To say that men’s most practical items in autumn and winter, coats definitely have a name. Not only take into account warmth and style, the upper body can also highlight the mature and stable temperament, whenever the weather turns cold, who doesn’t want to come to a coat with good texture~

In the poster of the character just released in “The Matrix 4”, Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, appeared in a slim coat, which is still cool.

Recently, he also made a rare set of blockbusters for “Esquire”, contributing several coat looks. This one from Giuliva Heritage is very military; The other is from Alaïa, a black and white blockbuster with a lot of texture.

And while

“007: No Time to Die”, Bond wore this gray-green coat when he went to Norway, from Massimo Alba, who Daniel liked, and the pants were also his home, the overall low-key texture.

However, in Fan’s mind, Daniel Craig’s version of Bond’s most classic coat style is still this one in “007: Spectre”, wearing handsome sunglasses, cool and dashing.

also collided with Putin inexplicably and collided with money ↓

The big guys and stars in reality have also worn winter clothes when they have recently appeared. For example, King Felipe VI of Spain visited Italy and picked up a long coat with Italian President Mattarella.

The Norwegian crown prince Hakon also wore a black coat on official business, which was low-key and formal.

When Biden pardoned turkeys on Thanksgiving, he appeared to be wearing the same coat as the day of the inauguration.

But when he turned around, he presented a weird “nothing to take two steps”.

Prince Charles is a coat fanatic, he loves to wear it when he is young, and he wears coats of different colors and styles when he is old.

I believe that many men are now planning to buy an overcoat as a winter “battle robe”, today’s Fan Lord

Let’s talk to you about how to choose a men’s coat, and how to wear it to be high~

How to choose a coat that suits you?

Like other men’s items, coats are not much more expensive, and investing in a coat that has a good texture and suits you can wear it for many, many years.

How to choose a style?

First, let’s briefly talk about the style of men’s coats.

First of all

Chesterfield Coat, also often referred to as a formal coat, first appeared in the 19th century and was later named after the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, a “fashion icon” in England at the time.

Its characteristic is that it is particularly suitable for formal wear, because whether it is from the collar lapel or the placket, buttons, it is very much like an extended version of the blazer, originally designed to be worn with a suit inside, like the two Bonds wear this is a typical Chesterfield Coat.

More common in daily life is the Polo Coat polo coat. It was originally worn by polo players while waiting for the opening, and it was originally mostly made of camel hair with double-breasted buttons.

And because of the original wearing scene, the cut of the polo coat is very loose, the length of the coat is relatively long, and it is mostly camel fabric, and there is a belt on the back. It is more suitable for tall men.

The Paletot Coat, also known as the double-breasted coat, which is more similar to Polo Coat, first referred to all coats in France in the 18th century, and after the 19th century, it evolved into this double-breasted design with a cinched waist and three on each side. The difference with Polo Coat is that it must have a cinched waist design, and the lapels must be pointed.

There is also a Pea coat, which is also a more common style, first worn by the navy in Europe and the United States, and later accepted by the public due to its handsome shape. The characteristic is that it is generally short, with wide lapels, double-breasted, and larger buttons.

Like Bond’s one is Pea Coat, which is lighter and casual than other coats, but has higher requirements for the figure and is more suitable for “slimmer” men.

Finally, this Duffle Coat velvet coat is also quite classic, duffle is a coarse wool fabric, the name comes from the Belgian town of duffle, the coat made of it is very thick, first very popular, and later adopted by the British Royal Navy.

Duffle Coat later became popular and was particularly popular with students, so this design is also considered more preppy, and its ivory buckle is also one of the iconic designs, and often hooded, the upper body is quite age-reducing, more suitable for men or students who can play and wear.

However, nowadays, with the changes of the times and the rise of various trend elements, all kinds of coats are not completely limited to specific requirements, and the evolution of styles is also very diverse, and the overall is still around the above.

How to choose the fabric material?

The material of the coat is commonly cashmere, wool, alpaca, camel hair and blend, etc., from the perspective of warmth, comfort and investment, of course, Fan Lord still recommends cashmere coats and wool coats.

Cashmere coats have the highest warmth, but the weight is relatively light, so you don’t want to wear too thick in autumn and winter, a cashmere coat is more suitable for you~

Another advantage of cashmere coats is that they are not easy to wrinkle, they are very convenient to take care of, and the upper body looks very “smooth”, the texture is very high, and the price is relatively high.

Wool coats are relatively thick and coarse, and not as warm as cashmere. But because it is hard to the touch, it is quite wide and feels very good, and the upper body is more prominent, suitable for mature and stable men.

In addition, there are blended materials, most of which choose this combination because of a specific style or design, among which cashmere mixed wool, camel wool mixed wool and so on are more recommended.

How to match and wear a sense of premium?

Wear it with a suit and shirt

For business elites, coats paired with suits or shirts are certainly the most practical and everyday way to wear them. The colors are recommended to be more versatile black and navy, like Prince William basically only wears a navy blue coat on official business, with different color ties.

Bond also always wears this kind of all-purpose match, which is formal and decent, and stylish.

In fact, the three-star prince Li Zaiyong is also dressed well, and the design of the fit is slightly tightened, and the whole person is very tall.

Although “the next second” is … Even the tie didn’t have time to be hit.

If you don’t need to be too formal, or like Wang Shi with a light striped shirt and polka-dot tie, it is also good to go retro and have a yuppie tone.

