With the development of society, the number of older single men and women has gradually increased, so as soon as the New Year arrives, parents will start the marriage urging mode and begin to arrange various blind date activities.

But many young people are disgusted by this, because they want to pursue a marriage with “true love” and hope to meet the other half who makes them fall in love at first sight.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this idea, but the so-called “love at first sight” is essentially nothing more than “seeing the color”. A friend of mine is now alone because he made the wrong decision about choosing his wife.

At that time, because he disliked the ordinary appearance of the girl on a blind date, he chose to marry a girl with a beautiful and fashionable appearance. And emptied the entire family base, paid the bride price, and bought a small marriage house in the small county where the girl’s mother’s family was located.

After marriage, in order to repay the marriage loan, he had to leave his newly married wife and go to work abroad. As a result, because of the love for the vain wife, there was a better choice later, and the two ended in divorce.

What is even more unacceptable is that after the divorce, his ex-wife not only refused to let him see the children, but also asked him to pay monthly child support.

Everyone speculated that the child might not be his, and persuaded him to take the child for a paternity test, but his persuasion was refused.

In this way, several years passed, and honestly he never saw the child again, and all these years he has been working in other places to pay off debts and pay child support.

The matter of my friend made me feel a lot of emotion, and I couldn’t help but think of an old saying: “There are three treasures in the family, ugly wife, thin land, and torn cotton jacket.” Why do you say that? Isn’t it fragrant for “wife, good field, brocade clothes”?

Let’s analyze them one by one:

01 Let’s talk about “ugly wife” first

When I was a child, I often heard old people say the two sayings “Fulu was born on the side of ugly people” and “Since ancient times, red face has a thin life”. At that time, I didn’t understand it, but although I also loved beauty, I also began to think about the inner relationship between “ugliness and blessing” and “beauty and thin life”.

As the saying goes: “Everyone has a heart for beauty”. Good things always make people happy, which breeds possessiveness.

Therefore, beautiful women, like flowers that attract butterflies easily, always inadvertently attract more people’s attention. And in these concerns, there will inevitably be malicious men and bad people.

From the perspective of beautiful women, because there are more people who like to adore themselves, the range of choices has expanded, and the temptation has become greater. So the self-inflation begins, vanity rises, and the heart is shaken, so life cannot be settled, and meeting people is not the norm.

At the same time, because “beauty” can make people with bad intentions have evil thoughts, so when living alone and going out, beautiful women can easily become the prey of bad people, thus attracting disaster for themselves.

Finally, because of their beauty, they are too attractive to the opposite sex, and they will inadvertently harm the interests of other women. Therefore, it is easy for beautiful women to make too many enemies, become the target of everyone, and be framed by the same sex in the workplace or life.

From a man’s point of view, if the wife he is looking for is too beautiful, and he is inferior in all aspects, then his wife is not only easy to be remembered by others, but also easy to red apricot out of the wall, making it difficult to feel at ease.

Especially in ancient times, men from poor families would marry beautiful women. Once it is known by the landlord, it is indispensable to be snatched away by the landlord, and at the same time, the man’s peaceful life will come to an end.

To put it bluntly, beautiful things, including beautiful women, are a scarce resource, and since it is a scarce resource, there are bound to be many competitors. And if you don’t have the strength to compete, then it will be difficult to hold on to this scarce resource.

On the contrary, the ugly wife, that is, the less beautiful woman, because she is not beautiful enough, can not attract more members of the opposite sex, will not be more tempted, but has the opportunity to be a virtuous woman with a peaceful heart and a stable and steady life.

Only by marrying such a wife can a man live a safe and comfortable life, go home with food, someone at home to take care of, and someone to take care of his children. This kind of life is real and long-lasting.

Although beauty can make people pleasing to the eye, beauty will fade sooner or later over time, and an interesting soul, the three views that fit, these are far longer than a beautiful appearance, which is also the essence of marriage happiness.

Therefore, a man, when marrying a wife, do not put beauty first, but take a long-term perspective and choose a partner that suits his life.

02 Say “thin ground” again

The term “thin land” in ancient times referred to barren land. That is, a man’s “family background” is the foundation of a career.

Although it was not easy to grow food on barren land, at that time, it was already very lucky to have a little land of your own.

As long as you are diligent enough and willing to endure hardships, then life will pass as well as possible. Therefore, industrious people, no matter how barren the land, can cultivate a rich harvest on it. On the contrary, lazy people, no matter how fertile the land, will eventually become wasteland.

If a man has a thin family, and when he becomes an adult, his parents have limited ability to help, he cannot afford to buy a house, a car, or marry a daughter-in-law, then do not complain and give up on himself. Because in this society, as long as you want, there is always a chance to change your destiny.

If you are lucky enough to have a university degree or above, then in your spare time, give up the time for ineffective socialization and entertainment, and work hard step by step to improve your professional knowledge and comprehensive ability, I believe that the day of promotion and salary increase will not be too far away.

If you do not have a degree, but you have technology and skills, as long as you are willing to sink your heart, learn more, ask more, think more and practice, and accumulate rich experience, then one day you can also become a professional in a certain field.

If you are unfortunate and have neither education nor skills, but as long as you are diligent and not afraid of hardship, you can also harvest your first pot of gold by delivering food, working in factories, setting up stalls and other ways.

Therefore, a little thin land, a little family base, for a hardworking man, is a treasure. As long as you are willing to work hard, no matter how much money you have, you will create a world.

03Finally, say “torn cotton jacket”

Although nowadays, the torn cotton jacket has long disappeared, replaced by a variety of new fashion, very high warmth coefficient down jackets and a variety of high-end cashmere coats.

But in ancient times, people at the bottom did not have enough money to buy new clothes, and the clothes they wore on weekdays were also mended and mended, washed and washed, so if you can still have a cotton jacket that can keep out the cold in the cold winter, even if it is worn, it is a happy thing.

Because, when the weather is cold, if a piece of clothing cannot guarantee its most basic cold function, then other functions are meaningless. No matter how gorgeous it is, it is not as real and important as warmth.

For men, only by having a simple heart that is pragmatic and does not pursue flashiness can they always clearly recognize their needs when facing various temptations and flashy appearances.

Understand what is most important and what is secondary, without being easily blinded by immediate temptations and making bad choices.

Therefore, usefulness is more valuable than flashy, and “pragmatism” is the cornerstone of success for men.

In short, “ugly wife” represents a choice of lifestyle, in the end is choosing stable happiness? Or choose a momentary heartbeat? I believe you will have new insights;

And “thin land” represents a career, and having a career, even if it is barren, as long as you work hard, you can reap fruitful results. Finally, the “broken cotton jacket” represents a pragmatic and simple mentality that does not pursue flashiness.

Only with the right mindset can you make the right choice at all times. Therefore, if a man really possesses these three magic weapons, it is like having a ticket to success and happiness.

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