The temperature that has plummeted recently is so cold that you can’t do without a down jacket! Fortunately, Sister Ba recently discovered the “highlight” in the down jacket, and the upgraded version of the leather down jacket is completely online in terms of cold protection and fashionability!

Designers have long thought about it, such as Salvatore Ferragamo, which incorporates cool leather elements in its Fall/Winter 2019 collection, and a blazing red color perfectly interprets the true meaning of cool and sassy atmosphere!

Salvatore Ferragamo in the fall/winter 2019 collection

Nanushka, almost a must-have in hipster wardrobes, returns again this year with a comfortable, unscrupulous style, with founder Sandor taking inspiration from her favourite ’70s palette and adding some light, idyllic colors.

Nanushka in the fall/winter 2019 collection

Virag Kerenyi blends the instantly recognisable sapphire blue into a leather down jacket in a jumpy and bright colour scheme that sweeps away winter dullness.

Virag Kerenyi Fall/Winter 2019 collection

Celebrities also got this trend, Zhong Chuxi wore a black leather down jacket, with an alphabet sweatshirt to interpret a low-key neutral style, and carried the Louis Vuittons handbag on one shoulder to really sass Sister Ba.

Zhong Chuxi

Or tie a leather down jacket in a knot around your waist, the ability to style is also full score, and it is recommended that the sisters boldly try it when taking photos!

Brother Qi, who has always been stormy, also wore a long-leather down jacket this time, using different color levels to create a sense of layering, which is full of modernity.

Qi Wei

Not only that, leather down jackets are also occupied by fashionistas, learning fashion blogger Felicia Akerstrom Ma, with white Items to bless leather down jackets can double the sense of luxury.

Layer two different types of clothing to keep warm and enrich the Outfit outfit.

High street girls should not miss such a high ligt way of dressing, the bold fluorescent color with leather Down Coat is difficult to take off the eye, I heard that the letter and the fluorescent color are more compatible!

Regarding which leather down jacket is strong this year, there are really many novel styles recently, Sister Ba has sorted out three leather down jacket brands for everyone, it is better to see it!

I heard that the “grandparents wind” is blowing back?

The BV family’s imitation leather quilted down jacket to understand

Since Bottega Veneta was “turned on” by Daniel Lee, it can be described as a ride of red dust, and now the popularity of shoes and bags has already reached the top, and I never expected that the performance of making a down jacket is so good!

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2019 collection

The craftsmanship characterized by Quilting’s technique makes a wonderful collision with leather, and the quilted long down jacket is chic and chic, and there is really a taste of “new weaving” elements.

Simple and atmospheric lines, with a high-grade design charm, the degree of recognition is not generally high, now “grandparents style” in the fashion circle is in the limelight, quilting is definitely the highlight of this autumn and winter!

The imitation leather material used is also in line with the concept of sustainable development pursued nowadays, and this environmentally friendly and expensive Yazi is really poignant!

On the streets of Paris, you can find that many fashionable elves have eagerly put on Bottega Veneta’s new leather down jacket, following the “lower body disappearing” rule, and then transformed into a “down dress”.

Lingge’s wiring is matched with a shining luster, and the cool aura is immediately exhaled, and with a black sunglasses, it is a woman who cannot be provoked.

Compared with the way to wear it as a “down skirt”, it is more capable with a white wide leg, and there is also a kind of casualness.

BOTTEGA VENETA single-breasted padded coat ¥28,850

Minimalist lines, matte vegan skin?

Nanushka circle fans’ countless secrets are “too simple”

Sandra Sandor, a designer who grew up in Budapest and London, blended the cultural backgrounds of Eastern and Western Europe to found Nanushka in 2005, after her childhood nickname. She believes that a garment that can truly function should be beautiful and glamorous.

In Nanushka’s design, it is not difficult to find a retro nostalgic atmosphere, and the use of fabric and function, sustainability is the cornerstone of Nanushka, and these “old formulas” are still continued in the new season.

Nanushka Fall/Winter 2019 collection

The “rustic” down jacket instantly doubled in Sandra Sandor’s hand, and the matte vegetarian leather has always been a classic element of his home, with simple and smooth cutting lines and “bloated” Say bye~

And the environmentally friendly bionic leather used is not inferior to genuine leather from the outside, you can feel the soft texture from the appearance without touching it, comfortable and simple without “oppression”, becoming a classic of the brand, no wonder let a lot of IG girls follow ~

The brown leather has a vintage effect and is paired with a pair of white wide-leg pants to make the “minimalist style” just right.

Matching with checked pants is not at all inconsistent, and the different colors just open up the layering.

A knitted skirt shows the elegant charm of women, advocating Less is More today, such a simple Outfit will really make a lot of impressions!

The combination of calm black and matte materials changes the low-key and restrained of the past, releasing infinite tension, and the prominent stand collar design keeps warm while modifying the face shape, and the cool sassy can not be stopped!

If you feel that black is too monotonous, try an item with a highly saturated color as a match to instantly make the look bright.

NANUSHKAHide faux leather quilted jacket



Lenox hooded vegan leather quilted jacket


After seeing so many leather down jackets, I finally ignited the desire to wear down jackets in winter, I don’t know which “leather” your sisters like the most?

Zhong Chuxi