Friends who like Hollywood action movies must be very familiar with Liu Yuling.

The outstanding performances in classic movies such as “Thunderbolt Girl” and “Kill Bill” have become the common memories of generations.

At the same time, it has established a strong and attractive image of Chinese women in Hollywood.

Recently, Liu Yuling officially announced her joining DC’s new film “Thunder Shazam 2”, and appeared in “Women’s Health” magazine, attracting attention again.

And the most attractive thing for the editor is the shoes she put on in the magazine photo, which turned out to be Li Ning Wuxing II.

In recent years, Li Ning has gained the recognition of many legendary superstars, especially action stars.

First, Jackie Chan and Li Ning cooperated jointly, and recently another kung fu superstar Donnie Yen also posted a rare gift box for Li Ning’s relatives and friends.

This time Liu Yuling stepped on the foot in the fashion photo, which is undoubtedly another recognition of Li Ning.

Speaking of these shoes, the exaggerated folded midsole shape with a cutout upper is full of avant-garde.

▼ Black samurai color matching on the upper foot

Details such as round embellishments and drawstrings enhance the sense of function and technology, which perfectly matches Liu Yuling’s sci-fi sunglasses.

It has been released on all major channels of Li Ning and is priced at ¥999 yuan. At present, Tmall has been seriously out of stock and code-out, but offline channels can still be easily purchased.

The market price is basically maintained at the original price, and some sizes and colors can be lower than the original price, interested friends may wish to pay attention.

Li Ning Wuxing II

Men’s shoes

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