Foot bath can improve local blood circulation, drive away cold, promote metabolism to achieve the purpose of health care, so many families are equipped with foot bath massagers, traditional foot bath massagers need to occupy a lot of space, how to save space has become a problem for many people. HITH electric folding foot bath massager D3 solves the problem of space storage, and the electric lifting makes foot massage more simple and convenient.


HITH electric folding foot bath massager D3 outer packaging is made of kraft paper, the packaging is very solid and easy to transport, the front of the package is printed with the appearance of the product.

All the accessories of the HITH Electric Folding Foot Bath Massager D3 are displayed, in addition to the foot bath, there are two sets of pulleys, power cord and instruction manual, which are completely enough for daily use.

Foot bath massager D3 like a handbag design, size of 470*370*380mm, 920W power, net weight 6.5kg, using matte black paint plastic material, the panel is very technological, placed at home also looks very high-grade.

The foot bath massager D3 middle barrel body is made of one-piece injection molding TPE soft rubber, and this part can also be folded electrically.

The front of the foot massager D3 is a reversible dust cover, after use, you only need to open the dust cover to dry the water, and when not in use, the dust cover can be stored to prevent ash.

There are two universal wheels at the bottom of the foot bath massager D3, the initial state is not installed, the installation is also very simple to insert forcefully, the front end is installed is a universal wheel, the locking mechanism at the front end of the universal wheel will not fall off easily.

The two directional wheels are lockable, and the locking latch can be locked and unlocked. The foot bath does not move after locking, making it safer and more stable during foot bathing.

The filter screen of the foot bath massager D3 is removable, the filter can filter out the dirty things during use, effectively avoid the proliferation of bacteria, and is also very good in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Functional features

There is also a handle on the side of the foot massager D3, which has other functions besides convenient storage. When the foot bath is full of water, the drawstring can be withdrawn, which is convenient to move the foot bath, which is more time-saving and labor-saving to move.

The design of the bottom wheel of the foot bath massager D3 is very user-friendly, just imagine that the water in the foot bath massager is very heavy after washing the feet, and it is very difficult for a person to move, the addition of the bottom wheel makes the movement easier and less laborious, and the water is lighter to pull to the bathroom.

The traditional foot bath massager is very troublesome to release water, you need to pour water from the top of the massager, the foot bath massager D3 front and bottom side is a hidden drainage hole, after soaking the foot can be opened to open the water will automatically flow out, for the elderly users to use is still very convenient.

The foot massager D3 can be lifted and lowered electrically without the need to connect a power cord. It is achieved through the built-in 1500mAh battery, which needs to be turned on the battery switch at the bottom of the side before use, and then touched the automatic lift button of the display.

After the foot massager D3 touches the automatic lift button, the screen will appear the word UP, at this time the electric folding foot bath massager D3 will slowly rise, the whole process is also very fast without excessive waiting.

The descent only requires the reverse operation, and the word dn will appear on the screen. The noise during the lifting process is still very low, and the speed is also very good, and the overall experience is still very powerful.

The foot bath massager D3 has a thickness of 15 cm after folding, which is very light and thin and can be easily stuffed into the corner of the bathroom and balcony, which greatly saves space.


The top of the foot bath massager D3 is arranged with a functional touch area, a total of five key functions: temperature adjustment, timing function key, foot massage key, heating surf key and folding lift key, the temperature display screen in the middle can display the current temperature and working status in real time.

HITH Foot Massager D3 uses a one-piece TPE soft rubber massage pad to wrap the massage head, reducing the feeling of stiffness, compared with the traditional foot bath massager direct contact method, the foot bath massager D3 massage is more comfortable, closer to the hand massage method during the foot bath.

After three years of research and development, HITH foot bath massager D3 provides 3 zone electric massage methods, as well as 3 massage methods and 3 massage strengths, which can accurately massage the arch, soles of the feet, and heels, and the comfort is soft and suitable for people with sensitive soles, suitable for people of different ages and needs.

HITH foot bath massager D3 water temperature provides adjustment between 35~48 degrees, automatic constant temperature fine control technology can keep the water temperature constant during the process of soaking feet. The timing function has an adjustment between 5~60 minutes, making the foot bath time more reasonable.

Security aspects

Anti-leakage protection system is a must for many electrical appliances, electrical leakage is easy to conduct electricity through water. Foot bath massager D3 has a leakage protection system, leakage current will cut off the circuit within 0.1 seconds, in addition to foot bath massager D3 adopts advanced DPS heating system, through 2 layers of magnesium powder for insulation, to achieve water and electricity separation heating, more assured when using.

The power cord connection of the foot massager D3 has a protective door, which also protects the user’s safety during use.


HITH electric folding foot bath massager D3 folding design is more convenient for daily storage, automatic lifting function allows the foot bath to be more quickly unfolded or retracted, a variety of modes to meet a variety of foot bath needs, the design of the handle is more convenient to move, especially suitable for winter use, whether the elderly or girls can do foot massage at night, liberate the body and mind while more conducive to sleep.