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Next, I will use several parts, from simple maintenance methods to professional maintenance methods, to introduce in detail how to maintain a good pair of leather shoes. Because good leather shoes really need meticulous maintenance.

Table of contents for this article:

1. Lazy maintenance method

2. Professional basic maintenance explanation

3. Professional maintenance method of suede (suede) shoes

4. What to do if the shoes are moldy

5. Tips for maintaining shoes in case of rain

6. If you don’t wear shoes in the new season, how to collect them

It is worth the joy of buying a pair of love shoes that you fancy, so how to maintain this joy and extend the life of your love shoes? A decent gentleman will simply take care of his shoes at leisure to keep them hydrated and bright. Taking a picture of the process of maintaining your shoes can also make your friends add points to your gentlemanly image.

Here are the tools we use for simple maintenance

Step 1: Use a horsehair brush to brush away dust around the shoes

Step 2: Take an appropriate amount of leather cleaner onto a cotton cloth and wipe and clean the shoe body

Step 3: Use water-based leather nourishing milk to maintain the leather, take an appropriate amount of nourishing milk with cotton, and evenly wipe a thin layer on the upper

Step 3: Wait 3-5 minutes after washing to allow the detergent to dry naturally. Coated with saphir’s leather glossy wax, they come in many colors, and there is a leather complementary wax that is more suitable for repairing minor scars on the upper.

Method: Apply a small amount of cotton to the surface of the shoe several times, then wait 5-10 minutes for the bright wax to dry

The fourth step, after 10 minutes, you can use your fingers to touch the upper of the shoe slightly to see if there is still a sticky feeling, if there is no sticky feeling, use a hard polishing special brush, quickly brush the shoe body, has achieved the upper polishing effect, if there are polished gloves can also be further polished with polishing gloves

You can look at the before and after comparison, the upper is brighter, and the slight creases and scratches on the body are gone.

Professional basic maintenance explanation.

Maintenance knowledge points: each leather due to dyeing, processing methods are different, color fastness and shoe polish absorption degree will be different, before the first maintenance wipe, please first test from a small piece of not obvious, no big change and then oil maintenance.

Step 1:

The first and most important procedure before maintenance

: Put the shoe support into the shoe first, be sure to remove the laces, so as to avoid the shoe milk and shoe wax getting stuck between the laces during maintenance. The shoe support supports the upper creases, making it more efficient to brush off the upper or wipe down the skincare products

Step 2: Use the maintenance bristle brush to gently brush back and forth along the leather gap in the same direction to remove dust from the upper and tongue. Avoid dust clumping or even scratching the upper during maintenance.

Step 3:

Wipe the surface of the shoe evenly through a soft wiping tool such as cotton cloth in a small number of times to thoroughly clean the upper. Then let stand for 5 minutes before drying

Step 4: Leather care oil can effectively extend the service life of leather, a small amount of multiple times with cotton cloth evenly applied to the upper, moisturize the leather to make it soft. Let stand for 5-10 minutes to allow the leather to absorb thoroughly.

Step 5: Use a finely textured cotton cloth to evenly rub mink oil or nourishing oil on the upper to achieve a simple upper protection effect.

[Mink oil is used for brighter leather, not waterproof; The nourishing oil is more waterproof and is used on leather that is foggy. Keep in mind that they cannot act on the upper at the same time

Pay attention to the small details of life, and understand the concept and importance of daily maintenance for loving shoes.

These are some ways to take care of leather shoes in your daily life

Suede (suede) shoe maintenance method

We know some professional tools, as well as basic maintenance knowledge, so let’s explain how to maintain suede.

First of all, we need to understand suede

It does not specifically refer to any kind of animal leather, but it is generally processed on the reverse side of the leather or using sandpaper, grinding the leather into suede leather, and then dyeing it, and many people are very fascinated by the delicate touch of suede.

The above are special tools for simple maintenance, and the brush can also be replaced by other small tools when cleaning yourself.

Step 1 Cleaning: Clean the brush and brush off the surface dust

Use a clean suede cleaning brush to carefully brush out the dust between the suede

Clean the focus, remember not to excessively strong force, if there is no special brush, you can also use a nylon brush.

Step 2 Cleaning: Dry stain cleaning

For example, food soup, etc. using dry cleaning, there may be a slight discoloration after cleaning, use a special rubber susdelus for suede, carefully rub back and forth left and right (do not force too much) The stains that are difficult to clean can be wiped off with raw rubber, and finally brush out the stains with a special brush, and then use a horsehair brush to smooth the fluff brush.

Suede rubber sandals cannot be replaced by ordinary erasers, because there are frosted particles inside, which can penetrate deep into the suede to clean stains

If you encounter invasive stains (soup, drinks, etc.), the effect of using an eraser will be greatly reduced, and if you want to clean it thoroughly, it is recommended to use a detergent to clean it. use

Dedicated cleaning mousse

It is a way to compare insurance and not easy to produce water stains:

1. Spray the cleaning mousse onto the suede upper

2. Gently brush the entire pair of shoes with a brush until the foam disappears.

3. Remove the stain with a cloth wrung out with water

4. After cleaning, put in the shoe support and let the cold air dry

5. Once dry, use a brush to smooth the suede

【Cleaning focus】

1. First test whether the color will fade in the inconspicuous place, generally suede cleaning usually loses color, but the degree depends on the color fixation of the cortex.

