3 minutes a day, quick overview of the national rule of law news

Sunday, May 26, the twenty-second day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar

Cover News

After the female anchors of China and the United States scolded each other, they agreed to debate in person next Thursday

On the 14th, American Fox host Trish Reagan openly advocated an “economic war” against China, not only describing the United States as a “victim”, but also estimating the economic losses of global “intellectual property theft” in a report

On the 22nd, China International TV host Liu Xin refuted Trixi’s remarks, and then Trixi said that there would be a trade debate, and Liu Xin gladly agreed. Next Thursday at 8:00 Beijing time, Liu Xin will participate in this TV debate as a guest of the Trixi program. (@央视新闻)

Heavy news

1. Li Keqiang presided over a symposium on tax and fee reduction in some places

It is emphasized that all localities should tap their potential, expand the “cake” of available financial resources by revitalizing existing financial resources, and support tax and fee reductions. Governments at all levels should live a tight life, ensure good expenditure such as “ensuring wages, operations, and basic people’s livelihood”, and not spend a penny of money that should not be spent, and use the saved money for key construction and improvement of people’s livelihood. (CCTV News)

2. People’s Daily bell article: Violent winds and rain cannot overturn the sea – moving against the trend will inevitably fail

The article says that history has proved, and will prove again, that whoever rejects the world will be rejected by the world. We advise those American politicians to blindly move against the trend of history and will surely fail! (People’s Daily)

Hard news

1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

In response to Trump’s statement that he is willing to include Huawei in the Sino-US economic and trade consultations, the spokesman said that China urges the United States to immediately stop its erroneous behavior of using national power to suppress enterprises in other countries. China has always advocated resolving differences between the two countries, including in the economic and trade fields, through friendly dialogue and consultation. (Chinanews.com)

2. Eight departments, including the All-China Women’s Federation, the Central Civilization Office, and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League:

Jointly issued the Joint Notice on Celebrating the 2019 June 1 International Children’s Day, requiring all localities and departments to organize publicity and education activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and sing the main theme of loving the party, the country and socialism among children and teenagers. (CCTV News)

3. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:

The R&D investment of Chinese enterprises accounts for more than 70% of the R&D investment of the whole society, and more than 40% of the industrial enterprises above designated size have carried out technological innovation activities. (People’s Network)

4. Ministry of Science and Technology:

Minister Wang Zhigang said on the 25th that China will attach great importance to disruptive technological breakthroughs and strengthen basic research from “0” to “1”. (Chinanews.com)

5. A carbon dioxide leak occurred on a cargo ship in Longyan Port, Shandong Province, resulting in 8 deaths

On the 25th, a Fujian-registered cargo ship leaked carbon dioxide in the port area of Longyan Port, resulting in 8 deaths, and the cause is under investigation. (Released by Rongcheng)

6. The United Nations awarded two Chinese servicemen the Peace Medal

The United Nations held an award ceremony on the 24th and awarded the “Peace Medal” to Chinese servicemen Zhang Qiman and Duanmu Donglin in recognition of their contributions to the United Nations peacekeeping cause. Zhang Qiman and Duanmu Donglin have both worked in the difficult United Nations peacekeeping mission area. (Xinhua News Agency)

7. Traditional medicine is officially included in the International Classification of Diseases

The 72nd World Health Assembly, which is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, on the 25th reviewed and adopted the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases, which for the first time included traditional medicine originating from traditional Chinese medicine. (Xinhua News Agency)


1. Huawei has registered the trademark “Huawei Hongmeng”

According to the website of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, Huawei has applied to register the trademark “Huawei Hongmeng” and marked that the product can be used for operating system programs. When searching further for Huawei’s registered trademarks, you can also find “Honghu”, “Hongyan”, “Qiankun”, “Kunlun” and so on. Netizens said: It’s simply registering a whole Chinese mythology. (People’s Daily)

2. Nanjing Golden Eagle fire situation report: construction personnel illegal fire operation

According to the report of the Nanjing Fire Rescue Detachment in Jiangsu Province, the cause of the fire in the “5.24” Nanjing Golden Eagle Shopping Center was illegal fire operation by construction personnel. The fire caused no casualties. In the next step, the public security, emergency response and fire departments will investigate and hold accountable the responsible persons of the relevant units. (@南京消防)

3. Apple was pointed out for selling user information: Three U.S. users sued, claiming more than $5 million

On May 24, three iTunes users filed a lawsuit in court, suing Apple for selling users’ iTunes information and demanding more than $5 million in damages. Previously, Apple’s privacy policy stated that it only collected “non-personal information” that was not directly related to users, and Cook also repeatedly said that he respected privacy. (@梨视频)

