Gauze diapers easy to use it? Newborn baby is almost no ability to control urine, so diapers for babies, it is very important. Cotton gauze diapers are made with 100% cotton, breathable, non-irritating to the baby, absolutely safe, and durable. Gauze diapers and cotton diapers What is the difference?

What is the difference it easy to use gauze diapers gauze diapers and cotton diapers gauze diapers [is]

「纱布尿布」纱布尿布好用吗 纱布尿布和纯棉尿布的区别是什么

Gauze diapers easy to use it

Today diapers varieties on the market very much, in addition to traditional cotton diapers, and diapers, disposable diapers, and diapers changing mat cover. Faced with these great variety of diapers, how do we choose? Which is more suitable for my baby? Experts believe that if infants can choose cloth diapers, then you try to choose cloth diapers frequently changes.

Especially cotton cloth diapers really have a lot of advantages: the use of cloth diapers can greatly reduce the time the baby diapers from disposable diapers to be reduced to 2 years and a half as long as the end of nine months can get rid of the shackles of diapers, greatly liberated the mother of a young father time and effort; it can be said that long pain as short-term pain, the use of cloth diapers, start some trouble, but soon got rid of diaper troubles.

Cotton diapers are made with 100% cotton gauze, breathable, non-irritating to the baby, absolutely safe, durable, can protect the baby skin dry, prevent diaper rash; use cotton diapers is not only beneficial for the baby, and affordable, the price is relatively low, can be reused. Relative disposable diapers also very environmentally friendly. Of course, cotton diapers also has its shortcomings: a wet cotton diapers must be changed, so be prepared for more of the quantity, but also frequently changes. Homemade cloth diapers or the market to buy enough good quality cloth diapers, washing and replacement of all the trouble, but also through water hot washed, sun exposure sterilization, and other programs waiting to dry, overcast and rainy days would be particularly troublesome . So young parents will feel very inconvenient to use. But love for the baby’s father and mother is the greatest power to overcome difficulties, as long as the baby is good, beneficial, we will choose. So we should try to choose cloth diapers for the baby.


First, a basic diaper gauze tissue is sparse soft cloth after sewing processing, the baby’s skin is not [1] stimulation, breathable, absorbent, soft and comfortable, and also can be reused after washing, saving family sum of expenses.

What is the difference gauze diapers and cotton diapers are

1, gauze diapers because Jingwei delicate, so more washable, easy to dry; knitted cotton is relatively thick, baby poo immersed in it, is not easy to wash, not easy to do, especially in the winter or rainy days, a piece of cotton cloth diapers drying time, 3 the sheet gauze diapers are dry.

2, absorbent gauze diapers quickly, good ventilation, so that the baby completely original from the red PP, the chances get diaper rash is almost zero. Absorbent cotton diapers is relatively slow, maybe not completely absorb the urine may leak.

3, the key point: Jingwei delicate gauze diapers, washing does not distort, stretch corners pulled look washed, dried, or so boxy, folded soft, more fitting skin. Cloth diapers, also called knitted cotton diapers also similar to underwear fabrics autumn, washed easily deformed / roll edges, round side does not round square, folded into a sheet placed between the legs of the baby, too hard, the baby feels uncomfortable.

Of course, choose gauze diapers also pay attention to, in addition to choose cotton, but also to choose the texture denser, that is, to choose more weight. Because it means more than weight, Jingwei dense, will not wash several times on the stitches, and more absorbent.