2. Do not clean only the stained part, make sure that the entire upper of the shoe has been eaten with detergent and wiped with a damp cloth.

The third step is to use a waterproof spray as daily protection

Because the suede is leather, if it is contaminated with invasive stains for too long, the treatment effect will be greatly reduced, so the action of “protection” is an important step after buying new shoes or cleaning.

After confirming that the shoes are completely dry, spray the waterproof spray evenly at a distance of 15-20cm from the upper, and finally let the natural air dry. If you use a hair dryer (hot air) to dry, the waterproof effect can be the best!

【Focus】Spraying too close or spraying too much may cause water marks; Excessive spraying waterproof effect is still the same, just the right amount.

It has been treated waterproofly, which can effectively prevent liquid stains from penetrating. But and

If the full waterproof effect cannot be achieved, remember not to directly rain or soak in water

Probably all leather shoes are suitable for the above cleaning methods, but there are some special situations that need to be explained to you.

What to do if the shoe is moldy

The causes of mold are:

, the air is too humid, and the leather product is not properly preserved, then bacteria will invade the leather, especially the dark and confined space of the cloakroom, which is the key to mold.

Effects of mold:

Mold can cause great damage to the leather, and the main effects are color loss, mildew spots, and brittle leather structure.

Correct mold removal steps:

Leather mold can be slightly or severe, and there are different treatment methods, in the process of treatment, be sure to carefully check whether there are missing dead corners, clean thoroughly, otherwise stubborn mold will only pester you in the future!

How to tell

: Slight mold is mainly on the surface of the leather with a little hyphae, the leather is tarnished, but there is no black mold spots on the surface of the leather.

Slightly moldy if cleaning leather shoes

Step 1: Wash thoroughly

Use a horsehair brush to brush off microbacteria on the surface, spray leather fungicide on the inside and outside, and replace it with 75% concentration alcohol if not used

Key points of use: Make sure that the shoe has been sprayed with bactericide inside and out, tongue & sole, and wait for 3-5 minutes to dry completely after spraying.

Then use a dry cloth, carefully wipe inside and outside to completely remove mold before proceeding to the next step.

Leather cleaners are also wiped clean inside and outside before drying before proceeding to the next stage of maintenance.

Step 2: Leather maintenance

After the leather is allowed to dry, use the leather milk to moisturize thoroughly, allowing the leather to fully absorb the emulsion oils.

It effectively prevents water from entering the leather fibers.

The key recommendation of this step is that the inner part can also be gently pushed to moisturize the leather and isolate moisture.

The third step is to restore the leather luster with complementary colors

Using shoe wax, the luster of the leather that has lost its color is restored to its original shape.

Use a professional waxing brush to apply an appropriate amount of shoe wax, evenly brush the upper, and leave for 3 minutes.

Using a polishing brush, thoroughly blend the wax on the upper again.

Use a clean cotton cloth to wipe off excess shoes and shine.

★Remember! After maintenance, let it stand until it is completely air-dried before storing.

How to deal with shoes with severe mold

How to tell: The most obvious part of severe mold is that the surface of the leather is covered with many black mold spots.

It is recommended not to dispose of it yourself, or to leave it to a professional leather goods processing store. Because mildew can no longer be treated in a clean way, assuming that the leather has begun to grow mildew, the leather has been severely damaged, and the risk of self-treatment is too great. And moldy leather goods should not be in contact with other leather goods to avoid the expansion and breeding of bacteria.

What should I do if my leather shoes get wet when it rains?

The first time, be sure to dry the wet upper with a towel or toilet paper as soon as possible to reduce the moisture that penetrates into the leather, if it is not treated for a period of time, the water may penetrate into the leather layer, and the formation of water stains cannot be removed!

After entering the room, loosen the laces, put the leather insole in a ventilated place to dry, and stuff the shoe with newspaper to absorb the moisture in the shoe to avoid the odor and even mold caused by the long-term accumulation of moisture in the shoe.

After waiting for the upper to dry, remember to help the leather shoes do a basic maintenance, regular cleaning, leather maintenance, through leather maintenance oil or shoe wax, shoe milk, can simply prevent rain or scratches accidentally generated in life, such a good habit can make a pair of shoes walk with you for a longer time.

Don’t want the sudden heavy rain to damage your shoes, in addition to regularly waxing leather shoes, there is now also a waterproof spray to maintain leather shoes

How do I collect shoes if I don’t wear them in the new season?

Shoes must be worn when the season changes, and many storage details should be paid attention to. It is recommended that before collecting leather shoes, you must first do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, and regularly take out maintenance and wipe, check the status of leather shoes and collection, and always maintain a ventilated and dry environment.

Storage and storage method:

1. Change the desiccant regularly 2. Use vacuum bags 3. Regular oiling maintenance 4. The best way is to put it in the moisture-proof box

The above for the maintenance of shoes, mold removal and storage methods, as long as everyone can deal with the same! Hope to effectively help everyone, so that your beloved shoes/leather goods can follow you longer!

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1. Lazy maintenance method