Recently, Feimojun received a message from a netizen: “How to pack the bedside of the soft bag?” I want to do it myself, but I don’t know how to wrap sponges and cloth, can Fei Mojun share the production process? “Of course it’s fine! Feimojun likes to meet the needs of fans the most~ Feimojun takes you to the furniture factory to take a look, you will know how to do it~

Finished carvings can be purchased online, or you can go to a physical store to ask, and some places may not only sell finished carvings. Xiaobian would like to remind that during post-production, the carving will be painted, but because the carving is a resin, the paint of the carved bedside is easy to fall off.

Draw the shape of the back of the bedside according to the carved mold. When painting, fix the carving to avoid distortion of the drawn lines.

The above is the preparation, and then start making soft packaging. Making soft bags is very hurtful, and owners and enthusiasts must pay attention to protecting their hands when making soft bags by themselves. In addition, the family has already bought a bed, and if you want to make a soft bag, you must measure the size of the bedside in advance.

The glue brushed here is universal glue, and some people may worry that gluing the sponge with universal glue will melt away. In fact, universal adhesive foam will melt, but sticky sponge will not.

The diamond shape on the cloth needs to be pinched out by hand, so it hurts to make a bedside soft bag.

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