4. The suspect in the “self-recorded video domestic violence case” in Heshan, Guangdong was arrested

The People’s Procuratorate of Heshan City, Guangdong Province, approved the arrest of criminal suspect Chen Mouwen on suspicion of intentional injury on the 25th. After investigation, in the early morning of May 17, 2019, the criminal suspect Chen Mouwen had an altercation with his wife Yao over trivial matters in life, and then beat Yao with his fists and feet. After forensic evaluation, the victim Yao’s injuries reached the first degree of minor injuries. At present, the case is under further investigation. (@鹤山市人民检察院)

5. The world’s first case! White giant pandas are found in Sichuan

A field infrared trigger camera at an altitude of about 2,000 meters in Sichuan’s Wolong National Nature Reserve was recorded in mid-April. The panda has white hair, white paws, and red eyes. This is an albino individual, judging from the size of the subadult or young panda, the age is about 1-2 years old. (People’s Daily)

Oh news

1. Two men sang ugly and were chased and beaten

Recently, two young men in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang, were chased and beaten by five people, and the whole process lasted about 2 minutes before the five stopped. After investigation, the two victims and the five suspects did not know each other, but disliked that the two singing was too ugly, so they beat them up. At present, two victims have been identified as having minor injuries, and five suspects have been detained on suspicion of picking quarrels and provoking trouble. Netizen: It’s really terrible to sing ugly. (@中新网)

2. Finally, it’s time for fat to repay grace! The man hanged himself because he was too fat

On May 15, a man in Bozhou, Anhui Province, wanted to commit suicide after drinking due to economic pressure, and his wife called the police as soon as she found that something was wrong. The Bozhou police quickly arrived at the scene and found the man hanging from a drying rack. Fortunately, the man was obese, and the hanger was deformed by the drop to cushion the ground. The man is currently not life-threatening. (@中国长安网)

3. The stray dog mistakenly entered the 100-meter race and won the third place

Yinchuan, Ningxia, Northern University for Nationalities Games, in the men’s 100-meter race, the stray dog “Xiaobai” on campus mistakenly entered the competition and successfully crossed the third place in Xiti. After the game, the dog was invited out of the arena. The school said that “Xiaobai” has lived in school for more than 4 years, loves to learn, loves to listen to high mathematics, and jokingly claims that he owes him a degree certificate. (@环球时报)

Warm news

1. The man swam and drowned, and the police took turns to rush into the river to save people ashore!

On the 19th, when Shanghai police officer Chen Yuqi was running, he found a man struggling in the Huangpu River, he stopped a little girl next to him who was preparing to save people, jumped into the river to save people and went ashore, and was out of danger after being sent to the hospital, but Chen Yuqi’s leg was injured. On the 22nd, Chen Yuqi’s police station received pennants from the masses, and everyone knew about the rescue deeds. (@中国长安网)

2. Warm to the heart! 8-year-old girl has 20 “police moms”

Chenchen, an 8-year-old girl in Jiaozuo, Henan, whose parents died in an accident, lives with her grandparents. After hearing about her situation, the female police in the jurisdiction spontaneously set up a “police mother group” and regularly came to accompany Chenchen. Chenchen said: “I was very lonely when my parents were away, but the police aunt was like my mother. (@中国长安网)

3. The female teacher of the third year of high school answered questions in the corridor at ten o’clock in the evening: her voice was dumb and she had lost 10 pounds, and the students were willing to pay if they were willing to learn themselves

22nd, Huai’an, Jiangsu. At 10 p.m. in the corridor of the classroom of Huai’an Middle School, a senior teacher was lighting a lamp to answer questions for a group of students. There is only one college entrance examination, and the teacher said that she is also anxious for the students, and now she has to answer hundreds of questions for the students every day, her voice is dumb, and the person has lost 10 pounds, but she is tired and happy. (@梨视频)

Foreign news

1. Trump announced an additional 1,500 troops to the Middle East

Trump said the newly deployed force would provide protection for existing forces in the region. Iran responded that if the United States made any stupid moves, Iran would use missiles and secret weapons to send additional American warships to the bottom of the sea along with the planes and soldiers above. (CCTV News)

2. The WiFi Alliance and SD Association suspend Huawei membership

According to Japanese media reports, the “SD Association”, which is responsible for formulating SD memory card standards, confirmed in a reply letter to the media that it is “complying with the orders of the US Department of Commerce.” (Observer.com)

3. At least 13 people were injured in an explosion in Lyon, France

On the 24th local time, the explosion occurred in front of a bakery near the Place Bellecourt in the center of Lyon, and the local police have begun to search for a suspect suspected of carrying out the explosion. (Xinhua News Agency)