Vacuum cleaners are very good household appliances and good helpers for housewives. so

What does it mean that the vacuum cleaner is wet and dry

Is it normal for the vacuum cleaner to heat up?

Dry and wet vacuum cleaner can be said to be an upgrade of dry vacuum cleaner, general dry vacuum cleaner can only suck dry dust, debris, but dry and wet vacuum cleaner can absorb dry dirt, but also can absorb water, oil stains and so on on the ground.

The difference between wet and dry vacuum cleaners is that there is an additional centrifugal chamber. The working principle of dry and wet vacuum cleaner is that when air, dust, water is sucked into the centrifuge chamber, the heavier water is rotated at high speed, it will automatically be thrown to the wall of the centrifuge chamber, and then flow into the collection bucket below, preferably lighter dust and air through the centrifugal chamber, will enter the filter bag to filter out the dust.

Advantages and disadvantages of wet and dry vacuum cleaners


1. The suction power of the dry and wet vacuum cleaner is very large, the dust capacity of the round barrel is amazing, and the powerful suction motor installed in it has a very ideal vacuum suction effect.

2. The combination of dry and wet vacuum cleaner is convenient, durable, and provides two different drainage methods, which can be chosen by you, and it is very convenient to operate.

3. The advanced design increases the motor life of the dry and wet vacuum cleaner by more than 3 times, and can work continuously for up to 24 hours.


1. Because the dry and wet vacuum cleaner increases the solid-liquid separation device, the power consumption will be relatively large, and because of the problem of sewage and sludge, it will be more difficult to clean.

2. If you use a dry and wet vacuum cleaner in an extremely cold place, you also need to add additional antifreeze measures to avoid icing and cause the vacuum cleaner to block. #p# Subtitle #e#

Vacuum cleaner love to use through the high-speed rotation of the motor, the formation of a vacuum inside the host, the use of the resulting high-speed airflow, from the suction port to suck the garbage in, after a long time, the vacuum cleaner will heat, is a normal phenomenon, but also produce plastic and other smells, sometimes accompanied by a scorched odor.

However, if the main engine of the vacuum cleaner is hot, emits a scorching odor, accompanied by abnormal vibration and noise, you should pay attention at this time, and it is best to send it for repair in time.

How to deal with vacuum cleaner after overheating protection

1. Indeed, the vacuum cleaner automatically cuts off the power supply due to overheating protection, immediately holds the plug (not the wire) to separate the plug from the power supply, and determines that the vacuum cleaner is in a state of electromechanical separation.

2. Check whether the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner is filled with garbage and hair, and if the dust bag is blocked, clean it up.

3. Check whether the filter screen of the vacuum cleaner is blocked, and clean the filter thoroughly to ensure the smoothness of the filter.

4. Remove the hose of the vacuum cleaner, check whether the hose is blocked, if there is a blocked foreign object in the hose, you should immediately clean and restore the patency of the hose.

5. Place the vacuum cleaner in a cool, ventilated environment to cool it naturally, restart the vacuum cleaner after the overheating power off protection device is reset to check its working status, if the vacuum cleaner still cannot be used normally, it is best to find professional maintenance personnel to repair it. #p# Subtitle #e#

Precautions for the use of vacuum cleaners

1. Before use, you should check whether all parts are intact, and repair and check if there is damage or air leakage. It is also necessary to see if there is electricity leakage, and whether the dust in the dust bag is poured clean is also very critical.

2. Before using the vacuum cleaner, the larger stolen goods and pieces of paper in the place should be cleaned to avoid being blocked by the air inlet or dust passage in the suction pipe during work, so that the vacuum cleaner cannot work normally.

3. Generally, dry vacuum cleaners are not allowed to absorb wet soil or sewage to prevent damage to the vacuum cleaner.

4. Remember to add lubricating oil to the motor bearing of the vacuum cleaner regularly, and if you use it often, once a month is indispensable.

5. The motor carbon brush of the vacuum cleaner, if there is wear after long-term use, should be replaced with a new carbon brush in time.

6. When the vacuum cleaner is not in use, it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and the vacuum cleaner is best cleaned once every 3 days.

What does it mean that the vacuum cleaner is wet and dry

Is it normal for the vacuum cleaner to heat up?