For a long time, cardiac stents have been used more in clinical practice and the price is higher. Therefore, it has become the first batch of consumables purchased by the state in a centralized manner.

The price dropped from about 13,000 yuan to about 700 yuan

Recently, a large number of articles with the title of “I used to have no money for surgery, now I have money and no stents” appeared on the Internet, and patients with coronary heart disease panicked after reading it, worried that once something happened to them, they could not be treated.

In this regard, the joint procurement office of high-value medical consumables organized by the state organization personally came out to refute the rumors, saying that since the centralized procurement of coronary stents in January 2021,

The price of consumables has dropped significantly, the supply of selected products is sufficient, and patients have clearly benefited.

However, although the price of heart stents is slowly improving, many patients still have concerns and question its safety.

First, death 20 minutes after stent surgery could have been avoided

In a discussion of interventional complications, Golden Equator shared such a case.

Zhang (pseudonym), 60-year-old male,

Suffered from high blood pressure for 8 years

, but without other diseases such as diabetes,

I usually like to smoke

。 A week ago, he began to have symptoms of chest tightness and chest pain, during which he did not undergo regular diagnosis and treatment, and did not go to the hospital for examination until his symptoms worsened.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor examined and found that

Zhang was sweating profusely and breathing shortly

, low heart sounds. Chest CT showed that Zhang’s left heart was dysfunctional and there was a small amount of fluid in both chest cavities. Eventually, he was diagnosed acute

myocardial infarction

Hypertension grade 3 requires emergency interventional surgery and stent implantation.

Source: Golden Equator Medicine

During interventional surgery, after the patient is implanted with a stent, the image shows that the stent positioning is accurate and the blood path is unobstructed. meantime

The patient’s chest pain is reduced

, so he returned to the ward.

However, 20 minutes after Zhang returned to the ward,

Symptoms of nausea and vomiting begin to occur

, the vomit was a large amount of reddish foamy liquid, and the doctor immediately gave him emergency rescue measures such as endotracheal intubation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but his heartbeat and breathing never recovered,

Pronounced dead

I thought that implanting a stent could save the patient’s life, but why did the rescue fail to die?

In fact

The patient’s death could have been avoided

。 Dr. Liu Ming said that the patient belongs to the acute lesion of the proximal section of the anterior descending branch, and the circumflex branch must be placed with a guide wire or even reserved a balloon. The cause of death was thrombosis, resulting in circumflex selection and acute occlusion of OM,

After the stent is placed, the blood clot can still be seen.

But the doctor’s at the time

Attention was focused on the anterior descending branch, ignoring the circumflex branch

, so it was not detected and dealt with in time. For this ending, Dr. Liu Ming felt sorry for the patient!

Many patients think that stent surgery is simple and has a high success rate, but in fact,

Stent surgery is uncommon and varies in difficulty

。 Some surgeries can be completed in ten minutes, while others take several hours or even longer.

Whether stent surgery is complicated or not depends on the degree of lesion, the level of the doctor, and the difficulty of the operation.

Second, the heart stent has been eliminated by the United States, and it is scrapped if it is installed?

There is also a common saying about heart stents: it is a technology that has been eliminated by the United States and is outdated.

In fact, whether in the United States or China, there are three major ways to treat coronary heart disease – drugs, bypass surgery, and heart stents.

Cardiac stents are one of the most effective means of reducing patient deaths

, is the preferred life-saving measure for severe acute myocardial infarction. Analysis found that the number of patients receiving stent therapy in the United States increased to 638,000 in 2017 from 550,000 in 2013.

In recent years, the incidence of coronary heart disease in China has been rising, calculated by using 1.5 stents per operation.

China uses 1.5 million heart stents a year

, the total cost reached 15 billion yuan. Studies have found timely stent placement compared to monotherapy

It can increase the survival rate of patients by 5 times

, saving countless lives.

Therefore, the heart stent is not only not obsolete, but also saves lives in minutes.

Third, reminder: these patients are not suitable for stents

However, although the stent has an important role, it is not available to all people.

1. The case that it can be used

Chinese General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army

Associate Professor Dudev

Noted when coronary arteries in patients with coronary heart disease

Stenosis over 75%

, at the same time

Unstable angina

symptoms, or

Coronary artery occlusion, acute occlusion

, coronary stents are needed.

Also, for

Stabilization of patients with exertional angina

If the response to drug therapy is poor and quality of life is reduced, stent placement may also be considered.

2. The case that it cannot be used

After stent surgery, patients are given aspirin and polislavi for at least 1 year. Therefore, the following situations are not suitable for placing the stand:

if the patient has recently had active bleeding or surgery has been performed;

hypersensitivity to medications, allergies to stents;

When the condition is complex, the location of the lesion is special, and the expected effect is not satisfactory, bypass surgery is recommended.

All in all

We should look at stent surgery rationally and follow the advice of professional doctors

。 Heart stent surgery is not as simple as imagined, nor is it as dangerous as rumored, and it is not a peace of mind after heart stent surgery, and it is necessary to take medication for life after surgery to stabilize the condition.

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