Fairy autumn and winter coat styling inventory, these 18 sets are enough for you to pick at will, salt and sweet shape switch at will

For girls who love beauty, I am afraid that every day in addition to looking at those favorite cosmetics have no discounts, the rest of the time in addition to work, presumably looking for how to match can make themselves wear a more fashionable feeling, if you are still looking, then you need to read this article, enough eighteen sets of winter clothes daily matching, enough for you to fashion a whole winter.

Cotton clothing this winter clothing is often the preferred item, after all, the weather outside in winter is so cold, is to wear a piece that can withstand the cold, so in this way, thick cotton clothes need to consider, we can choose a picture left this thick cotton clothing, with a pair of wide-leg jeans and a pair of small white shoes, is definitely a set of daily fashion matching.

There are not many types of thick cotton clothes, but because the body design of thick cotton clothes is different, there are some thick cotton clothes that will have a retro feeling when worn, just like the cotton clothes worn by the little fairy on the right, dark brown and black color matching are spliced together, feeling a faint retro feeling, but with wide-leg pants is also completely possible.

After talking about thick cotton clothes, let’s talk about bread clothes, this kind of winter clothing is particularly common, just like the bread clothes worn by the two little fairies in the picture, the color of the bread clothes is a lot of changes, so there are more choices for us, if you are a cheerful girl, you can try to choose a light color bread suit for yourself.

Black bread clothes are the most common of all bread suits, and as you know, this kind of clothing belongs to the versatile style of winter clothing, in other words, whether you wear it with denim trousers or with a short strip skirt, you can wear it with a sense of fashion.

Loose style cotton clothes in recent years are very popular, I believe that the little partner in front of the screen must want to buy this style of cotton clothes, IMHO sister bluntly, this style is too loose cotton clothes, we still don’t choose well, after all, a good quality cotton clothing price is not low, if you wear it for one year, the next year will not be popular, isn’t it a loss?

This kind of fleece jacket has been particularly popular recently, even more popular than loose cotton clothes, I believe that the little friends who are accustomed to watching a certain sound have now bought more than one of this kind of coat, right? This piece is very suitable for cute little fairies, although it is designed in a solid color, but it will not feel monotonous after wearing the upper body.

If you want to ask the beautiful sister to recommend a winter dress for you, the beautiful sister first recommends a long cotton coat, because this winter dress can be worn at any time, not outdated, but don’t choose a slim style, don’t choose too loose style, the style can be medium.

The matching of the granule jacket is very simple, after all, it belongs to a versatile piece, so don’t be too careful to match, as usual for yourself with a pair of straight jeans can be, although it is also possible to match cargo pants, but with cargo pants, it will make us look very fat, and the visual sense is not as pleasing to the eye as straight pants.

Some little fairies say that they don’t like to wear straight pants, wide-leg pants, and cargo pants. Quite simply, we can directly match ourselves with a pair of tight black leggings, and with tight leggings, we wear a long cotton jacket on the outside, which will look tall and thin.

I don’t know if you sometimes think like this “It’s so hard to be a woman, think about what to wear every day”, in fact, the beautiful sister also thought about it, but no way, who makes herself a delicate pig girl? In fact, it is not surprising that you worry about your clothes every day, after all, girls come to this world, if they don’t wear fashion and beauty, do you come to mess with life?