Recently, several myopic girls asked Pterostilbene how to choose a suitable pair of myopia glasses? The girl who can ask such a question must be aware of the importance of glasses. In fact, whenever I see a girl with obvious advantages in facial features delayed by the wrong glasses, I especially want to take her to the optical store, because the first impression of the person with glasses in the hearts of others is probably not your appearance, but the pair of glasses she carries, that is, your glasses are your image.

You can imagine how important it is to choose a pair of glasses that suits you.

Even if your eyesight is not bad, glasses have many other effects that can improve your temperament, create the effect of a small face, and cover up a plain face without makeup. But the premise is that you must choose the right one, otherwise it is a minus.

How to choose a pair of glasses that suits you

Straight face shape

If your overall face shape is more straight, such as the face has a clear sense of line, such as square cheeks, sunken temples, prominent cheekbones, etc. Such face shapes are mostly square faces, rectangular faces, diamond-shaped faces.

If you have the above face shape and state, if you want to highlight the characteristics of your face more, choose this square glasses. It’s glasses with a slightly straight feel.

If you want to weaken this toughness on the face, choose curvy glasses.

For example, rosewood is a typical angular face shape, and glasses with this curve can weaken the toughness of the face well.

If the face does not have a clear sense of thinness, that is, the face shape with smooth and rounded facial contours, you can choose curvy glasses to increase the sense of age reduction and fashion.

Classic glasses

Let’s introduce you to a glasses that everyone can see well, cat-type glasses. The combination of angle and curvature of these glasses is suitable for any face shape. So when you don’t know what glasses are right for you, it’s the right choice.

How to choose the width of the glasses

First of all, let’s talk about the vertical width, that is, for the length of the face, if the face shape is long, you should choose glasses with vertical width, so that the white space of the face will be smaller, and the face will appear short.

If the face shape is short, do not choose glasses that are too wide vertically, it will appear shorter. Years ago, a friend gave me a pair of glasses with wide vertical frames, which not only made my face shorter, but also made me look very unenergetic.

The choice of horizontal width is based on the principle that the width of the glasses must be greater than the width of the face to achieve the effect of showing a small face. If the face shape is wider, it is more difficult to choose a particularly suitable myopia frame. However, the classic horned cat-type glasses can be worn or weakened to make the face wide.

There are two points to remember in the choice of width, girls with extended zygomatic arches and sunken temples must choose glasses that are wider than their own face and have a certain height on the face, which not only weakens the width of the face shape but also raises the middle of the face, making the face fuller, and the ability to control the costume will be stronger.

Finally, if the eyesight is not particularly poor, the girl with very good facial features should try to choose to wear contact lenses. If you need a lot of desk work, you can bring glasses when you work and contact lenses when you attend events every day.

Choice of color

Do not choose colored glasses, such as red, green, etc., will instantly make people ten years older.

Hawksbill turtle, gray, navy blue, brown are recommended. Classic black. If the girl who is not too confident in her appearance should not choose black-framed glasses, I often see on TV that many black-framed glasses will be worn when ugly the heroine.

The most important thing is to put on a light makeup for yourself every day to enhance your temperament and appearance.

Well, the above is the specific method and skill of choosing myopia glasses according to the face shape. If you have any other questions, you can leave a message to me!

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