Curtains, proper home appearance “carry the handle”, the best “little master” to create a space atmosphere, the status is naturally self-evident. When choosing curtains, many people not only pay attention to their own shading effect, but also consider color, pattern and other appearance performance, after all, in this era of “looking at the face”, the appearance of the home space can not be lost.

For a large and spacious space, it is not difficult to choose to match the curtains, and the space that can be played is relatively large, but for those small bedrooms with an area of less than 12 square meters, and some even less than 10 square meters, the matching of curtains is a difficult point. Once the wrong choice is made, it is uncomfortable to suppress in minutes, and it also has an impact on sleep quality. So what color curtains are better for small bedrooms? Next, let’s talk about the choice and matching of curtains in the small bedroom.

Choice of curtain fabric for small bedroom

Common curtain fabrics mainly include flocking, cotton and linen, sand, etc., among which flocking curtains have a certain texture, a strong sense of heaviness, a better sense of drape, and obvious sound absorption effect, which is very suitable for use as bedroom curtains. However, the choice of flocked curtains needs to pay attention, the small area of the bedroom should not choose too heavy, otherwise a large area spread on the wall, it is easy to make the residents have a depressed feeling.

Although the sound insulation effect of cotton and linen curtains is slightly weaker than that of flocked curtains, it has high air permeability, soft and comfortable material, easy to clean and replace, and comes with a literary and artistic style, which is very suitable for simple decoration of small bedrooms. Even if the thin material is used in a large area, it will not make people feel oppressive, and can also bring a fresh and quiet atmosphere.

The decorative effect of sandy curtains is more obvious, although the shading is weak, but the opaque effect given by its unique material is very suitable for matching with blackout curtains to form a double-layer design to decorate small bedrooms to meet different shading needs. At the same time, the light texture of the gauze curtain does not create a visual burden, which can enhance the depth of the bedroom.

Curtain color for small bedrooms

Gray. Gray curtains are more versatile, any style can be easily controlled, and the neutral colors have no cold and warm changes, and will not produce visual pressure. For small bedrooms under 10㎡, light gray and silver gray are preferred. It should be noted that the small bedroom carefully chooses dark gray curtains, otherwise large-scale laying is easy to produce a sense of oppression, if you want to enhance the shading effect, you can consider medium gray curtains.

Yellow. Yellow is a warm color, bright and lively, applied to the curtains of the small bedroom, can enhance the brightness of the space, look more bright and open, can also inject a touch of vitality, enhance the sense of fashion. However, yellow should pay special attention to the choice and matching, the color saturation should not be too high, and the brightness should be well controlled, otherwise it will give people a shaky feeling, which is counterproductive.

Milk coffee color. This is also a warm color, but the saturation and brightness are relatively low, and the color looks extremely elegant and quiet, which is very suitable for use in small bedrooms. Curtains of this color combined with white gauze curtains can create a quiet space atmosphere, relaxed and quiet.

Because of the area limitation, most of the small bedrooms are more cramped, and curtains as one of the important soft decorations, the color in addition to the existing color to form a linkage, it is best to use light tones. In addition, the curtains of the small bedroom should not be made into a full wall style, which will not only squeeze the space, but also the decorative effect is not as beautiful as the large space.

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