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Everyone, good Monday!

After the autumn rains, the weather gradually began to cool, and when the season changed, I felt that I was not the only one who had no clothes to wear, right?

Looking at the small short skirt and small suspenders in the wardrobe, it is no longer suitable for autumn, at this time we need a mid-length dress that is more comfortable to wear.

I want to do both




, We have to work a little more on the collar when choosing a dress. I found 4 collar dresses, see which one suits you?

1. Shirt collar dress

Shirt collar dress

, I think it’s the dress that doesn’t pick the occasion, set



In one, you can wear it casually, and it is not easy to make mistakes.

When I received this shirt dress, the first thing that conquered me was the feeling, silky with a little sticky feeling, a strong sense of drape, and not easy to wrinkle, really a must for lazy girls.

This shirt dress is easy to wear to a straightforward effect. There are two symmetrical ones at the waist

Belt design

, tied behind you at will, shrink the waist to show thinness.

The nipped-in waist and large skirt accentuate your slender waist. The fit is somewhat loose, and the slightly chubby body will not have any pressure to control.

This one



The fabric has a particularly good fit, showing thin and covering the flesh. Slightly thick denim fabric, whether in an air-conditioned room or the temperature difference between morning and evening, there is nothing better to wear.

When the temperature rises at noon, you can roll up your sleeves and add buttons intimately so that it doesn’t seem too casual.

There is a hidden one around the waist

Drawstring design

, just gently retract, you can stretch out the thin waist, too intimate, apple body girls can try it.

Why is a dress the best thing to wear? Just because it is easy to match, such a shirt collar dress upper body, only need to wear a pair

Canvas shoes

Just fine, don’t worry about what to wear when you go out.

2. V-neck dress

Shirt-collar dresses are the least picky dresses for the occasion, then

V-neck dress

It should be the dress that does not pick the neck. And there is also a V-neckline

Small face, small chest, thin skin

And so on and so on.

of the skirt

Polka dot elements

It gives people a cute and playful feeling, wearing such a V-neck dress, who is not a cute woman?

The V-neck can also bring more matching space, such as:


Two necklaces, not only fashionable but also show your matching skills. As a delicate woman, watches can not be less.

The A-shaped skirt helps you cover the flesh on your hips and thighs, and is a must-wear for pear-shaped girls.

After the short sharing is over, there is a long V-neck dress with a light background embellished with broken flowers, although it is autumn, but the broken flowers can continue to be worn.

The cropped sleeves hide a lot of details, shoulder folds, and skinny puff sleeves. The cuffs are irregular fish mouths, which are very eye-catching.

This dress is still very versatile and matching

Small fragrant coat

You can wear the taste of a celebrity, and you haven’t been moved when you see this?

3. Square neck dress

The collar type that can have the same effect as the V-neck should be

Square collar

It has increased the opening area on the basis of the ordinary collar shape, and exposing the collarbone is its greatest charm.

Wear this

Square neck dress

When you can show off your charming collarbone line, if you feel empty, and embellished with a necklace, I won’t say much.

The waist is elastic, the upper body covers the flesh and looks thin, it will not strangle the stomach at all, and it also emphasizes the role of the waist line.

The large umbrella skirt skirt easily hides various leg shapes, and it is definitely the first place to hide flesh and show thinness. And my favorite puff sleeves, covering the flesh is sweet!

For girls in the south, tea break skirts are still the main force. The chiffon material is draped and thin. The mid-length skirt length also has the blessing of a split and is very sexy when walking.

4. Doll collar dress

Doll collar dress

It has always been a fairy and young feminine fashion representative, so it has always been favored by many girls.

This doll-collar dress I want to recommend is really a mediocre little master of covering meat, in addition to the basic design that does not pick people to wear, what attracts me more is the pleated design of the waist, which is really a 360-degree flesh cover without dead angles!

You can wear it alone this season, and when the weather is colder, put on a small coat or trench coat. The large doll collar with a circle of lace trim is particularly girly.

With a pair of black loafers on my feet and black socks, the first feeling I had after this wave of operation was

Age reduction

Today’s sharing is here, what do you want to recommend autumn items, welcome sisters to leave me a message below!

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