Wang Sicong fell on the street and turned his face and left, and his new girlfriend dared to be angry and did not dare to speak, wanting to be Wang Sicong’s only girlfriend – introduction.

#Wang Sicong took beautiful women to Macao to buy bags#

If there is any rich second generation who lives the most bohemian and has constant topics, it must be Wang Sicong!

Some netizens broke the news that on Valentine’s Day on February 14, Wang Sicong, wearing a pink jacket and black slacks, appeared on the streets of Macao. It is worth mentioning that Wang Sicong hooked up with a beautiful woman with long hair on his back on the street, and the two walked lightly and behaved intimately.

For Wang Sicong, a single rich second-generation and a big boss, how many Miaoling women want to get close but suffer from no chance, naturally this woman who got the opportunity, even on the street, did not resist Wang Sicong’s embrace.

Some people can’t help but ask: Is Wang Sicong in love again?

The beauty in the photo is wearing a light blue checked shirt and carrying a pink bag, judging from the figure, the woman should not be old; Judging from the back, the height is tall, especially a pair of long legs is very eye-catching; Judging from the actions of the two, they should be in love.

Naturally, the identity of this “lucky” woman has caused controversy among netizens, and netizens have also become deeply interested in how long Wang Sicong can get along with this new girlfriend.

Then on February 16, a netizen posted a video on social platforms with the caption: “Chance encounter with Wang Sicong.” From the screenshot of the picture in the video, it can be seen that Wang Sicong led the woman who was previously exposed to hook her shoulder and took her to the mall to buy shoes and bags, which was very generous.

But what I never expected was that as soon as this thing was purchased, the two seemed to have a conflict. I saw Wang Sicong handed a bouquet of roses in his hand to a friend next to the woman, carrying the luxury goods he just bought, and left without looking back, and at the same time it was clearly visible that Wang Sicong’s mood was not very good, it could be described as full of anger! And the girlfriend on the side watched Wang Sicong leave, although helpless and speechless, but dared to be angry and did not dare to speak.

For Wang Sicong’s “killing decisiveness”, netizens made 3 voices, one is to ridicule Wang Sicong’s practice of not giving face, which is really a bit ungentlemanly; The second is to “support” Wang Sicong to do the right thing, saying that he can’t get used to his girlfriend’s pampered behavior; The third is that Wang Sicong is “too smart” and can make a new girlfriend again…

However, then again, although Wang Sicong is often envied, jealous and hated by many people because of his identity as a rich second generation and the behavior of changing his Internet celebrity girlfriend at every turn, or “harsh”. But Wang Sicong has never been exposed to any unbearable “black material”, and it can be seen from this that Wang Sicong still has a principled bottom line in doing things.

At the same time, Wang Sicong did a lot of “frustrations” because of his frank personality, such as publicly saying on social media that he liked Yang Mi, proposing marriage when Yang Mi divorced, and pulling down his face to pursue the female Internet celebrity Sun Yining, and created a god-level terrier——”

Po, I went for an infusion today. What fluid is infused? Miss your night. ”…… But he also gained a lot of people’s love for him.

This time when the street and the suspected girlfriend were red-faced, it may also be because something made Wang Sicong unhappy, which caused such an embarrassing situation.

However, from the exposed photos, some netizens picked up the woman’s identity suspected of being Shen Jie, an Internet celebrity on a short video platform. Although Shen Jie has only more than 60,000 fans, from some videos and albums previously released, it can be seen that her figure is very hot, and her delicate face is also different from the common Internet celebrity face, which has attracted many comments from netizens: Wang Sicong’s vision is still the same vicious!

It is worth mentioning that Shen Jie captioned on the previous two videos:

“Then I’m greedy, can it always be me?”

“How can I tell you, while I love you without hesitation, the fear is boundless.”

It is not difficult to see that Shen Jie cherishes this relationship and looks forward to it, and at the same time is very worried!

Thinking of being abandoned by Wang Sicong on the street now, I don’t know how Shen Jie feels at this time? I don’t know how long this relationship that has just been exposed?

So do you think Wang Sicong threw his face on the street, is this appropriate? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to discuss!

Author: Tinker Bell

Responsible editor: Cai Cai