As we all know, clothing items suitable for older men, whether it is the choice of style or style, are not as rich as women, so “how do older men wear young” has also become one of the hot topics at present. From “uncle” to “uncle”, it is actually very simple, you may wish to be bold in dressing, break the worldly concept is not defined by labels, and be brave to be yourself is the coolest!

Unlike women, most men will become thinner and drier as they age, and if they want to dress stylishly, they must pay special attention to the choice of clothing style and the overall matching.

Recently, the popular Beijing street photo “Elderly Outfit”, a group of 6 and 70-year-old Beijing uncles taught “how to dress and look young” online. Take a look at their age-reducing outfits, modify their figures, and their sense of fashion is not inferior to young people.

Layered with sophistication and style

Compared to wearing alone, the “layering method” can better define the lean body and help coordinate the overall body proportions

。 Dark green vest with light green shirt,

Create a simple and stylish layering effect, and the same color will not look too obtrusive visually

。 The vest is a short fit, the length is just placed at the waist line, highlighting the waist line to achieve the purpose of showing height, the lower body is matched with dark blue trousers, and the combination of cold and warm colors is simple and advanced.

In order to maintain a mature and stable image, most elderly men will choose black as the main color of the style, but they do not know that it is easier to expose their age and look old

Cleverly add some warm colors to reduce age

, pink floral shirt layered with blue vest, two highly saturated colors combined to set off the youthful complexion, black trousers with leather shoes, and fuchsia socks to brighten the eye, the details highlight the taste.

Thin, lean older men are best suited for layering their outfits, using pieces with different stylistic attributes to cover up their shriveled body shortfalls.

The dark blue sweater is layered over a blue T-shirt, and the V-neckline underneath accentuates the layered silhouette and straight-fit jeans on the lower body.

High-end wearing of senior shirts

If you want to wear senior clothes with a high-end texture and look younger than your peers, you must pay attention to the choice of style and the matching of details.

The burgundy long-sleeved shirt is layered with a white T-shirt, the contrasting color difference is simple and high-class, the lower body is paired with gray trousers, the leg shape is elongated with the details of the rolled legs, and the feet are stepped on the mesh openwork leather shoes with burgundy stockings, and the upper and lower colors echo more uniformly.

Zhongshan clothing itself is tailored for the elderly, in addition to the characteristics of the style, its overall wearing effect highlights the sense of nobility of elderly men

。 Loose Zhongshan dress half-sleeves, so that the figure does not look too shriveled, the lower body with white straight slacks,

The tonal shape lengthens the vision to achieve the purpose of heightening.

Wear it smartly with a shirt to reduce age

Compared to solid color shirts, Hawaiian-style printed shirts are more youthful and handsome, and can also be worn with a sense of fashion

。 A red printed shirt with white slacks creates a strong visual sense with contrasting colors, and a pair of white beanie shoes will not be too obtrusive with a pair of white beanie shoes. The blessing of top hats and sunglasses enhances the trend of styling and brings out a refreshing summer atmosphere.

When older men wear printed shirts, it is not recommended to wear them alone, and the best way to wear them is to “layer”

, with a white T-shirt inside to create a simple and fashionable layering effect, the inside is simple and the outside is complex and will not shape visual aesthetic fatigue. The lower body is paired with dark casual trousers and old cloth shoes, and the overall loose dress is simple and age-reducing.

The way to wear high-end shirts is never as simple as wearing them alone or layered, but using the style attributes of different items to combine them to achieve the effect of fashion and age reduction

。 The striped short-sleeved shirt is layered over a black T-shirt and a black vest, and the top hat is concave and high, revealing the ankles.

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