Speaking of Wu Zun, I believe that everyone is no stranger, I think he was an idol male god in the minds of many people back then, and the love he and his wife Lin Liyin like an idol drama is really enviable.

Everyone knows that Wu Zun got married very early, but has not held a wedding, and recently the couple made up the wedding in “21 Days Before Marriage”, the scene is warm, beautiful, romantic, sweet, and full of happiness overflows the screen.

Twenty years in love, more than ten years of marriage, from school uniforms to wedding dresses, the relationship is still as beautiful as ever, such a sweet marriage is really enviable.

Although Lin Liyin has participated in “Where Did Dad Go” before, “21 Days Before Marriage” can be regarded as her real appearance in the public eye, she is wearing a white wedding dress, gentle and beautiful, exquisite lace and light tulle combination, the style is fairy, very romantic and beautiful, the collar has a shoulder effect, plus the backless design is very feminine, elegant and charming.

This wedding dress is very special, the wedding dress plastered with fairy tale stickers is very unique, and it is also carefully designed by the bride herself, very warm and full of meaning, cute and interesting, making the wedding dress more eye-catching, coiled hair full of gentle temperament, embellished with bright small flower accessories, fairy beauty.

The bride also untied the skirt for the groom, which is not only the wedding skirt of the princess, but also the shawl of the knight, just like the knight and princess in a fairy tale, the ultimate romance, really sweeter than the idol drama.

Wu Zun is dressed in a black and white suit with a butterfly tie, a gentleman handsome, worthy of being an “ageless male god”, so many years have passed without leaving too many marks on his face, or he is as young and handsome as he was back then.

A pair of children also witnessed their parents’ wedding together, the sister was also wearing a white gauze skirt with long curly hair, wearing a garland, the princess was full of style, and the younger brother was dressed in black and white Look, cute and handsome, and a family of four with super high appearance was in the same frame, warm and eye-catching.

Their wedding photos are also very eye-catching.

The same is a white lace wedding dress, Lin Liyin’s wedding dress will be more mature compared with the wedding, the slim cut is very figured, the fishlayer skirt is elegant and flexible, wearing a white veil and crown, like a mermaid princess.

Wu Zun is dressed in a white suit suit, simple and neat, refreshing and handsome, a prince and princess in reality.

This set is a completely different style, and the colors of both husband and wife are very bright and eye-catching.

Lin Liyin is wearing a red polka-dot dress, beautiful and elegant, wearing a red polka-dot hair ornament, a strong retro atmosphere with a bit of playfulness, red border sunglasses are also very plus, personality is eye-catching, a long black curly hair with the iconic red lip makeup, bright and moving, really have the feeling of being stunned.

And Wu Zun is wearing a contrasting sports-style top, dazzling, full of youth and vitality, and a little cute with red glasses.

The cheongsam can best highlight the classical beauty charm, Lin Liyin’s temperament is gentle and very suitable for wearing the cheongsam, this body is very attractive, the temperament body is impeccable, the slim cut perfectly shows the exquisite curves, and the mother of two children is still slender and slender.

A touch of pink and exquisite pattern pattern, fresh and noble, exquisite makeup and hair full of temperament, retro elegance, Hong Kong style full of charm, is beautiful.

Although Lin Liyin is not a public figure, her appearance and temperament are very good, and she is not inferior to female stars at all.

Her beauty is very comfortable and natural, the more you look at it, the more attractive she is, her iconic long black hair adds a lot to her temperament, giving people a very gentle and quiet feeling, she looks beautiful and looks good when worn casually, and the style in “21 Days Before Marriage” is very good.

Little white T+ pink skirt, fresh and sweet, very summery, romantic pink full of girly heart, lazy long curly hair shawl with light makeup to set off the vulgar temperament, gentle and beautiful.

A black and white dress, simple and low-key, with long straight hair style, fresh and pure, a touch of red lips highlights the good temperament, bright and atmospheric.

Wu Zun’s two looks are simple T-shirts with jeans, relaxed and casual, wearing the same color print cap, cool and fashionable, simple and stylish.

Wear a couple outfit to show affection quietly, don’t mess with it too sweetly.

Lin Liyin wore a black lace dress, elegant and sexy, with a workwear-style jacket, feminine and spontaneous, long straight hair shawl, outstanding temperament.

Wu Zun wears a khaki workwear-style top with jeans, cool and stylish.

And the most eye-catching is the sister wearing a little red dress, wearing cute hair accessories and black-rimmed glasses, playful and artistic.

Summer is to wear all kinds of beautiful dresses, and Lin Liyin’s body is also very good-looking.

The colors of the upper and lower wear echo each other, simple and refreshing, the cartoon-print T-shirt is full of childlike fun, and the lower body is wearing a small daisy skirt of the same color, fresh and romantic, casual and elegant.

Long straight hair gives the girl next door a sense of freshness, while long curly hair has more charm.

Dressed in casual clothes is also very tasteful, wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans, simple and casual, relaxed and comfortable, the smile is very warm and sweet, long hair fluttering beautiful.

She exudes gentleness and gentleness from the inside out, but she is also handsome.

Dressed in a white suit, fresh and capable, with signature long curly hair, handsome and feminine, sunglasses blessing to add cool, sassy and beautiful.

This body is even more lined with her whole person so gentle, black T-shirt with light pink skirt, flowing and soft, and strong visual sense, perfect highlight the tall figure, a pair of versatile little white shoes under the feet, a touch of pink complements each other, girly, fresh makeup, exudes a little fairy air, fresh and natural.

Wu Zun’s set of Look is also very refreshing, white T-shirt + khaki cargo pants + small white shoes, clean and cool and stylish, young and handsome.

The husband and wife hugged each other intimately and walked in the rain, the picture was particularly romantic and beautiful, and the sweetness exceeded the standard.

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