Autumn is the best season to wear boots,

Especially boots,

It’s a match for your autumn wardrobe,

Also very suitable for missing underwear,

Put on boots to make you aura,

Walk with the wind.

Knight boots

The momentum of the knight’s boots in the past two years has been extremely ferocious,

Whether it’s a runway or a street shoot,

You can see the knight’s boots.

The material is stiff and does not have too many folds is the key to the knight’s boot.

The stiff boot can define the leg shape well.

The height below the knee, just above the calf,

Loose boot pair

Ordinary girls with thick calves are extra friendly.

Popular styles in the past two years,

Combining the toe and sole thickness of Martin boots,

More bias

Neutral handsome


Maximum comfort is accompanied by a multiplier.

Belt buckle

The style is also a classic style in the knight boots,

Comes with the same leather material

coats and leggings,

Simple and handsome, clean and clean.

Comes with feminine ones


Neutralize the handsomeness of the knight’s boots,

It’s beautiful, cool and stylish.

With a loose suit,

Exposed a leg,

It is

Very layered


Whether you wear to work or shopping,

It’s all suitable,

It’s just right to wear early autumn when it’s not too cold.

High-heeled wide-leg boots

The same are wide legs,,

But high-heeled wide-leg boots are better than knight boots

More female maturity,

The height of the heel also gives a few centimeters more leg length.

Patent leather

The wide-leg boots have a strong presence,

Thick heel

The design is very stylish,

Even with a simple oversized suit,

You can also wear the coolest looks.

Or this slightly exaggerated cuff width,

Appears exposed

The thighs are slender,

Fashionable girls who are not tall enough can try,

I want to design it without being superfluous

Boots wear a sense of fashion,

You can try this

Square head


If you don’t want to dress too casually,

You can learn from the collocation of supermodel Kaia,

A uniform jacket with a waist-length waist,


Pointed thin heel

High-heeled wide-leg boots,

It looks very

Capable and feminine.

Or see Kendall and Hailey,


Do some articles on the boots,

It’s like a folded boot.

Make the otherwise simple style more layered.

These boots are timeless,

The choice of color is not limited to black,

The white boots look clean and plain,

If there are other pieces on the body


Same color



White boots will go well together than expected.

Or full-bodied

dark green,

will not steal the limelight from other clothes,

Understated and funky.

This is recommended

reddish brown,


Autumn and winter clothes also go well together,

It seems that the whole is also very coherent.

Tall and neat.

Or choose this more personal crocodile leather,

Find tonal pieces to match,

The colors are harmonious and high-class.

Cowboy boots

These two years of cowboy boots are back in vogue,

Cowboy boots are characteristic

Design of toe, heel and cuff,

It’s a pair of tall boots that cool girls can’t miss.

Very wearable,

And it can also improve the fashion,

Even with ordinary pieces

It can also have a special flavor.

When paired with a coat,

Remember to leave the coat open,

This makes it easier to highlight the leg line,

Elongate the proportions.

Compared to mid-length cowboy boots,

The boot covers the entire calf fit

It can visually lengthen the legs,

Clean, tall and aura.

Fashionable elves are more recommended to choose

Denim elements

A little stronger cow print,


Full of logos


of the shoes



Can give us a choice in clothes

Feel free.

You can also choose cowboy boots with brilliant colors,

The color that was originally very jumpy

Designed with cowboy boots,

It doesn’t seem to be so discordant anymore.

You can also choose this denim splicing design,

piles of boots,

It seems to be really wearing a pair of jeans,

It is recommended that the fashionista get the same model quickly.

Pile boots

Unlike other boot styles,

Stacking boots are a very special existence,

Other boot shapes may be due to length and material

Wrinkles have to appear,

But pile up boots

Born for the sense of stacked shape.

This pile of boots,


Mature big feminine style,

The sense of youthful hipster doesn’t work here.

The choice of color is the key to overall harmony,

Choose clothes that are similar to the color and tonality of the clothes,

It’s more advanced and attractive.

Suede pile boots with kitten heel,

Finished with a professional silhouette,

Simple and advanced,

Definitely a model of what to wear in the workplace.

Over-the-knee boots

Originally thought to be set off by SW a few years ago

The trend of over-the-knee boots has passed,

Until I saw this set of street photos by Elsa,

I just found out,

Yes! It turns out that knee-length boots are still so fashionable.

If you want to wear over-the-knee boots fashionably,

The tight legged suede style is no longer reliable,

Now it is the world of wide-legged special skin.

Rich burgundy over-the-knee boots,

Special leather and boots of just the right width,

It can be worn with any ordinary clothes

Wear to the most fashionable level.

Chanel’s over-the-knee boots,

Gold with this special material with black,

It becomes a very eye-catching presence in the dull colors of winter.

If you don’t want to be too personal,

This can be chosen

Flat-soled over-the-knee boots,

Maximum comfort and style,


More suitable for ordinary people.

Autumn is supposed to be the season for boots, and only in autumn can we achieve the freedom of boots, with a wide coat that exposes a thigh, which can not only make the outfit more layered, but also show our attitude towards fashion. Wearing boots, you can see the line of women’s legs through the boots, and it can make you enter and exit any occasion more freely, handsome and free. Autumn boots, just right.