his brother chased him by bicycle from home; Bob met a foreign friend and said, “How are you?” “Fine, thank you, and you.” The legend of the story.

In fact, in foreign countries, there are also such two people like Xiaoming and Xiao Li, and their stories are also widely circulated, they are



。 Below, let’s popularize the story of his two.

Tom chapter

Tom, Dick and Harry.

Zhang San, Li Si and Wang Er. (All are ordinary people)

Seeing this, everyone may ask – Tom’s Chinese name is Zhang San, and Dick is Li Si?

That’s not the case.

And the reason for this starts with Wang Anshi’s poem “Finding the Cold Mountain”, which says: “Zhang San’s trousers are narrow, and Li Si’s hat has a long brim.” ”

In fact, Zhang San and Li Si refer to some ordinary people.

The phrase Tom, Dick and Harry literally refers to three common English personal names, and the actual meaning refers to anyone, anyone.

Example Sentences: Every Tom, Dick and Harry has a mobile phone these days. We don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing our secret.

Aunt Tom

Women who specialize in currying favor

In American English, Aunt Tom means Aunt Tom,

Refers to a woman who is submissive and obedient

Corresponding to Aunt Tom, there is

Uncle Tom

The word, refers to

A man who is submissive

Example Sentence: Uncle Tom is known as a nice softie and he’s always ready to help others in need.

Tom and Jerry

A prodigal who eats, drinks and has fun

I believe that you children’s shoes first came into contact with Tom and Jerry, just because of the cartoon “Cat and Mouse”.

In American English, Tom and Jerry also have

This means.

Blind Tom


Blindfold Tom and go hide and seek. How Tom always feels bullied, just like our Xiaoming.

There is another explanation

“A man with a cleanliness fetish”

Peeping Tom


Peeping Tom A voyeur, specifically a womanizer who likes to peek at naked women.

The legend says that he became blind, and he has been known ever since as Peeping Tom.

(Tom was hacked so badly…..)

After reading Tom’s story, let’s take a look at the life of his brother Jack.

Jack article

All day and work no play make Jack a dull boy.

Only work, not play,

Smart kids can also be silly.

Many old iron may have heard this sentence for a long time, but!! Is Dabai such a superficial person?

No, good fell! So, bring the next sentence today:

All play and no work makes Greg a playboy.

Just play without working, no matter how alert people are, they will also become playboys.

In these two sentences,

Jack refers to smart people

Greg refers to people who are more alert and self-disciplined

All shall be well, jack shall have jill.

May there be lovers in the world who will eventually become dependents

Jill, here, is

Girls, lovers


Example Sentence: Even though she had left, he still believe that all shall be well , jack shall have jill , he must do something.


Incompetent, lame, unscrupulous

Jack-leg, don’t translate to “jack-leg.” It is American slang that means

“Unscrupulous, immoral”.

Example Sentence: Michael is a jack-leg lawyer.


A person who is cluttered but not sophisticated

Jack-of-all-trade, which means “a person who is clever but not perfect”, is what Chinese often calls “a golden oil”.

Example Sentence: A person who is a Jack of all trades has many skills. “But it’s good to have explored my potential by being a jack of all trades, ” said Liang.“ But this kind of generalist work is good for unlocking one’s potential. Liang Simin said.

A Jack in office

Pretentious petty official

I can’t imagine that Jack is like this, and there is another paragraph about Jack’s career in the American proverb:

Jack is as good as his master.

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A prodigal who eats, drinks and has fun