A jacket that is warmer than a trench coat, more handsome than a down jacket, less feminine than a sweater? This “lamb wool denim jacket” is definitely a good companion when you are lazy! Versatile denim silhouette, coupled with playful fur design, this season’s most pink jacket, Bemba also has to grow grass~

The hottest thing on INS this season is not that the trench coat is not a down jacket, but this “lamb hair denim jacket” ↓

No matter how the trend changes, the most “girly” jacket is it

Ni Ni

The street chic sense of the denim jacket collides with a touch of elegance and sweetness in the fur collar design

Learn Ni Ni all white dress + red small socks, simple is full of fashionable and careful thinking!

The most versatile denim jacket, change it to this fluffy lamb wool style in winter! Super warm, the neat cut is not like the bloated of a down jacket

Want a different denim look? Try embroidered styles or long-edition denim coats for the season’s trendiest designs

Chiara Ferragni

Lin Yun

Domestic designers can’t resist the charm of lamb mao denim jackets! Ghost horse designer JINNNN adds a rebellious sense of street fashion with a “crack effect” print


Available in lanecrawford.com

NOTNOW designer Sun Yidan uses a vintage gold buckle with “raw edge” small details, which is playful and elegant

Compound denim lamb cashmere short jacket NOTNOW Sun Yidan

Available on the official website or in branded stores

Such a stylish and versatile lamb hair denim jacket, Bemba has compiled three of the easiest ways to match it! This winter can also be warm to get cool girls to wear

↓ ↓ ↓

“Denim on Denim”

Tired of denim with denim

Bella Hadid

Light-colored denim + denim, paired with a white top and black ankle boots, is the least pretentious casual fashion look.

Veronika Heilbrunner

Elsa Hosk

Girls who are afraid of the cold put on sweaters and choose Oversized’s jacket style, which is not bloated at all!

Darkly dyed jackets can also be worn in the American retro style of the 80s! Wear yours with a turtleneck sweater and belt for a chic little detail.

Dyed lamb wool in a unique style! The “lapel” of large areas of artificial fur is more eye-catching.

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Embroidered style, don’t wear it with too fancy denim pants! The pattern is tacky.

(1) Ashland mid-rise straight-leg cropped jeans The Row

(2) Original Sherpa denim jacket Levi’s

(3) Suede trimmed canvas velvet sneakers MM6 Maison Margiela

(4) Gold metal aviator sunglasses Alexander McQueen

(5) Hortensia leather shoulder bag Wandler

Faux fur trim distressed denim jacket SYJP

Available in net-a-porter.com

Faux fur lining denim jacket Levi’s

Available in farfetch.com

Denim with little black pants

The least selective outfit

Xi Mengyao

Lamb hair denim jacket with black denim for layering with a sharp contrast. Logo T-shirts, lace-up boots, and Chopker are all accessories that suit this street fashion sense!

Kendall Jenner

High-waisted pants + short-edition top, with a jacket to cover the flesh, is the most thin and tall way to wear!

Girls with fleshy bodies, don’t worry~ Choose Oversized’s jacket with wide-leg pants, handsome street style get!

The mid-length version of the “boyfriend style” jacket is more rebellious and spontaneous! The lamb hair exposed by the cuffs rolled up is full of girlish atmosphere~

Compared with Denim on Denim, the embroidered style is still the most attractive with small black pants!

A short version of a lamb wool denim jacket should be paired with a shorter top! The overly long top not only covers the waistline, but also highlights the short legs, No!

(1) Velvet wide-leg pants Nili Lotan

(2) Denim jacket Alexander McQueen

(3) Crystal-embellished leather slingback sandals See by Chloé

(4) Pearl gold-plated silver earrings Natasha Schweitzer

(5) D Tiny Box satin shoulder bag Little Liffner

Illustration patch design denim jacket R13

Available in farfetch.com

Cropped double-sided denim jacket Unravel Project

Mao Mao Denning with a dress

The sweet girl fights back

An elegant dress with a woolly denim jacket is completely “transformed”! Get the coat “jaywear” rule, the girl’s light elegance, slightly sexy look is actually very simple~

The long lamb hair denim jacket is not easy to handle, so you don’t have to worry about it with a skirt! However, dresses with “neutral colors”, “tonal”, and “simple prints” will not be too obtrusive.

Irene Kim

Turtleneck sweater + small leather skirt Look, and put on an Oversized lamb hair denim jacket, mature and sexy collision lively and playful, and then with pink accessories, knitted items, wear out the “first love” girl Look!

Oversized jackets are the best choice to wear with dresses. “Slim” styles should be paired with “high-waisted short skirts” or “dresses” to look tall and thin! Without KK’s long legs, don’t easily expose the small shortcomings of your figure~

(1) Bron cut-out crepe maxi dress Elizabeth and James

(2) Fleece collar denim jacket Saint Laurent

(3) Patent leather ankle boots Ellery

(4) Arme De L’amour, leather gold-plated earrings

(5) Multiflap leather shoulder bag Mulberry

Ched cottage wool paneled denim jacket by Acne Studios

Denim jacket Kenzo

The lamb hair denim jacket is the most girly and least figure-picking item of the season! With Denim on Denim, skinny little black pants, temperamental skirts, wear a sense of street fashion, and cool girl’s frankness ~

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