According to the latest news from Korean media, South Korea’s 37-year-old famous actor Hyun Bin personally pushed a full luggage cart through South Korea’s Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of January 24 after ending his overseas activity schedule. On that day, Hyun Bin’s very casual fashion style attracted a fan and netizens.

It is reported that actor Hyun Bin entered through Incheon International Airport after ending his activities in the United States. When he appeared, Hyun Bin personally pushed the airport luggage cart full of suitcases through the flow of people. The 37-year-old Hyun Bin has a very good body management, with a black sweater jacket on the upper body, off-white slim slacks and a light-colored baseball casual cap on the lower body, making his whole person look very refreshing, sunny and energetic. In particular, light-colored slim-fitting slacks make his long legs stand out.

This time Hyun Bin in the United States because of the rumors of dating with Korean actress Son Ye-jin of the same age in the United States, and then broke out the rumors of the relationship between the two for a while, although both parties and related personnel came forward to deny the relationship between the two, but until today, the love scandal about the two has not disappeared. Therefore, many media and netizens have been waiting for the parties Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin who are caught in the scandal to appear, so Hyun Bin’s trip back to China has received strong attention.

Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin

It can be seen that although Hyun Bin appeared at the airport with a low profile, he was not wearing a mask, but he was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses that added a bit of literary style to him, coupled with the exquisite watch on his wrist, the gentlemanly atmosphere greeted him. It can be said that the airport tide of the male god this time is definitely simple but not simple!

It is worth mentioning that Hyun Bin seems to be afraid of being recognized, so he lowered the brim of his hat and lowered his head all the time, but it was difficult to hide his handsome face contour and his halo figure and tall figure. And Hyun Bin never left his mobile phone the whole time, and seemed to have been using his mobile phone to communicate………

Interestingly, after seeing the videos and photos circulating on the Internet, many netizens showed strong curiosity and interest in Hyun Bin who put his mobile phone to his ear almost the whole time as a call, but never saw the male god open his mouth to say a word. Among them, many netizens and fans speculated that the male god seemed to be pretending to be on the phone in order to avoid the public eye, and at the same time to hide his embarrassment… This amusing speculation attracted more onlookers to join the discussion.

Some netizens left messages after seeing the photo: “Brother, too handsome”, “Brother is still recognized”, “How much is the phone number of the male god?” “Is the male god talking to Son Ye-jin?” “The male god is pretending to be on the phone, right?” Wait a minute.

In addition, the latest Korean drama “Memories of the Alhambra” starring Park Shin-hye, Hyun Bin, Park Chanyeol, Kim Yong-rin, Lee Si-won, Han Bo-rin and others has just been broadcast. This is also the film and television work in which Hyun Bin returned to the screen after 3 years.

On the other hand, the single “aristocrat” Hyun Bin in the Korean entertainment industry has dated Korean actresses such as Hwang Ji-hyun, Kang So-ra, Song Hye Kyo and so on, and it can be said that all ex-girlfriends are temperamental beauties.

Well, today Miss Matchmaker will share the above content with you. What do you think after reading the above? What do you think of 37-year-old Hyun Bin’s airport outfit this time? Do you like Hyun Bin? Are Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin the same age artists with a strong sense of CP? Who do you think is more beautiful among Hyun Bin’s ex-girlfriends? Welcome to actively leave a message to exchange and discuss. More celebrities’ private photos and information follow me, and Miss Media will continue to publish more interesting for everyone

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