Although Fuzhou is not a very famous tourist city, there are countless interesting places. its

Atmospheric and varied, especially suitable for exploring and digging one by one on weekends.

I asked my friends around me and carefully selected

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Niche treasure destinations,

Walking the baby, picking, catching the sea, camping…

Each one is a great photo spot!

If you haven’t figured out where to play, collect this guide,

Make you have a good place to go every weekend!

Lesser neighborhood tours

/ Fuzhou “Little Switzerland” /

Huge natural meadows, verdant mountains, herds of cattle and sheep strolling down.

Here, you feel like you are in an alpine pasture, clean and healing. And also

Windmills, hot air balloons, rainbow steps

and other landscapes, casual shooting is an excellent material for sending a circle of friends.

From Fuzhou by car, you can reach it in 1 hour

It is recommended to prepare moisture-proof mats, water, food, sunglasses, mosquito repellent and other items, and do a good job of sun protection.

The wind on the mountain is relatively strong, and it is not recommended to wear skirts; Also try to avoid red or more colorful clothes

, Niu Niu may be “intimate” with you.

Fuqing Damu Mountain Pasture


Back Mountain, Dashan Village, Nanling Town, Fuqing City

/ Fuzhou “Angel’s Tears” /

This is a small secret place hidden in the deep mountains and forests, which has not yet been explored.

The crystal clear pool sparkles in the sunlight and glows with a charming turquoise blue,

Like a sapphire in the mountains, it is beautiful.

Because it is deep in the mountains, there will be no signal on the mobile phone, remember to carry cash with you.

There is a mountain road to go before reaching your destination,

Wear long pants, wading shoes or sneakers

。 There is a simple cabin near the pool, and friends who want to take pictures in the water can bring their swimsuits to change~

Fuzhou angel tears

Furong Village, Shoushan Township, Jin’an District, Fuzhou City

/ Fuzhou “Jiuzhaigou” /

If you want a 2 day trip on the weekend, this is the place to go.

The mountains and wild streams are green, and the clear stream occasionally has small fish swimming freely.

Boats on top of mountains and rivers, cascading waterfalls, and thrilling rafting and off-roading

… Known as Fuzhou Xiaojiuzhaigou.

Fuzhou city used to be only 30 minutes by car, rafting and off-road are must-play projects, and the outdoor tent on the lawn is very suitable for dinner and barbecue.

The design of the skylight of the houseboat homestay allows you to lie down and watch the stars at night, which is very romantic

Yunhu Valley Scenic Area

Geling Town, Yongtai County, Fuzhou

Parent-child play


2000㎡, 20+ play projects, here, is an excellent place to relax and walk your baby during the holiday.

Each play is challenging and fun; There are also projects such as Internet celebrity dipping walls and dry snow, and adults and children can reap happiness.

Non-slip socks are required for admission, or you can bring your own.

Each person will be issued a bracelet that can be used an unlimited number of times to enter and exit

。 If you come with a couple or friends, you can go shopping and drink milk tea and then go back to play!

Genki Factory Trampoline Hall

The second floor of Building 1, Sansheng i33 City Plaza, Xiufeng Road, Fuzhou City

/ Catching the Sea /

If you want to catch the sea, farm stay, cycling, picnic, then I recommend this place.

Not only can you dig clams and catch crabs, but you can also see egrets and ducklings foraging.

The island is full of papaya, banana, sugar cane and other crops, which can be “taught” to children on the spot, which is lively and interesting.

The entrance to the farmhouse is surrounded by plants, like a maze of Wizards of Oz.

You can also bring your own snacks to picnic in the pavilion, fish in the pond, and then ride to the birdwatching platform to watch migratory birds…

Spending a day with children here is fulfilling and pleasant.

Longxiang Island-Tajiaozhou Wetland Park

Tower Reef, Minhou County, Fuzhou City

/ Safari /

Forests, elk, swan lakes, thatched huts… these

The beautiful elements of Grimm’s fairy tales are presented here.

Although the park is not very large, the variety of animals is beyond imagination.

You can also get up close and safe with the animals!

The animals are cute and interesting, and the landscape of the park is beautifully arranged, which also makes others call it Fuzhou Xiaoice Island.

