This year’s four major fashion weeks were carried out low-key under the baptism of the epidemic, New York Fashion Week has not yet dropped stones on the water to hit the splash, London Fashion Week has begun to lively, London’s fashion atmosphere is still full of vitality. As a British national treasure, you can’t miss Burberry’s show, and this season is the first independent menswear show under the leadership of creative director Riccardo Tisci, which makes this year’s London Fashion Week out of the menswear or women’s frame.

The pandemic is not over yet, Burberry’s flagship store in Regent Street, London, released its latest Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection in digital form, with the theme of “Escapes”, paying tribute to the relationship between humans and nature.

Japan brought in the handsome guy Yosuke Mazuka and South Korea brought in the rain town, and they sat on folding chairs and watched the show remotely.

The theme of the show is to draw inspiration from modern explorers, pioneers and pioneers. So I saw a group of Ning Caichen carrying backpacks and umbrellas appear in front of me.

The model carries an umbrella and starred in the modern Ning Caichen

Riccardo Tisci, Chief Creative Director, said, “Fall/Winter 2021 is my first BURBERRY menswear collection, and I hope to celebrate the spirit of free expression; When we are trapped indoors, we all yearn to get back to the outdoors and miss the beauty of nature, so inspired by British crafts and popular outdoor activities widely used in the early 20th century, we express the style of clothing that escapes the bustling city and explores the unknown countryside, connecting people with mutual help, friendship and kindness with nature.”

This season’s men’s clothing will be worn with a strong outdoor sports appearance, with functional clothing and accessories, reminiscent of Ning Caichen’s outfit in the movie “Qiannu Ghost” in the past, and the multi-worker backpack is especially expected.

A classic trench coat brings a new interpretation

As the leading boss of the B family, trench coat trench coat, this season also has a new note, the back is a short cut to show the top underneath, through the length of the front and back pieces or wide V-neck cut details, to create a layered patchwork, subtly reinventing the British classicism style.

The new animal kingdom under Tisci

Fringes and pleats that sway in the wind, and Burberry’s favorite animal kingdom create a free, dynamic rhythm, with elk-themed knitted hats, funny rabbit ears embellished with plush hooded coats, and leather boots and sneakers shaped like hooves. The cloth animal print is accompanied by a layered patchwork that blends into the figure, echoing the collection’s potentially masculine wildness.

The animal kingdom of the previous season was transformed into prints or shapes, such as the silhouette of the knitted hat from the image of the elk, and boots and sneakers were also shaped into hoof-like shapes, thus connecting with nature.

A series of hunter-like looks, furry blue coats adorned with long rabbit ears, faux fur coats and tops.

Sweaters, coats, blazers with kilts or cargo shorts, baseball jackets turned into vests, ribbed details at pockets for added freshness.

Riccardo Tisci hopes that through these designs, everyone can express themselves freely and feel the spirit of adventure in the outdoors.

The baseball vest jacket is ribbed at the pocket for a stylish look.

A furry blue coat with long rabbit ears on the hat.

Cargo shorts are matched with knitwear in exotic materials

The 29 outfits, buried in a five-minute show, are all patchwork of Tisci’s representative symbols, and in his eyes, carrying large bags and bags yearning for urban people who move to the countryside are more important than traditional formal wear.

National flags, stars, flag spikes, all kinds of British elements are spliced with different materials to create fresh menswear.

See its details and craftsmanship.

The main colors include dark brown, dark wine, urban gray, light blue and light pink and other color combinations, vitality is the overall atmosphere, the tailoring challenges classicism, BURBERRY does put the spirit of art and crafts into play, paying tribute to the craftsmanship of handicraft.