Caption: Fans rush to buy T-shirts for autographs Photo by Xinmin Evening News reporter Jin Lei

Located on Hengshan Road, the Shanghai Masters arena of the Snooker Tournament, in addition to Halls 1 and 2 of the competition, there is also a place full of fans – the special counter of the tournament’s licensed products.

In the past few days, the game is divided into two stages, afternoon and evening, and after the afternoon game match, fans flock to this makeshift tent next to Hall 1 to find their own little joy. The clubs are naturally the most eye-catching. This is a specially customized commemorative club of the event, ash wood, the shaft is printed with the signature of O’Sullivan, Higgins and other masters, the end of the club is decorated with the Shanghai Masters mark, the leather sleeve of the club is also printed with the mark of the event, many fans enter the hall, immediately attracted by the club resting on the display table, pick it up and look at it. The commemorative club even attracted the Jiushi Big Sharks basketball team who came to see the ball, Liu Wei picked up the club and tried it twice on the table, while coach Li Qiuping carefully identified the master’s signature on the club, living a veteran snooker fan. The price of the commemorative club ranges from 800 yuan to 2,000 yuan, and Mr. Gu, a fan from Huzhou, chose a better material, “Take the root back to make a memorial, and you can also show off with your golfers when you play.” ”

Caption: Masters related souvenirs Photo by Xinmin Evening News reporter Jin Lei

Not only clubs, but also other practical souvenirs are popular. The clubhead repairer with the key ring, as well as the Masters standard red and black warp clip, are affordable and easy to use, making them the first choice for many snooker enthusiasts on the scene. In addition, thermos cups that can display the temperature and refrigerator stickers printed with the heads of masters such as O’Sullivan and Ding Junhui are selling quickly. The reporter picked up a white porcelain mug printed with the master’s signature, and the clerk revealed that it was basically sold out.

However, the best selling is not the above souvenirs, the most intimate fan is this year’s new Shanghai Masters commemorative shirt. Black and white T-shirts printed with cartoon avatars of O’Sullivan, Ding Junhui and Selby, after the game, many fans took the purchased T-shirts to ask the master to sign, and someone next to them joked: T-shirts you spent 200 yuan, this one signed, but more than this price. The fans who got the autograph naturally couldn’t hide their smug expressions, “It’s earned, it’s earned.” ”

The Shanghai Masters is sought after by fans every year because of its gathering of the world’s top 16 players and high-quality organizational services and viewing experience, so which is the most popular Internet celebrity souvenir in the counter? The answer is a long-sleeved sports trench coat. “Because the air conditioning in the venue is turned on, it is only 21 degrees, and it is also to keep warm, so I buy something to wear and kill two birds with one stone.” One fan pointed to the Masters logo on his trench coat and explained, “The quality is really good, the sun protection index is still 50+.” (Xinmin Evening News reporter Jin Lei)