Not only suitable for family travel, but also suitable for couples and girlfriends to play and check in, very suitable for film~

Yonghong Wildlife World

Shuanglin Park, Cen Du Village, Haikou Town, Fuqing City

Outdoor picking

/ Grape Theme Park /

Friends Strong Amway Grape Theme Park, a collection of 60+ grape varieties, all organically grown.

There are also lotus ponds, fishing ponds, grape swings and other places suitable for taking photos and playing, and children will have fun when they come over.

When you enter the park to pick, you will arrange a person in charge to take you around the park and teach you how to pick.

After picking, it will also help you pack it in a box, and it is also very suitable for giving away. There are also some seasonal fruits grown in the garden.

Interested friends can call in advance to consult the orchard~

Baili Longjing Vineyard

Qianyang Village, Jin’an District, Fuzhou City

/ Huangshan Picking Garden /

It’s hard for us to live in the city, put on rain boots, walk on slender ridges, step into wet ground…

Spending a holiday here is like painting the landscape realistically, which is special and meaningful.

Most of the crops planted in the garden are corn, carrots, pumpkins, etc., and there are fewer fruits.

Depending on the season, the fruits and vegetables that can be picked in the garden are different, so it is recommended to ask the orchard in advance before going~

Rice Research Institute, College of Agricultural Science and Technology

Lianban Village, Cangshan Chengmen Town, Fuzhou City

City vacation

/ Cave SPA /

This newly opened cave spa can’t help but want to give you Amway.

It is like an exotic exhibition hall, and every corner is full of art.

The environmental design of Icelandic black holes, the scheming lighting, and the atmosphere brought by the music make people feel like they are on vacation.

Here, you can return to nature and beauty.

Enjoy your holiday while healing your soul.

Xingyue Palace

No. 89 North 817 Road, 2nd floor south of Xiannan Commercial Building

/ Garden Afternoon Tea /

This French garden restaurant tucked away in the Nantai Creative Park is converted from an old factory building.

The interior design is elegant and vintage, and the outside is the rose courtyard of the French estate.

Flowers and green plants, charm decoration, creating a gentle French romantic style, like an oil painting.

The store uses a reservation system, so remember to call to make an appointment before you go.


Nantai Liye Business Park K1

/ Indoor Hot Spring /

The new “vacation resort” in Fuzhou City, with 5 floors high and 14 different types of hot spring pools, can meet the different needs of different groups of people.

Among them, the cave-style design of the shared hot spring area can be described as a top film, full of high-end feeling.

The store also has multiple functional areas such as catering, movies, children, massage, and sweat steaming.

You can spend a comfortable day without going out of the city.

Yuxi Onsen

312 North Liuyi Road

Camping wilderness

/ Zhuli Scenic Area /

If you are a camping novice and do not have the equipment of camping enthusiasts, then I recommend Pillar.

It is located in the Guling Pillar Scenic Area, and you can see flamingos, deer and other themed scenes along the way, which is full of children’s fun.

The camp is divided into a camping area under the forest and a camping area by the lake, you can choose according to your preferences, or you can bring your own equipment.

Pillar Scenic Area

Guling Tourist Resort near County Road 192, Jin’an District, Fuzhou City

/ Lanka Luxury Campground /

Not many people know about the new campsites opened this year.

The camp is equipped with water

Golf, mulberry garden, live CS, fishing, craft workshop, children’s playground

and many other recreational facilities. The owner of the base was very welcoming and helpful with taking pictures.

In autumn, when the weather is getting cooler, the breeze of nature blows, barbecue hot pot, and play with friends/family.

If you’re lucky, you might even see the beautiful sunset.

This feeling of escaping the city and embracing nature is really good.

Lanka Wild Campgrounds

Lanka Wild Luxury Camp in Xiashi Village, Jingyang Town, Fuqing City

When I wrote this guide, I also thought that even if it was a weekend, don’t waste it.

The beauty of our Dafuzhou is not at all inferior to the Internet celebrity attractions in other places.

Instead of “doing nothing” at home, it is better to take advantage of the pleasant autumn colors and the right sunshine now,

Bring your family/friends with you according to this guide and spend a happy weekend together~