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Some of the products recommended in this article are purchased at their own expense, real experience, and others are recommended by personal experience, and there are no related business practices.

According to a 2015 survey report from Zhi Clan GQ, Chinese men dress like this:

28.6% of men dress to please themselves. People are increasingly consuming for “making themselves happy”, and the largest proportion of men surveyed choose to dress just to please themselves.

29.5% of men want to dress like an elite. Among the men surveyed, the most people choose to want to wear suits and shoes every day, most of them are young people who want to look like adults quickly, 33.7% of young people aged 20-25 want to dress like that, and 30.9% of men over 36 want to dress casually.

Start to focus: “

Chinese men’s favorite pants are khaki pants (63%)


Professional relationships, the work environment suit and leather shoes seem too formal, jeans are too casual, khaki pants have become my main choice when going to work.

A very important reason, trousers should be straight and the pants line is obvious to look good, sitting in the office for a day, always feel that mobility is inconvenient, and you have to be careful everywhere.

And khaki fabric is more elastic than formal trouser fabric, sits more comfortably, and the price is more approachable.

Let’s take the brands and models of khaki pants I wear and recommend to make a list of 618 men’s khaki pants worth buying.

DOCKERS Skinny Tapered khaki pants

It is a pity that this brand has withdrawn from the Chinese market, but as the khaki pants NO1 in my mind, it must be grandly introduced.

The Dockers San Francisco brand was created in 1986 to provide consumers with casual clothing options between jeans and dress pants. Starting with khaki pants for men, the Dockers San Francisco brand has grown today to become a comprehensive brand offering a wide range of tops, slacks, hats, and accessories for men. As a leader in casual wear, Dockers San Francisco has been committed to product innovation and research and development, providing consumers with comfortable and stylish products that meet the different functional needs of consumers for work and play, while showing their style and confidence.

The fit is the previous D1 shape, which is the most suitable cut for Asians, and currently corresponds to the Skinny Tapered fit.

The normal purchase channel is the official website of the United States, individuals


Left and right, it is highly recommended to buy it from friends with similar figures.

The most recently purchased and unphotographed pair is a pair of blue Skinny Tapered-fit khaki pants.


Height 178cm, weight 68kg, waist circumference 2’4

Left and right, choose a size 31 x 32 and wear it as follows:

The classic khaki model looks good with a white shirt and leather shoes.

J.Crew 484 series khaki pants

J· Crew is a casual clothing brand from the United States that is very popular in the United States. Founded in 1983, the brand first dominated the casual wear scene with its twill striped cotton and simple, sophisticated T-shirts.

J· Crew was the first brand in the United States to use twill cotton as a popular sports T-shirt, khaki pants are also usually made of twill striped cotton, and the detailed J.Crew is also very good.

This time I chose black, it is better to wear dark pants with a light-colored shirt at work, and the size is 31 X 30, and the actual wearing effect is as follows:

If you choose 32 for the length of the trousers, you should also be able to choose 31 X 30 in this posting list, and it looks okay with mid-top boots.


A big fan of G-STAR many years ago, I tried jeans and cargo pants, but khaki pants did not get involved.

After purchasing two G-STAR khaki pants in the early stage, I personally think it is not bad.

Especially the following one, which looks wrinkled, and has a slightly exaggerated patch design, in fact, the upper body effect and the modification of the leg shape are not bad.

The following one is a little more formal, and the degree of actual wear is very high.

1. Bronson Slim 3d khaki pants


I saw that it was not bad on Meiya, but I just lacked a pair of light-colored khaki pants, so I bought it.

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From $443.35

The live price was updated 8 hours ago

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Looking at the reviews, the Chinese people have bought quite a few, and the evaluation is also good.

The size chose the brand’s consistent 30W/30L, and the upper body effect is as follows, and it feels OK.

Normal work with white shirts, sneakers is not casual, the disadvantage is that the fabric has some luster, it is easy to show dirt and wrinkles, resulting in not looking very spiritual.

2. Vetar series khaki pants

The following fit is the same as the blue version in the front, and the blue model has been worn for a while, which is very suitable for work.

