Are you getting more and more fishing equipment? Have you ever found that a lot of your fishing gear is lying there eating ashes useless? I don’t know how you guys, anyway, Brother Qiao’s current fishing equipment is stored on a whole five-layer large shelf: about ten hand rods, three sets of Luya poles, two sets of valve stems, one fish bucket of three specifications, two fishing chairs, several accessories (light hooks are estimated to be thousands), three fish protection, bait and bait raw materials raw materials one or two hundred catties…

Fishing gear

In fact, there are really not many pieces of equipment that are really used often! Most of the equipment was left there to eat ashes, especially Luya’s equipment that had not been used properly for almost five years, and the raft fishing equipment had not been moved for several years. Today, Brother Gai will share with you the pit where the equipment purchased in recent years has been lying down, and talk in detail about which equipment is not used or rarely used. Here are only the reasons why we often buy and don’t use equipment, as long as you hold back after figuring it out, you should be able to chop less hands in the future!

Others buy me and I buy it;

Many times it is like this, seeing other anglers in the group talking about so-and-so being equipped, and then buying it on impulse. Sometimes I watch them catch a lot of fish with a certain piece of equipment, and then buy it on impulse. For example, Brother Qiao bought a valve stem, and it was great to see that they used the valve stem to fish grass carp in the reservoir, so they also bought a set, and the result was that they didn’t use it once: it didn’t feel anything, it was not interesting. Fishing boxes are also, put there to eat ash, in fact, we like wild fishing people do not need fishing boxes at all, there is a light angler cheap and easy to use, much more practical than fishing boxes!


Seeing that your favorite fishing “star” has recently strongly recommended this equipment (hook, line or rod, etc.), I can’t wait to buy it and put it there for almost no use. The 50-meter flying line bought by Brother Qiao has not been used up yet! No need!

Special offers attract;

As soon as I see the fishing equipment that anglers are issuing special prices in the group, I can’t help it, and I basically buy it, even if I don’t need it now, it’s good to put it there. As a result, it is several years to put it, and the special price things generally do not feel too good, and the quality will not be too good, after all, you get what you pay for.

Next, let’s talk about these equipment we commonly use, which are necessary, which can be bought without buying, and which can be shared with anglers. You actually bring so much equipment, but there are actually few that you really use.

Fishing rod;

Necessary fishing equipment, but not too much, two fishing belts are enough each time, and one is used as a spare so as not to use the rod after bursting. Brother Qiao often brings two sticks such as 4.5 and 6.3, and the 4.5 fishing shore mainly attacks crucian carp, tilapia, and mackerel; 6.3 fishing middle, mainly grass carp, carp, silver carp, etc.

Drift box;

Essentials, a floating box can hold a lot of things, all kinds of floats, strands, main line sets, lead skins, scissors, space beans and other small accessories. These gadgets don’t weigh much, and they can be stored in a drift box and are often used when fishing. Especially the main line of the sub-wire box stored inside, these are consumables, it is better to prepare more.


Essentials, generally bring two sets of six branches are enough, one set to catch small fish and eat small lead jujube core drift, and the other set to eat lead large long body thick tail drift.

Net copying; Non-essential, according to Brother Gai’s observation of wild fishing, there are not many anglers who can use nets. Under normal circumstances, if you use a hook line set with barbs, you basically don’t need to copy the net, and you can directly pick up the fish to protect it. Of course, if there are several fishing friends in the same group at a time, everyone

Common one

It is still necessary to copy the net, in case you run into a big one, don’t panic. If you have a car alone and the fishing spot is not far from the road, you can also bring it so that it is convenient to pick up fish, if you do not have a car and you have to climb the mountains, it is best to share one with other people. After all, as long as you catch fish, other anglers are still happy to help you stir-fry the fish.

fishing boxes;

Non-essential, of course, if you like to fish hackers, having a fishing box is also a good choice. Fishing boxes are generally bulky and inconvenient to carry, and wild fishing is no problem if the car can be driven to the fishing spot. Under normal circumstances, wild fishing is not recommended to use fishing boxes, really not practical!

fishing chairs;

It’s not essential, but in most cases he still brings it, because the fishing chair he buys is a bit space-grabbing but really not heavy, and it’s very practical: it can be released, a gun emplacement, a bait box, a night fishing light, and a bag of small accessories. There is a small trick to use the fishing chair: the ground grab can be thrown away directly, the disassembly trouble is not to say that the vast majority of cases are useless, if the fishing point is too slippery, we can change the place, the fishing point is too soft and easy to fall, get a few mineral water bottle caps or wood or something to pad it.

A well-equipped catch is not necessarily good

rod packs;

It is necessary, but it is necessary to use several large rod bags, which can hold other things besides fishing rods: bait, turrets, bait basins, shrink stools, drift boxes, etc. In recent years, Brother Qiqi has used that kind of backpack-type rod bag, which has a large space and can put a lot of things, and it is very convenient to put folding fishing chairs directly. If you retrofit it with another trailer (the rod bag is tied to the trailer and dragged directly to save effort), it is just perfect!

fish buckets;

It is necessary, but if you use a fish bucket, there is no need for a rod bag, or use a rod bag with a small fish bucket, the fish bucket can be loaded with bait when we go fishing, and when we come back, it can be loaded with catch without leakage, which is quite convenient! Brother Qiao now has three EVA fish buckets, which can basically be used. Because the fish bucket will prevent water leakage when we bring it home, whether it is our own car, other people’s car or bus leaking out is not very good.

Fishing tongs;

Chicken ribs, there is no egg use, you can’t clamp big fish, small fish you don’t need to clamp.

Lost hand rope;

It is very necessary to know its importance when you are dragged by the fish through the pole a few times. Even if you use PE wire to DIY yourself, it is very necessary. Fish are weird, sometimes you don’t have a sip when you’re engrossed, as long as you light a cigarette or do something, it will drag you down immediately!

sea poles, iso rods, luya poles;

As far as Brother Gadi himself is concerned, if you like to play with the hand pole, these are useless, put it there to eat ash, of course, if you like to play, it is another matter, some people play well with the sea pole.

fish protection;

It is not necessary, and it is generally okay for several people who go out fishing together to share one. Brother Qiao is often a car with one on it, and everyone can’t use so much. When it is light and simple, you can directly use a PE wire. However, if you are fishing for tilapia or fish with high frequency, it is better to bring a fish guard, and the efficiency will be improved if you have a stopper.


Fishing gear

Fishing gear

Fishing gear