However, although the silhouette and shoulder pad elements are now more popular, for business men, it is still necessary to choose these elements carefully, like Yang Yuanqing, which has a bit of fat and increased feeling, not only has no aura, but also looks like rented clothes.

Men who are not high in altitude should also choose Chesterfield coats carefully, otherwise they will expose various shortcomings like Naruhito, and change corgi legs in seconds↓

Another point to note is that if you are not going to participate in any fashion activities, business men are best not to wear coats, like Li Yanhong, always feel that there is a Xu Wenqiang living in their hearts.

Si Cong being a best man is also a bit much.

If business people match a shirt alone, it is best to choose a solid color for the shirt, like Zhang Chaoyang with a black coat with a plaid shirt, it feels strange and old-fashioned.

If you choose a coat of color like gray and brown, it is best to choose a single dark color for the suit inside, otherwise it will look too fancy.

Like Xiaobei, this is quite classic, warm camel coat with gray suit is quite handsome, more suitable for young men to try.

Wear it with sweatshirts, cashmere sweaters and more

Coats with cashmere sweaters are also a good choice, no matter what color and style of coat, a dark cashmere sweater inside is basically not wrong, but also take into account warmth, Xiaobei likes to wear it this way.

Rami Malek, who played the villain in “No Time to Die”, also wore a navy blue coat with a crewneck shirt of the same color when he appeared on the British version of “GQ”, casual and textured~

Kong Liu in the Korean drama “Ghost”, any style of coat can be paired with a turtleneck, so that the match becomes gentle Oppa.

Like the one worn by Kai-Fu Lee, although it is not a cashmere sweater, the high-neck design will also give people a gentle and warm feeling, and all black highlights stability and aura.

You can also add a shirt to a cashmere sweater like Harry did to double the warmth, which is also suitable for business people.

For younger men, sweatshirts are also a time-saving, labor-saving and fashionable match, and will not look serious and rigid↓

If you’re a master of matching, you can also try this casual style stacking, where a coat can play with many different tricks.

Use accessories: ties, scarves

Although it is a relatively dull autumn and winter, the use of accessories will also add a lot of color to the matching of coats.

I won’t say much about the tie ~ It’s similar to the matching routine of formal wear.

The scarf is also a very good partner for the coat, and it will look very tasteful with a scarf with a better texture.

It’s very good to wrap a scarf in it like Zhang Chaoyang to keep warm, but don’t wrap it too tightly, otherwise it will be like putting yourself in a bucket and losing a bit of chic↓

But if you wear a formal dress and a printed scarf at first glance, it is even more pompous.

In addition, you must carefully choose a coat with a fur collar, like Wang Shi’s match, there is no problem overall, that is, the fur collar is a bit dramatic.

The leopard fur collar of the boxing king Mayweather is even more pompous, and the sense of drama is too strong…

Which items are recommended?

Finally, let’s give everyone a wave of Amway, a style worth buying~

Loro Piana

LP has always been loved by royal celebrities and wealthy elites, this brand is known as the “Rolls-Royce of cashmere”, the design is so low-key that there is no obvious logo, but it is extremely high-end and expensive, and the cashmere coat is also their ace product.

This year’s coats are perfect for business men, like this Fendon coat, which is made of alpaca and cashmere-blended double-layer fabric, handmade invisible stitching texture is very high, and waterproof, gray-black is both versatile and suitable for the workplace.


There is also a Navette coat made of double cashmere fabric, the knitted fabric accentuates the soft, wrapped cut of the coat, which looks elegant and stable, and the small lapels highlight the sophistication and provide better warmth.


Brunello Cucinelli

Luxury cashmere brand Brunello Cucinelli is also known for its high quality, his navy blue cashmere coat this year is quite elegant and handsome, using wool, mulberry silk and cashmere blend, simple style, the upper body is quite elegant~



This coat from Berluti is from the Fall 2020 collection. It is very suitable for “entanglement patients”, wool and cashmere double-sided design can be worn on both sides, and camel and gray are more versatile~

If you dress more casually, you can match the camel side, if you need to attend formal occasions, the gray side can be competent, and the design is very intimate.

Turnbull & Asser

Turnbull & Asser, a British menswear brand favored by Prince Charles, is famous for its custom shirts, but in fact, his coat is also good, this brown cashmere coat design is simple and low-key, the dark design highlights the stability, and it is also more suitable for mature men.


There is also a navy blue cashmere coat that is also this dark placket design, which is very good with a suit.



Burberry’s trench coat is very classic, its duffle coat fan owner feels very suitable for young hipsters, thick functional wool is particularly warm, lined with the brand’s signature check design, horn buckle is also super eye-catching.


Those who like a lightweight model can choose this classic cashmere coat, which uses Italian worsted cashmere fabric, and the design is more formal and vibrant.


Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s coat is special, made of camel hair and keeps you warm. And the cut is elegant, with pleats and pockets on the sides accentuating the tone, and carrying a large briefcase is full of elite style.

Johnstons of Elgin

Scottish century-old cashmere brand Johnstons of Elgin, fan friends are no strangers, before Fan Lord once visited his family’s factory for two consecutive years, every time he would buy uncontrollably, buy and buy, completely unable to stop.

This checked Chesterfield coat released by his family this year, full of British style, the texture of lambmere fabric is quite luxurious, and the design of the check can well break the dullness of autumn and winter, which is more suitable for mature men ~

Well, about the men’s coat, Lord Fan will talk to you here, this cold winter may wish to buy a warm and stylish coat and become a “warm man”~

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