In recent years, exquisite embroidery elements have swept the major shows, and it can also be seen in the street photography of all hipsters. As a classic element in the fashion industry, denim elements stand tall no matter how rapidly the trend of fashion changes. So what if embroidery meets denim? What kind of fashion sense will they collide?

Recently, Angelababy wore a hand-embroidered denim French long dress, appeared on the Paris Fall/Winter 2017 haute couture runway, with a neat and smooth denim long skirt, with exquisite hand-embroidered embroidery, with a strong French style, with the baby’s playful curly hair and sweet smile, exuding a girlish and flexible beauty, which is particularly charming.

What is the effect of embroidery elements incorporating into denim jackets? The denim jacket has a casual attribute, full of street feel, while the embroidery is with a national style and retro elements, the combination of the two is all interpreting the new fashion. Olympic gymnastics champion Liu Xuan wore the most embroidered denim jacket with school uniform pants and appeared on the cover of the magazine, which is very natural and has no sense of violation.

How sought-after is this embroidered denim dress? Chen Qiaoen, baby, and Naza actually wore the same bumper shirt! Exquisite embroidery, butterflies flying in the flowers, with a natural little freshness, but the different outfits of the three people, but let the same embroidered denim skirt interpret three styles, who do you think looks better?

Fashionable little Song Jia really loves denim items, and also likes the mix and match of embroidery and denim. These embroidered jeans are paired with a white shirt, which is simple and fresh and fresh, and smiles like a girl. It is also the playfulness of embroidery that neutralizes the casual feel of many denim items, but adds a playful taste.

Teacher Xiaohua is so sexy! Embroidered denim jacket with sexy low-cut suspenders, cool and slightly sexy, this feeling is just right, with embroidered denim shorts, long legs dominate the entire screen, casual with a little femininity, this degree of little flower teacher is just right.

What the? Underwear outside! Such a personalized outfit can be thought of by Song Jia, but it is super stylish! Who says casual wear can’t be sexy? Even if I prefer casual street style, it can’t stop me from being sexy. Teacher Xiaohua is wearing embroidered casual jeans and a casual army green jacket, it is not good to dress, such a dress strength is sultry! And these embroidered jeans just go well with the overall outfit.

Temperament goddess Liu Shishi wears these embroidered ripped jeans, with a bit of street feel, with the goddess’s playful half-ball head and simple white T, neutralizing the casual sense of the pants, more playful and casual.

Elected idol Li Yuchun has soared in popularity since winning the title of “Super Girl” in 2005. 12 years have passed, the popularity is still undiminished, these years Li Yuchun in the fashion circle is also mixed, fashion resources are very good. This embroidered denim jacket is embellished with studs around it for a statement finish. Paired with dark green slacks and small white shoes, Chunchun wears her own taste, fashionable and fresh with street trends.

Li Yuchun is wearing a Gucci denim jacket, tall body and stud decoration, more personality cool, exquisite embroidery on the neckline to add femininity, with the same stud denim flared pants, against the sky long legs appear, the overall style is natural, dashing and fashionable, full of retro fashion.

Yang Zi wears a black embroidered denim jacket, with a simple white T-shirt, clean and refreshing without losing the sense of design, with white distressed trousers, the overall shape exudes a sense of youthful vitality, exquisite embroidery embellishments, plus a refreshing ponytail, perfectly adjusting the dullness of black, playful and slightly cool.

When Bai Baihe participated in the show, he wore an embroidered denim jacket and red school uniform pants, sweet and playful, full of youthful vitality, highlighting the fashion and freshness, and easily reducing age.

Embroidery meets denim, collide with a kaleidoscopic sense of fashion, and take you between fashion and vintage!

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