In the kitchen army of the house sir, a set of all-round small ball pots with “face” and “talent” has recently been added. A small one, fried and stewed but proficient in everything, and does not stick less oil smoke, usually add meals, cook night snacks, use a large pot Taixing master to move the public, use it just right, cook it directly with the pot to eat, even washing dishes are saved~

Before friends came to the house as guests, see me this pot are called exquisite and cute, this is Ferrari royal designer personally designed, the pot as its name, round like a small ball, many people are attracted by its unique shape at first glance~

This set of pots and pans contains 1 soup pot + 1 frying pan + 1 lid, and the lid of the pot can be shared by 2 pots, so that daily cooking needs can be met.

And the original price of the official website is 749!! Daily price 289,

We ZAIJIA this promotion auction off another 70, only 229! This preferential strength, do not start to feel that the meal is not fragrant~

Amercook designer small ball pot

Original price: 289



Welfare Price:

229 RMB

Limited-time discount, grab it now!


Suitable for: fried, hot milk, boiled noodles, stewed meat

frying pan

Suitable for: frying, stir-frying

The small pot three-piece set comes from the American veteran pot Amercook, which was founded in 1973 and has been focusing on making pots and pans.

There are offline stores and counters in Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and other cities.


Even if you are unfamiliar with his name, I believe many students must have seen his design works, such as the Congress building in Milan, the new city center building in Kuala Lumpur, etc., and have cooperated with many international famous brands, such as WMF kitchenware, illy coffee machine, Kreon lamps, etc.

The body of the pot is a classic and fashionable “coconut gray” color, with a soft rubber handle in the original wood color, and the whole is full of texture. Combined with the pleasing round shape, it is eye-catching and very prominent.

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In addition to looking good, of course, it must be easy to use. The unique spherical design is not only chic, but also very useful!

Its pot body and lid curvature (arc) can fit perfectly, which can greatly improve the sealing and heat preservation, and cook things quickly and deliciously!

When heating, the wide arc of the pot body makes the heat evenly distributed, and the evaporated moisture flows back in the pot, just like a micro-pressure pot, the heat gathers, locks the water and preserves freshness, which can well retain the nutrition of the food.

Ordinary pots need to stew braised pork for an hour or two, and you can get it in about 20 minutes, the lean part is soft but not rotten, and the fat part is fat but not greasy.

It would have taken two or three hours to marinate beef, but it can easily make fragrant and tender meat in less than one hour.

It only takes a few minutes to make waterless seafood, and the soup stewed is derived from the moisture of the ingredients themselves, the taste, not to mention how beautiful.

It only takes 10 minutes to stew rice! The rice is well-defined and non-stick to the bottom.

When you don’t want to stir-fry anymore, you can add shiitake mushrooms, sausages and rice to stew together, and finally add greens, beat an egg, open the lid and pour the sauce to enjoy the fragrant and tempting claypot rice.

Its cooking time is much faster than that of ordinary soup pots, and this cooking schedule is for your reference~

The weight of the soup pot is about 753g, and it can be easily operated with one hand, with a capacity of 2L, and can easily handle 1-2 people’s food.

It also has a wonderful use, it can be used as a bowl, and the walls of the cauldron are deep enough to mix fillings and so on.

After cooking, it can be served directly to the table, without washing an extra plate or bowl, and it looks good to decorate the table.

The weight of the frying pan is about 430g, the caliber is the same as the soup pan, the capacity is not small, and the amount of 5 eggs can be fried at a time!

Frying pork ribs is quick and fuel-efficient.

Sugar-fried chestnuts are immediately arranged, sweet and sticky are most suitable for autumn and winter~

The fried dumplings are more stress-free, done in minutes, and the color is golden and attractive~

Fried shrimp slices can also be easily done, and you don’t have to buy small snacks to eat by yourself~

Both pots are completely picky! Gas stoves, induction cookers, infrared stoves, electric ceramic stoves, etc. can be used.

It is also very easy to clean after washing, the non-stick coating is clean as soon as it is rinsed, and it is completely fine in the dishwasher!

In addition, the material and craftsmanship of the pot are also very particular.

The wall of the pot alone uses 5 layers of die-casting technology, and the material is solid, strong and durable.

The non-stick coating inside and outside the pot comes from the German GREBLON® Weiburgron, a paint brand with a long history and the world’s largest supplier of surface treatment for household products.

GREBLON’s® non-stick coating is not only safe, it has passed the authoritative test, does not contain PFOA, BPA and other harmful substances, and meets food-grade safety standards.


Wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non-stick properties are very good, long service life.

The brand side has done a lot of extreme tests before leaving the factory, and no matter how torturous, the pot performs very well.

Passed the steel ball vibration wear resistance test.

Passed the tiger claw wear test.

Passed the British BS wear resistance test.

Pass the pancake pancake pancake milk test ~195°C for 7 minutes for continuous heating, and the pancake directly comes off from the pan.

Passed the corrosion resistance test ~ the brine solution was boiled and maintained for 8 hours, and the cycle was 3 times, and the pot was not damaged.

PS: The situation of such a limit is intact, and the quality of the pot can be seen. But this is a limit test after all, it is not recommended to imitate ha, everyone cooks or be nice to it.

It’s easy to forget how many times you use the handle when cooking, but the handle is one of the most important parts of the pot. Safe and firm, can not burn at any time is a standard for a good handle.

The handle of the small ball pot is ergonomic, the silicone is gentle to the touch, the grip is comfortable, and the edges are smooth, so it will not slip even when the hands are wet.

At just 750g for a soup pot and 430g for a frying pan (without lid), it’s heavy enough to feel stable on the stovetop and won’t tip it over when using a spoon. But the whole is not particularly heavy, and girls can also hold and pour comfortably.

The handle is also designed with a hook, which can be hung directly when not in use, which is convenient for storage and does not occupy an area.

So that is to say, no matter from the aspects of design, appearance, brand, strength, this small ball pot is a must-have artifact in our kitchen!

The original price of the key official website is 749!! It’s not cheap~

Today’s daily price is 289, now take another 70 minus, only 229!

Two hundred small can take this small ball pot + pan

It’s a great deal!

Large and small meals can be arranged at home!

Group product parameters

Origin: China

Amercook designer small ball pot

Original price: 289



Welfare Price:

229 RMB

Limited-time discount, grab it now!

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