There is always no shortage of new blood in the entertainment industry, and older women will gradually be forgotten. There are always some female stars who obviously have superb acting skills and super high appearance, but they are always in a stage that is not popular. Shu Chang belongs to one of the tepid female stars, and she has always been low-key and finally let go this time! In order to show off her small waist, she only pulled the zipper of her blouse by half, creating a beautiful skin that is imaginative, showing a very eye-catching curvaceous body, which is too charming!

Black pieces will make people feel that they are not new enough, and then adding some new craftsmanship will create a very personal outfit. Comfortably chose a black sweater with a zipper design, forming a clear dividing line from the shoulders to the hem of the clothes, presumably such clothing can also get a very eye-catching charm on the body. In order to show off the attractive small waist, Shu Chang chose to only pull the zipper on the dress halfway to create a good-looking shape.

This black knit has a slim fit that creates a flattering silhouette from the waist. Coupled with the addition of thin black, it can reap a charming S-shaped curve. On the lower body, Shu Chang is equipped with a black miniature flared pants. This kind of pants is very suitable for women with thin legs, and it will show the “narrow top and wide bottom” design. If the thighs are thicker, they will stretch out a tight curve and look unattractive enough.

Shu Chang finally made a high profile this time, in order to show off her flat and fair abdomen, she chose to pull the zipper of the blouse only halfway, revealing a small part of the white abdomen, which will be more sultry. The pants on the lower body are slightly mature, and the combination of these two black pieces combines fashion taste and creates an uninhibited personality outfit. With a pair of black sunglasses and simple shawl hair, Shu Chang can transform from a pure beauty to a domineering royal sister, showing her curvaceous body.

Different styles of clothing will make the image of girls change, a black look can be full of royal sister style, if you change to fresh and simple clothing, you can also gain a pure charm. Comfortably, this white vertical striped shirt will show off a casual style when it adds vintage red. This style can lengthen the girl’s body a lot, and the clean color gives the woman a pure look, and an ordinary T-shirt can be full of sex.

Women with perfect curves can choose a pure white shirt, which is one of the most classic items, no matter how long it has been in the trendy C position. Just in the matching of clothing, you can avoid choosing the common combination of black and white. Like Comfort, wear red checked straight-leg pants on the lower body to get a vertical leg shape. In the area of the hips, it forms a wrapped form and also shapes the curvaceous figure.

The clothing chosen by girls in spring can be as much as possible to be some breathable types, light lace tops bring a soft and dreamy style, but because of the characteristics of the fabric, it will show a sheer style. In order to create a vague beauty, but not too vulgar, girls can put on a sweater vest outside. The combination of these two pieces has a mixed and matched style, and the color of the sweater vest can be more youthful and beautiful, such as this goose yellow flower vest worn by Shu Chang, which can create a very vibrant feeling.

Girls cut a capable short hair, and should be properly equipped with mature styling to show the charm of mature women. Shu Chang chose a very high-end openwork style set, from which some white openwork flower patterns are added as decorations, which can form a rich print design and break the single style created by solid color clothing. Layered over a white skinny turtleneck, you can leave your coat open to show off your curvaceous figure.

If you want to wear it simply, a sporty type of dress can help girls get the day’s outfit. The dress chosen by Comfort has a sporty attribute, and when the panels are added, the colors will look richer and will not cause too fancy style. Its style is loose, if a slightly fat girl wears it, you must add a belt appropriately to show your body curves.

The white dress on Shu Chang’s body has a hint of retro style, especially the design at the cuffs, forming a hard and straight picture, which will stretch the girl’s shoulders out of a full shape. The neckline of this dress is narrow, and the effect of defining the neck will not be too obvious. After adding a black belt, the overall waist will be more obvious, and it can also shape a good body proportion.

A basic and everyday outfit can be done with a black sweatshirt and khaki trench coat. These two pieces combine youthful style with a slightly mature charm, making them simple to match and comfortable to wear. Beautiful and low-key comfort, do you like it?

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