G-STAR Vetar Men’s slim fit twill cotton pants are singled

Creation position statement: buy at your own expense, try it on real people, and share good things. Some time ago, I dried a pair of GSTAR slacks, the shape of the pants is good, and I went to Amazon to search for a few more casual pants of this brand. The comments to the article mentioned the following Vetar series, which you said was a slacks that resembled dress pants. First, the reason for purchase The price is quite good, 371.40 yuan, free shipping over 300 yuan, and the tax is 75 yuan together with the other article

A cloud in the sky








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Personally, I like this fit more, so I put in a black one.

G-STARRAWVetar men’s slim twill pants

436.96 yuan

The size is still 30W/30L, which looks good with a light blue shirt and casual belt.

Change the belt to a formal belt, and the shirt to a formal white shirt, and the feeling is different again.

Personally, I don’t like to wear leather shoes, but I believe that the effect of matching casual leather shoes and boat shoes is also good, if the shirt fits and the length is suitable, it should not be tucked into the belt, and it looks more casual.

Calvin Klein

The original price of this brand is not cheap, and the main product is not khaki pants.

I have bought a low-discount pants at Vipshop before, and it feels good.

Vipshop’s price is still attractive, that is, the code break is serious, and interested friends can do a good job.

The size of 30 X 30, the wearing effect is as follows, it is slim and lean, and the stomach will not be able to wear it at all.

In addition to wearing it with a long-sleeved shirt, it is also stress-free to wear with a summer polo shirt.

5. Other brand items

The brand items to be recommended below have actually been worn and know better, but because they have not been purchased for some years, there is no actual wearing picture.

1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the leading brands in American leisure, and the brand logo in red, blue and white colors symbolizes the American spirit of freedom and openness, and also constitutes the main color tone of clothing design.

There are many people who wear this brand of shirts, polos, and casual pants in the workplace, with good fit, good business, decent and not luxurious, buy a few pieces a year to wear, and the style will not look “hall atmosphere”.

The counter has purchased the blue model, very classic and good matching, size standard, it is recommended to go to the counter to try.

The disadvantage is still determined by the material of khaki pants, after washing and wearing many times, the color fades and looks old.


THE LACATE BRAND BEGAN IN 1933. In the domestic mall positioning is on the middle and upper side, it has always been the choice of mature men around him.

The brand’s style is low-key but distinct, symbolizing a comfortable and elegant attitude to life.

I have participated in the crowd test before it is worth buying, and the little white shoes are very cost-effective.


The material, workmanship, and brand awareness are all good, and a simple blue khaki pants depends on these details.

3. Hazzys

This Korean brand has always had a strong position in the mall, and I have introduced it before.

This brand of khaki pants adheres to the best selection of materials and solid workmanship.

The price during the event is good, and it is recommended that you choose one of the options.


The GANT brand from the United States was founded in 1949, GANT its representative clothing: Oxford spun shirt, collar button shirt.

Previously, I felt that GANT’s popularity in the counter was not high, and the pricing was slightly exaggerated.

After trying his khaki pants, I feel that the fit and cut are good.

The brand LOGO is also relatively niche, and the possibility of bumping pants around the workplace is relatively small, and it can be purchased at a low price during the 618 period.

6. Summary and recommendations

In addition to dress pants for formal occasions, the best alternative to jeans for semi-formal occasions is khaki pants. In semi-formal attire, khaki pants are more comfortable than dress pants without losing rigor.

Khaki pants can be worn with most tops and shoes, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and with shirts can cover work and life scenes, which is a must-have style for men, and the color is recommended to be classic

Khaki and versatile blue

As can be seen from the above recommendations, both the D1 of DOCKERS and the 484 model of J.Crew are slim models that are more suitable for Asian figures. Because khaki pants must fit,

Be sure to be slim and straight

, must conform to your leg shape, more close than formal pants, do not loose, otherwise it will look very sloppy overall.

I hope that you can buy a pair of khaki pants that suits you during the 618 period.


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