Wearing clothes in summer is actually quite embarrassing, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not to mention, even in the hot and spicy outdoors, if we wear too cool, we have to worry about the skin being sunburned.

Rubbing his brain, he looked through the photos of many fashion bloggers and found that many fashionable people still love to wear long-sleeved shirts after entering the summer.

It seems that as long as the long-sleeved shirt is well matched, the sun protection is cool, and it is particularly stylish to wear. So, today we will take a look at the wonderful looks of summer long-sleeved shirts.

1. Long-sleeved shirt + shorts

Recently, there are many bloggers who use the “long-sleeved shirt + shorts” routine. Put on a wide, wide, long-sleeved shirt and choose a pair of Bermuda shorts in the same color to wear a lazy and relaxed beauty.

Norwegian blogger Annabel Rosendahl and Portuguese blogger Debora Rosa, both chose the blue combination, wearing it in summer is particularly cool, and then “playing tricks” to show a belly triangle, the high waist line is also there, no matter how wide the clothing is, it can still maintain a good upper and lower body ratio, powerful.

If you want to wear more layers, you can also try blogger Claire Most’s outfit, with a white cropped T-shirt under a light blue long-sleeved shirt, the blue and white combination is also very refreshing, and a pair of sneakers can also properly step on this year’s Athflow trend.

For a more formal look, try changing your bottoms to suit shorts.

It is better to cover the length of the knee, and the shirt is honestly buttoned and then tucked into the waistband, such a set is both refreshing and formal, as long as the requirements for your place of work are not so strict, it is also suitable to wear to the office.

2. Wear the long shirt directly

In Sex and the City, Carrie’s white shirt wearing is a timeless classic, and to this day, many fashion people continue this sexy routine.

The shirt is wider and has a boyfriend flavor, and the length is preferably to the middle of the thigh, so that even if the length of the belt is reduced, it will not go out. If you want to have a charming femininity in laziness, the choice of belt is exquisite, and a belt with a metal buckle like the one below can increase the sophistication of matching.

Others will match it with a more gorgeous layered waist chain, which makes the look more grand.

It doesn’t matter if you really don’t want to wear a waist chain or belt, like the picture below, wear a small bag cross-body to define the position of the high waistline, and then match it with sneakers, and combine with the other half to form a shirt partner, which is eye-catching.

3. Shirt + skirt

The boyfriend-style shirt and feminine skirt are just good CPs for style collision, and they can be easily combined to match the beauty of sweetness but not greasy.

As with pants, when matching skirts, we can still play different tricks through different buttons, such as the “golden triangle” that exposes the abdomen like the picture below, showing the thinness and leg length, but also making the matching more fresh.

There are also people who like to wear short skirts over long shirts, which is more refreshing than ordinary wearing, and learning this trick can bring our miniskirts that are so short that they go away in minutes!

If you want a more fairy atmosphere, use a shirt for a long dress. The “white shirt + long white skirt” in the picture below is full of high-end feeling, but Qin Yang feels that the skirt in the picture is too long, and if the ankles can be exposed, the overall shape will be more refreshing.

4. Shirt + wide-leg pants

And ordinary trousers, than the combination of wide-leg pants and shirt, you can wear the aura of a big woman. Girls who like minimalist style can try black and white, simple to the extreme is timeless fashion.

The combination of white is also eye-catching, with a little black object as embellishment, which is visually more impactful.

If you want to be gentle, choose a pink wide-leg pants, smoke pink sweet and not charming, very suitable for mature women, plus earrings, lace embellishments, soft and sassy temperament is too difficult to resist.

If you want to “hot girls” a little, try knotting the hem of a white shirt with a pair of high-waisted khaki wide-leg pants with a cargo sique atmosphere, and have supermodel long legs in minutes.

After reading the matching of these long-sleeved shirts, do you also feel that the more basic the piece, the more attractive it is?

Use your long-sleeved shirt to create a cool, stylish and sun-protected summer look.

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