Many people have asked veterinarian Xiaoming how to choose the gender of the dog if he has a dog for the first time, in fact, both male dogs and female dogs have their own advantages and disadvantages, depending on whether you can accept and deal with it rationally.

The woman raised a female dog, is a heroic fight, the female dog is relatively docile and delicate, the only drawback, in fact, is not a disadvantage, that is, the female dog will come into heat twice a year, this period is very special, requiring the owner to take more care of it.

Late that night, the woman suddenly saw a few drops of blood on the ground, and she didn’t need Sherlock Holmes to judge the case to know that it was her own dog who came to her aunt. Although it was not early, the woman decided to go straight to the small supermarket downstairs to buy a pair of safety pants for the dog.

One is to avoid blood dripping everywhere in the house, and the other is to avoid causing trouble when you go out the next day. But veterinarian Xiaoming was stupid when he saw the safety pants that the woman bought, this… How is the painting style a little strange.

It turned out that the woman bought a pair of children’s shorts for the dog, not to mention that the size is really suitable, and the woman also specially added two straps to reinforce, which can be said to be very fashionable and playful, just like tailor-made.

Although it seems to be a little discordant, but this wave of emergency rescue operations is still very convincing to veterinarian Xiaoming, which can be called textbook-level reaction ability, veterinarian Xiaoming can’t help but want to ask, this shovel officer is so talented must be studying fashion design.

Veterinarian Xiaoming popular science pet knowledge: dogs come to “big aunt” twice a year, generally in spring and winter, the estrus period lasts about 21 days. During this period, veterinarian Xiaoming should remind all shovel officers to strictly supervise their dogs, and dogs with good temperaments may be “six relatives do not recognize” at this time.

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